The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok


เดอะ ริทซ์-คาร์ลตัน เรสซิเดนเซส บางกอก

The sample room of the Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok was embellished in the existed room at the Mahanakhon building to give the real feelings with the real place and get the taste from all 4 types of rooms (we’re only seen 3 of them) with the different view of Bangkok at different height. The highlight is the sample room like sky residence on 58 floor with the height at 216 meters from the ground is the first sample room of Thailand that exist on the highest point.

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The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok


บริษัท เพซ ดีเวลลอปเมนท์ คอร์ปอเรชั่น จำกัด (มหาชน)


ภายในโครงการมหานคร ถนนนราธิวาสราชนครินทร์

สถานีรถไฟ BTS

BTS ช่องนนทรี Distance 0 m.



Airport Rail Link


สถานี BRT



ประมาณ 9-1-49.67 ไร่


77 ชั้น




566 คัน (อาคารมหานคร 180 คัน / อาคารจอดรถอัตโนมัติ 386 คัน)




คลับ เลาจน์พร้อมวิวพาโนรามา, ห้องประชุมผู้บริหาร, สระว่ายน้ำกลางแจ้ง, จากุซซี่, ห้องซาวน่า, ห้องอบไอน้ำ, ล็อคเกอร์, ห้องอาบน้ำและห้องแต่งตัว, ฟิตเนสเซ็นเตอร์, ห้องเล่นสำหรับเด็กเล็ก, ห้องฉายภาพยนตร์



คอนโดมิเนียมระดับซูเปอร์ลักชัวรี่/CONDO/คอนโด High Rise



1 bedroom


2 bedroom

140.99 ตารางเมตร

3 bedroom

221.71-235.53 ตารางเมตร






สกาย เรสซิเดนซ์ 4 ห้องนอน ขนาด 343.57 ตารางเมตร


โซน Residence 3.1 เมตร, โซน Sky Residence 3.4 เมตร

ราคาเริ่มต้น / ตรม.

494,000 บาท/ตร.ม.

ราคาเริ่มต้น / ยูนิต

65 ล้านบาท



Sinking Fund fee



มิถุนายน 2016



เพื่อนบ้าน Street View

Let’s visit the highest residence the Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok


It has almost been 8 years since the name and pictures of this mega project, Mixed use as Mahanakhon appears to people’s eyes. Until the Render picture of the building was used in the A/W advertising by many developers to make up their selling point. As a condo that can see some construction as New Landmark that will change the view of sky line in Bangkok City forever.

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With the total area of the site at almost 150 000 sq.m. and the height of the builfing at 314 meters. There are some symbolic feather like “pixel” surrounded the height of the building and cause a special look. A special unit that surrounded by glass window like floating on the sky. In this area is including the area of the first Hi-End Branded Residence of Thailand. And the top project of Marriot-brand as the Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok, which is 60% and another 25% belongs to hotel of Edition-chain, one of the Modern Luxury Hotels Collection of Marriot-brand too. The rest of this area belongs to the part of Retain “Cube” and Sky Observation Deck 4 on top of the building. With the location on Narathiwat Ratchanakarin road, between Silom road and Sathon road at Chongnonsri BTS-Station, center of 2 CBD. This is a completely residential project with fully element of the word Luxury Rare Item which are rarely comes out.

By the time that passed, Mahanakhon-project has gone through a lot of things. And this might probably be the one and only condo with super luxury-class in Thailand that first sales with leasehold method with the highest price in the market at 230 000 THB/sq.m. But in the end, it transfers into a freehold condo after a successful negotiation with catholic mission of Bangkok. The price of it is right now (September 2017) 494 000 THB/sq.m.

Let’s look back at the timeline of important things that happened before this building was ready to serve the tenant after almost 4 years delayed (well, we’ll talk about the Mahanakhon-project only)


Mid 2009 – The design was released to public with design consultants from Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) and the interior job by David Collins Studio and debuted to be a partner with Israel’s huge Industrial Buildings Corporation (IBC) by Fishman. Due the turbulences of Thai political situations.

