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สโคป หลังสวน

As we all know, the index that measure the value of real estate project with luxury level often depends on several key elements. Whether it is location, view, privacy, brand reputation, material selection and also after sale service with International Standard. And these elements have been used to develop many Ultra Luxury Condo projects in Bangkok in order to assemble the logical reasoning of buying products in the luxury market that mostly consists of quality of project development, daintiness, brand value including the value of reachable things such as living space that actually can live as Practical Living in the way that it’s superior than other project.

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SCOPE Langsuan


บริษัท สโคป จำกัด



สถานีรถไฟ BTS

BTS ชิดลม Distance 140 m.



Airport Rail Link


สถานี BRT



2.8 ไร่


34 ชั้น


158 ยูนิต


231 คัน


6 Private Lifts + 2 Services Lifts


Private Storage, Wine Cellar, Cigar Storage, Cloakroom, Piano Rooms 1 & 2, Onsens, Spa Rooms, Fitness Centre, Business Lounge & Meeting Rooms, Sports Bar & Lounge, Kids Room, Sky Lounge, Private Kitchen & Dinning Area, สระว่ายน้ำระบบเกลือ



คอนโด High Rise/CONDO/คอนโดมิเนียมระดับอัลตร้า-ลักซ์



1 bedroom

83 ตร.ม.

2 bedroom

153-162 ตร.ม.

3 bedroom





419 – 443 ตร.ม.




3.5 เมตร และ 4 เมตรสำหรับห้อง Penthouse

ราคาเริ่มต้น / ตรม.

457,831 บาท/ตร.ม.

ราคาเริ่มต้น / ยูนิต

38 ล้านบาท



Sinking Fund fee



Q1 2566


02 028 9788

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The review of SCOPE Langsuan , cuz’ the luxury means quality of everything that create living area with highest international standard.


As we all know, the index that measure the value of real estate project with luxury level often depends on several key elements. Whether it is location, view, privacy, brand reputation, material selection and also after sale service with International Standard. And these elements have been used to develop many Ultra Luxury Condo projects in Bangkok in order to assemble the logical reasoning of buying products in the luxury market that mostly consists of quality of project development, daintiness, brand value including the value of reachable things such as living space that actually can live as Practical Living in the way that it’s superior than other project. But above all, other emotional needs like the uniqueness of the design that mostly reflects one’s identity of the owners as well. Including the most incredible design from international designer with a lot of experiences that can Customized Space to fit the lifestyle of each member in the family, which means the important motivation to the target buyer as well.


And the most outstanding Ultra Luxury project in the real estate market right now would probably the brand SCOPE. The new player that cleave the main concept to create the project as location, design, distinction with their first project like SCOPE Langsuan, that focused to develop the project in order to fir the standard of developing the project in the international premium level. It seems like the world “Luxury” have been upgrade to the next level when talking about the standard of several condos in Bangkok.

After the most incredible location like Langsuan, being one of the Central Lumpini district that embrace the Lumpini-park like Wittayu, Langsuan, Ploenchit and Chidlom together. With Soi Tonson that can be used to connect the Sarasin Road and therefore easily connect to Lumpini. Also conveniently walk out to Chidlom, Ploenchit to connect to the BTS-system. They have their own shadiness from the beginning, close to many big world shopping areas and also easily connect to CBD-area by many routes. And the most important, this is the area that you can barely find the land as Freehold to develop some high-rise condo as you want, because most of the land here are as Leasehold and belongs to the Sindhorn village and also surrounding by Mega projects with the world-class. Especially Mixed-use projects like One City Centre, Dusit Central Park and One Bangkok which have the highest value in Thailand.


And because of the less of Free-hold, makes this area become more expensive especially the location of SCOPE Langsuan that have the highest selling price per SQW. In Thailand. That’s absolutely the location of the perfect location which is suitable to live in.

Except meeting the requirement about location, SCOPE Langsuan do also meet the perfection of being International Premium in both design, materials and service.


Integration by the world-class designer

The designer, who have done design-work all around the world, have come to Thailand on the press conference day to introduce the concept of designing this project by himself. His name is Thomas Juul-Hansen, who designed the ONE57-building which have a nickname as “The Billionaire Building” that have the highest selling price of the condominium in NewYork.


And Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF), architecture company that have been one of the most highly regarded in the world like World Financial Centre-building, an iconic building in Shanghai, International Commerce Centre-building, the tallest and most outstanding building in Hong Kong, The Lotte World Tower, the tallest building in South Korea with 123 floors, and also Hudson Yards building in New York which is the biggest private real estate development in America, are also here to help consulting the designing of SCOPE Langsuan.

Behind the design of residential in a truly luxury level that didn’t only focus in expensive material or highly selling price. But the designer and together with SCOPE Langsuan interpreting the luxury by it’s quality of ideas that they put into the excellent design and material selection in premium level, introducing the clean simplicity, utility, good taste of the world-class and highest attention into every details.


The Great Space Design that have been decoded to be a Good Size is by using the international standard size that gives you the feeling of living in the house instead of condo with the room size between 83-162 sq.m. which comes with extra-large walk-in closets and private storage.

Good Height is the height of floor to ceiling at 3.5 and 4 meters including the door entrance with the height of 2.9 meters.

And Good Quantity means the less units with only 158 units but you’ll get more using space per unit including the facilities-area like parking lots of 231 lots and you can also have house-pet (according to the condo’s requirements)

Selection of premium material of world-class brands.

That doesn’t only choose the brand, but choosing by it’s function that can be used in real life. Really meet the residents requirements, having their own entity and fully fitted the design of the project and last but not least is the reasonable price.


For example the kitchen from bulthaup, which have been selected and tested. Like the stone top-counter that doesn’t absorb water so you can be sure using it with the confident, no matter if it’s wine marks or water, it will not harm the color of the counter at all. Including the design of kitchen equipment rack which is suitable for all use.

Refrigerator Sub-Zero, that guarantee the freshmen for the fruits and vegetable inside and help preserve the food for it’s long life and always being fresh.

The microwave from Gaggenau that comes with fully perfection of design and using function, no matter what menu you’re making.

Walk-in closet from LEMA, innovative  imported brand from Italy.

Sanitary ware set from TOTO NeoRest Washlet, sanitary set of ultra luxury

Shower set from  AXOR, a Germany brand which have been carefully selected.

With the high level of service that really meet the Luxury life-style.

Of about the service Residential Manager, Valet Parking and maid that will be supported in 24 hours. With EV charging docks, wine cellar, cigar storage, cold storage including automatic parking that will easily fit the full-size van as well.

The building is located between Langsuan road and Tonson road, with the main entrance at Langsuan road and located only 140 meters away from BTS-Chidlom.

Distribute the parking area as 6 floors.

Facility area beings at the G-floor which is designed as double volume of 6 meters.

The front-zone is used to be a drop-off, Lobby, Library, Mail room and waiting room.

And the back-zone is Cold Storage, Drivers Lounge, Car Washing Area, EV Charging Docks

On the 3rd floor is a facility-area with Private Storage with several sizes like S,M,L , Wine Cellar, Cigar Storage, Cloakroom, Piano Rooms 1 & 2 with pianos for your kids to learn their skill, 25-seat Auditorium by Atmos, Spa Rooms (separated gender), Onsens (separated gender)

On the 4th floor is the main facilities area

with Temperature-control Pool which divided the using function in one pool, it is the main pool and kid pool.

Connected the Pool deck to the zone of Kids Room ,Professional Standard Fitness Centre ,Business Lounge & Meeting Rooms and Sports Bar & Lounge


Another facility area is on the 34th floor, it is Sky Lounge, Private Kitchen & Dinning Area and Barbecue Deck

The residential zone beings at the 5th floor and on every floor have a similar layout, that they have private lift to connect to each room and it’s located at the middle of building.


The 1 Bedroom, 4 rooms are located at the north-side. And the big room, 2Bedroom-3bedroom, are located at the south with 2 rooms on each floor.