End 2009 – They’ve been controlled by Council of Architects as suspicious to hire foreigner architector to design the building. Which if it was true, they will be quilty to break the law of Council of Architects Act B.E. 2543, Statute 45,47 and 74.

2010 – Debuted the Mahanakhon Pavillion, sale gallery with an exclusive event space and the café Dean & Deluca.

2011 – Start the prebuilt

Mid 2011 – Debuted the condominium project of Branded Residences. The first project that succeeded after the road show in Hong Kong and Singapore.

2013 – PACE offer the sale of IPO

2014 – Debuted the area of Retail Mahanakhon “CUBE” and release the news that surprised everyone after their successfully negotiation of buying the land with the price at 1 450 millions bath. And then upgrade the selling price with 12-15% to be more expedient to sale to foreign quota, cause the hotel EDITION WITH 155 UNITS ARE OWNED NY Pace.

End 2014 – Buying Dean & Deluca Inc Businss with the value at 140 millions USD

2015 – Being 100% shareholder of the project by buying the share back from IBC and the main structural construction to the top at 77th floor of the building.

2016 – Celebrated when the first main architecture construction was done and ready to alienate. And also organize and event ‘MAHANAKHON: BANGKOK RISING, THE NIGHT OF LIGHTS’

Early 2017 – Announce the joint venture with 2 huge companies like Apollo Asia Sprint Holding Company Limited and Goldman Sachs Investments Holdings (Asia) Limited by adding the capital to subsidiaries PP1 and PP2 which have their main business in Retail CUBE, Rooftop Bar, Sky Observation Deck, and hotel The Bangkok Edition

Juyl 2017 – Announce the joint venture with the huge Citic Construction from China in investment and construction and also took the project to operate road show in Chinghai and Beijing.

Sep 2017 – Announce the sample room with fully furnished on the real building to the mass media for the first time and change the average price to 494 000 THB/sq.m.

The result of a long construction time at almost 8 years, made the project of the Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok today doesn’t only be the Branded residence in the class of worldwide Magnet in the market (from first in Bangkok with only St. Regis, The Sukhothai Residences and Banyan Tree Residences) But in the market of super luxury condominium in Thailand are full of Branded Residences like KHUN by YOO, The Residences at mandarin oriental Bangkok, Waldort Astoria Bangkok, four Seasons Private Residences and more of super luxury project that dispersed in super prime area in Bangkok, like Lumpini, Withayu, Thonglor and Chaopraya riverside. Those brand are a great Benchmark to the Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok-project, cause all those project have gone through criteria to be super luxury condo as well. And a lot of big developers are extremely ready to face this battlefield so we can truly say that Pace Development, even if they were too fast to come out. But before the building was done there were a lot of other rivals that already got into this condo segment before them, with several Urban Technology which are more advanced than 8 years ago. This is the next challenges for pace to develop their Mahanakhon-project to be the world’s next destination that will draw a lot of tourists, salivate many millionaire who like to collect rare condominiums and also magnetize some rich investors around the world to be one of the owner of the Ritz-Carlton residences, Bangkok and also join the investment of the Mahanakhon-project.


As a market of super luxury condo, the important consumption trigger which are also affect the decision to buy this project maight not be the price. But it is the satisfaction of buying (pleasure) and to show the power, prestige and social status that stands out from the others (Accomplishment) In other words, the value of being the owner means more than living in the place. That’s why super luxury condos around the world can be sold without problems, even when the economic is unstable. But even that, to develop a condo with the class of super luxury, the most important element except design & function and brand is the super prime location with a clear view to the occupants like the river view or the view of a big park. And if’s in Bangkok, one more important element to punch the selling price of the condos is to be near some subway station.


For me, the prominent point of project The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok if we sort by the important factor to condo collector-buyer would be Brand-Design & function-view-being Mix Use Project-and the location

Like I said in the beginning that this is a Branded Residences project which is the first highest hospitality-branded by Marriot in Thailand. Therefore, it is no surprise to know that this project is very popular among foreigner buyers that recognize the name of  The Ritz-Carlton. And  65% of 75% of the projects sale number came from foreigner buyers.


And what is good with brand The Ritz-Carlton?