On each floor, they’ve designed the window differently.

The designer has got the inspiration from the Thai handicraft work, and that will give you a different view from different angle between the bedroom and the livingroom.


Including the different room in the unit.

Outside the building, you’ll it like a façade, with distinctive features, perfectly different.

There are something special in each unit. Like on the 5th floor, that located at the same side as Langsuan road, they have  extra balcony in only 3 units and should be suitable for people with pets (ask the staff of the project about the rule and policy of having pet).

There are 3 bedroom on 27-29 floor at the front of Langsuan road instead of the position of the 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom.

On 30-31 floor, there are 3 room an each floor at the back of the building.

And there are penthouse on the 32-33 floor.

And inside the room, which have been designed and decorated by Thomas Juul-Hansen, designed to give the resident the best both aesthetics and usage.


First room, the Bedroom of 83.24 Sq.m.

They divided the room into 2 zones, left and right, which is living room and bedroom.

After leaving the lift, you’ll see the foyers at the front door from the hallway at each floor.

The keycard have the function of remembering the in-out time, and that will make us know what time the maid were using to clean the room.

At the front of the room, they have a built-in cabinet for washing machine, shoe rack that can be able to store shoes up to 112 pairs if you use the shoe-box but if you don’t use the shoe-box, you will store up to 88 pairs. There are also a fire control cabinet in order to keep it easy for the staff to service the unit without going inside the room.

Connect to the entrance to the living area, through the symbolic arch-door which have been designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen. They are using the Engineered wood on the floor inside the room.

There are built-in storage cabinet at both side of the hall


The first area is the kitchen, along the wall and up to the ceiling. The kitchen-ware from bulthaup and refrigerator from Sub-Zero that guarantee the freshment of the fruits and vegetable inside and help preserve the food for it’s long life and always being fresh.

Next, it is the oven, microwave and 2-burner electric stove from Gaggenau, which comes with the design and using function, no matter what menu you’re making.

At the front of the kitchen is the counter parallel to sink counter, made by Taj Mahal stone, brown color, do not absorb water so you can be sure using it with the confident, no matter if it’s wine marks or water, it will not damage the color of the counter at all.


Including the design of the kitchen ware which is suitable for all usage both in the cabinet and also the storage area.

And the kitchen equipment storage cabinet, which can separate the usage and orderly store all equipment as well.

There are also a wine refrigerator and it own counter-bar.

At the front of the kitchen there are a big area for you to place dinning table for 4 people too.

Next to the kitchen is the living area beside big glass-window.

It’s big enough for a TV-shelf

And sofa-set for 3-4 people, the place for relaxing and watching TV and also getting a lots of light from outside.

Outside is a balcony that you can reach it from the living room by a high glass-door, connected to balcony-area with glass rail for a good view from inside the room as well.

The project will give you the automatic blackout curtains that can give you the absolutely darkness when you want.

The bedroom is on the left

Beside the entrance is the Walk-in closet from LEMA, innovative imported brand from Italy in U-shape with airy atmosphere with a lots of drawers for you to separate the usage as you want.

Next, it is the bathroom covered with marble on the floor and also the walls.

Divided the dry-zone on the left with 2 basin countertops on the left and right together with huge mirror for rushing hour as well.

Next inside is the sanitary-ware with a wall for some privacy.

On the right is the wet-zone (the real room will be glass shower to separate the usage as well).

In the end of wet-zone is a built-in bathub together with the wall.

At the front is the Rain shower, hand shower and massage panel & shower with the cold-hot water system.

In the bedroom, it is airy because of the full wall window.

The project will install the LED light and VRV-air condition at the end of the bed, which is designed for a good sleep hygiene.

You can put an  American king size bed In the room with the table top but still have a lots of area left for working space and also walking space.

At the end of the bed is also wide enough to place TV-counter too.

There also USB-plug and Home automation system to support the usage.

This room will probably fit a small family or those who are planning to create a family. It have fully functional areas and probably designed to be use full with it own entity as well.


The last one is the 2 bedroom, the project didn’t show all of the areas but we can take a look at the standard kitchen and bathroom as well.

The kitchen of the 2 bedroom is a closed kitchen with U-shape, kitchen ware from bulthaup, Top counter in L-shape with Taj Mahal stone in white color that will not absorb water so you can use it with the confident that the color will not changed no matter what you spill on it.

It have the area for preparing the food, 2 sinks and the cooking area, and the project will give you 4-burned electric stove.

Above and under the counter are drawers to place your kitchen equipment’s to separate the usage by your own.

On the other side of the kitchen are electric kitchenware from Gaggenau  with microwave, oven and wine refrigeration.

Beside it, you’ll have the refrigerator from Sub-Zero, the 2 bedroom will get the big one with 2 doors that guarantee the fresh for your food as well.

Including the design of the kitchen set that it’s suitable for all use.

Convenient and all areas are worth the price

About the bathroom, it have marble tone, from the basin counter with big mirror cut by the wooden cabinet for the usage in the rushing hour.

The floor and the wall have the same white-grey marble color.

Inside, there is sanitary-ware with a wall for the privacy.

On the left side is the wet-zone (there will be glass shower in the real unit)

In the end of the bathroom will be a bathtup.

At the front will be Rain shower, hand shower and massage panel & shower with cold-hot water system.

And Walk-in closet from LEMA, innovation imported brand from Italy which have it’s front next to the entrance.


SCOPE Langsuan and the bond to create luxury condo with world-class premium standard.


We can really tell that teal estate market Is like other business that use economic strategy. For the last 10 years, a lot of developers have focused to develop project in the segment of Mass-Economy that enjoyed the development by using the Cost Leadership strategy as a main strategy. Because the main purchasing power is from the buyers with the budget under 3 million, if you sell with low price you have to be sure that you have a good demand. And those who buy condo, they actually buy the convenience, buying it just to live in the middle of the city, not more than that. But with the advantage of project development around communication systems, near all of subway-systems, causing the cluster of growth increase along the main BTS-system. Many types of real estate project have been developed to increase the value of the land, which made the land price get higher that doesn’t care the valuation from the Treasury Department at all. The land in the outer area of Sukhumvit have the higher price per Sq.W. more than 6 hundred thousand while the land inside the city, in the very prime area, have to get an auction to buy it with price of more than 2 million per Sq.W. And all of this have caused a lot of questions for people that is it the picture that developer and consumers have created or is it the real balance of the real estate market.


When the beginning cost is this high, but economic condition and purchasing power keep falling down, wants to buy but have a lot of responsibilities so you can’t even effort the living resident inside the city. And for sure, most of developer can not keep develop projects with low price as they want it anymore. Luxury condo market with the price of more than 2 hundred thousand per sq.m. and the group of Ultra Luxury with the price for more than 3 hundred thousand per sq.m., which have had a very low target buyer, less than 10% of the whole market and made it become Red Ocean-market that developers, both old and new developer, trying to be in the first place… It’s true that these buyer with purchasing power. They have the wealth at the High Net Worth Individual level who doesn’t worry about the fluctuating economic conditions, they can buy whatever they want without any concern. But the true is there are less than 50% of buyers in Thailand real estate market and these people always buy as much as they can, some of them have bought more than 100 units that you have no idea why they have bought this many. And most of all that these people are always wondering if any of the condo they’ve bought will be in the same class as Super Luxury in the real market that many other condos do have the same price-level.


In the Luxury-product group, we usually see the logic of buying is always at the opposite side of other market. As high the price is, the demand of buying will be as high too. The buyers usually do not care the main usage of the product. These group of people do not buy the condo because it’s near their workplace, but they buy it just for being a dressing room for the Gala Dinner in luxury hotel in Silom-area. Some of them just by the most expensive room from the most expensive project just be sure that they own the room with the best quality and also live in the same place as people in the same class…Many people have told that when buying the Ultra Luxury condo, they do not compare the price or the spec of the house but they only built in with a good atmosphere and you will be able to buy it, and that is the wrong apperception of the marketing of the luxury products in the international level that have to be well-equipped with extraordinary features that can be reached and unreachable. And that is the value in the buyer’s mind which is more than living in a usually condo. And of my own experience, I see the condo that calls themselves as Ultra Luxury must have these elements to separate the differences from the Mass Market, there are 1.Excellent Quality 2.Scarcity 3.Premium Price 4.Aesthetics 5.Superfluous.