From a long experiences in Hi-End hotel management, transferred to residential brand with the absolutely excellent service. They was mentioned about how good they are in taking care of their occupants, full with facilities and give the best privacy to their customers as well.

The perfection of the Ritz-Carlton style begins with determination and dedication that they followed. The worldwide role of the same standard to emphasize “the 5 stars of perfection” like construction of the practice to handle some emergency situation. For example when they are during a fire situation, the requirements of elevator’s speed or the requirements of the elevator’s waiting time for the customers.  Also their quality of the best service and their devotedness of every little detail. When the perfection of the Ritz-Carlton are blended with the best architecture like Mahanakhon which have a remarkable of special entity features like “Pixel” and the height that no one can compare with in Bangkok’s airspace. That’s why we can’t decline that the Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok has been the legend of perfection in being super luxury residence in Bangkok which can give the best service, convenience, design and  also the absolutely best view in every site.

The project is included 209 luxury rooms between 125-844 sq. m. with an extensive living area and a high ceiling which divided in 2 zones like residences zone between floor 23th – 53th and sky residences between floor 57th – 73th.

At sky residences zone that have residential rooms with the height from the ground at between 216-300 meters high is a higher height than other condominium used to be. And the view from sky residences are also more special from other residences in Bangkok.


Moreover, there are also other remarkable thing like facilities and 5 stars service. With gold standard of the Ritz-Carlton, they are pretty sure that their occupants will get a professional service. There are also requirements standard of the design and using material which have a standard that was controlled by staff of the Ritz-Carlton. These facilities are located in the center of the city at Silom-Sathon. There are 3 different way to get to this building, viz by Silom soi 9, Silom soi 10 and Narathiwat Ratchanakarin road beside Chongnonsri BTS-station. And there are also a lots of restaurant and service inside the Mahanakhon building/ the best view at the best location in central Bangkok and not to far from Chaopraya-river that gives a great view of a beautiful Bangkok with both city and river view until Bangkrachao. With the height of the building, we can get a wide view until the Gulf of Thailand and metropolitan area. The world class design, except the building’s shape that is unique and notable, inside the residences and facilities have the design that were inspired by David Collins Studio. Moreover, the design of the building and the materials they used make the view from building more beautiful with full window from the floor up to the ceiling. And there is a special features “Pixel” that plays with the level and subduction of the floor and the different layout on different floor and get the sky box that surrounded with glass from 3 sides and terrace which can be opened to get the view with 270 angles and also feels like you’re flying.

The sample room of the Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok was embellished in the existed room at the Mahanakhon building to give the real feelings with the real place and get the taste from all 4 types of rooms (we’re only seen 3 of them) with the different view of Bangkok at different height. The highlight is the sample room like sky residence on 58 floor with the height at 216 meters from the ground is the first sample room of Thailand that exist on the highest point.

The details of design as fully fitted here is a little bit different between Residences zone and Sky Residences zone.  The main distinctions between them are the height of the room and the brand of the bathtubs. Remember this in the easy way, the residences zone are on 23th – 53th floor with the ceiling height at 3.1 meters and sky residences zone are on 57th – 73th floor with the ceiling height at 3.4 meters.


Basic information for the sample room

1. Sky Residence 4 bedrooms – Contemporary classic on 58th floor, 343.57 sq.m.

2. Residence 3 bedrooms – Modern Lux on 44th floor, 235.53 sq.m.

3. Residence 3 bedrooms – Contemporary Classic on 44th floor, 221.71 sq.m.

4. Residence 2 bedrooms – City Essential on 24th floor, 140.99 sq.m. (we didn’t see it)


Let’s start with the highlight room like Sky Residence 4 bedrooms on 58th floor,  343.57 sq.m.


This residence is included the ceiling height at 3.4 meters and surrounded by windows  which made of glass with the height from the floor to the ceiling. It gives the comfortably and airy feelings among the view of Bangkok on the height at almost 216 meters. In the sample room with the area of 340 sq.m. was designed and decorated that shows the taste of luxury combine with daintiness and delicateness in  Contemporary Classic style. With the furnitures of  Jean-Louise Denoit collection from Baker Furniture make the occupants feels like they are flying in the sky.

The impression of this room, except the unparalleled view, is the majestic luxury hall area, living area that you can see with your eye that can contain almost 30 proples. And the Master Bedroom with a special function and have an area which is bigger than some houses, because of the dressing room that a panorama view, floor of Calcutta marble and a circle bathtub of brand  Agape

Imported furniture from Chanintr Living with a highlight at the chandelier lamp of brand Saint Louis which was custom made with value of  millions bath.


Built-in kitchen of brand. Poggen Pohl . with the top of imported marble from Italy

The living area that you can allocate into your own working space on other side of the room.

The Master Bedroom

Male’s dressing room.

Women’s favorite area.

The highlight is in this bathroom.

Not the Jacuzzi, sorry.


Let’s get down to the residence-zone at 44th floor, there are 2 rooms. The first room is the residence 3 bedrooms (Pixel)-designed and decorate as modern lux with the size of almost 235.53 sq.m.


With the inspiration of the City light and the Mahanakhon to a powerful, elegant life style, this residence 3 bedrooms have a special feature like “pixel” and was designed under modern lux’s concept with color tone of blue, white, black. It was decorated by furniture of brand Minotti to give the feeling of modern lux at all time.

The iconic rare item of this building is this pixel room with balcony and there is balcony from the bedroom as well.

You can be outside the room like this.

In the bathroom, it still have a luxury  style with the same pattern of the marble in every room.

The last room is beside the room above, have the same plan but without pixel. It is a 3 bedroom with contemporary classic style on 44th floor, 221.71 sq.m.


It was designed under the concept of modern classic and was inspired by David Collins Studio. This residence 3 bedroom was decorate to give the best living experiences. With furniture which were special made in contemporary classic style that add the view point of Europe and Thai by using natural color like pale sage green, gold, yellow and lilac purple. With material that show the combined style of Thailand like silk, wired bamboo and materials from Europe like raffia, wool, lacquer stone and old brass.

Built-in kitchen of brand Poggen Pohl too.

Master Bedroom by 2 angles.

Bedroom 2 and 3.


For the facilities area on 7th floor and 54th floor that separated from facilities of the hotel Edition which is on 6th floor.


On the 7th floor you will see the outdoor swimming pool with the area of sunbathe by the pool, Jacuzzi, sauna room, steam room, locker, bathroom and dressing room.

Fitness center with imported training equipments and yoga studio.

Play room for kids, game room with equipments like billiard table, Ping Pong table and soccer table.

A private movie room with 12 seats.

Take the elevator up to 54th floor, you will see the club lounge with a panorama view with an area for hang out or dinning and also service for special parties.

Meeting room for the directors with fully facilities for all conferences.

Moreover, The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok has also several exclusive service like room service, party service and maids with the same standard as 5 stars hotel, 24h reception, parking area and door/bag-staff. There are also special monthly events for the occupants like special breakfast, sipping wine in the evening, training and yoga class, movie marathorn and also house-blessing ceremony.


For the units that haven’t been sold yet, the most expensive room right now is on 66th floor and it is a pixel room on 511 sq.m. with the price of 296.5 million baht or it is 580 000 baht/sq.m. But if it is a pixel room with balcony, the price is about 50 000 baht higher than the normal room so the cheapest room right now is starting with 65 million baht for the 2 bedrooms, 140 sq.m.


For the value of investment, most of the customers in this segment don’t only look for the value. They almost buy the condo for the second home, especially the foreigners that occasionally visit Thailand. But if you look for a long term, as the Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok is already a freehold super luxury condo. It makes this project being such a worthful treasure to keep and then give to the next generation and anyhow did not lose any other condo in the super prime area. For me, this project also have a weakness of their function that the window can’t be opened (except the room with balcony or maybe they do have any way to open it), the plan for the maid room that you have to go through the main hall to get to it. Which most of super luxury condos this time use to have separate entrance and also the swimming pool that I think they can design for a better landscape.

But for a beautiful view and to live in a building which is a new landmark for Bangkok. Just hang out or have some dinner on observation Deck everyday to get the best service from the Ritz-Carlton. And that would probably give the answer to all the millionaire with a heavy wallet as well.

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