If we use those 5 elements to screen the condo in Bangkok, we will probably see that condo in Ultra Luxury level, which can be compared with the world-standard, only have less than 10 projects in Bangkok. Because the strategy of project development of most developers is that they are still care about the main KPI, which is the selling number from many projects to meet the requirement of many target groups. And that cause the development of Ultra Luxury that is not different from the Mass-projects by using the same materials, design as Copy and Reuse-style, focused on the location and facility area as the trend of the market but adding the price and put the marketing strategy to make sure that the target group knows that this is the project in Ultra Luxury level…. Yongyutt Chaipromorasith, the man with experiences of project development in Thailand and also having the taste of living in the premium level, he also knows that developers will face and can see the Pain Point of luxury seeker around the world that there are no projects in Thailand that have Brand Promise to send the requirement of the buyer as they want when comparing with big cities around the world. That is why they announced “SCOPE” company that develop the real estate to disrupt the market, tear of the old development plan, by focus just on the design and construction of residentials in premium world-class…..ประกาศตั้ง “สโคป” บริษัทพัฒนาอสังหาริมทรัพย์เพื่อการพักอาศัยที่มา Disrupt วงการ ฉีกแบบแผนการพัฒนาที่อยู่อาศัยแบบเดิมที่เคยมีมา ด้วยการมุ่งเน้นเรื่องการออกแบบและก่อสร้างที่อยู่อาศัยคุณภาพพรีเมี่ยมมาตรฐานระดับโลกโดยเฉพาะ…The project SCOPE Langsuan, which being known as the project of Thailand that have been pinning the new segment that “Lager than Life” than the old luxury as we known. Or with other word “The International Premium” is the new luxury segment that mix the balance of quality, daintiness and Aesthetic Experience that can full fill the Emotional Needs which is different from Luxury Seeker group around the world.



When looking at the target group that comes from around the world, it is not weird that SCOPE Langsuan is a collaboration between Thomas Juul-Hansen and KPF to create the project that mix the high quality of the world-class, the unique design and have the best location in the middle of the city on Langsuan road.


Click to read  เปิดตัว “สโคป หลังสวน” – โครงการแรกในไทย โดยดีไซเนอร์ผู้ออกแบบคอนโดที่แพงที่สุดของนิวยอร์ค

About the Excellent Quality of SCOPE Langsuan are all being Tangible Benefit that conveyed by world-class brand that they use as materials of construction and the decorations. The brand like Bulthaup, Sub-Zero, Gaggenau, Lema, AXOR and TOTO are all being well selected by Thomas Juul-Hansen by being Top Quality Materials while the Scarcity is from Limitation of the Supply on the same area.  And the Langsuan-area is considered as Super Prime Area that the area around has been develop to be the place of a lots of big projects which is impossible to not find any High-Rise condo as Freehold along the main road anymore.

While the facility area of around 2,500 sq.m. of 4 floors that will give the Aesthetic Experience which is different from other by Customized to fit the unique life-style of the residents, who are looking for the convenient of living but still have the Practical Livin. Either the Valet Service and Residence Manager in 24 hours, temperature-control storage, wine-storage room, cigar, piano room, spa, onsens, dressing room, auditorium theater, fitness, working room, sky lounge including the huge pool on the 4th floor that you can sue in every season because it is a temperature adjustable pool. By being Superfluous (luxury over the limit) of the place is clearly visible by the size of the rooms, even the 1 bedroom that start from 83 sq.m. with the ceiling height of 3,5 meters, large storage cabinet to store your shoes. While the penthouse has the ceiling height of 4 meters with full wall window and lobby in every room. The amazing thing that I feel about this extremely luxury project is their 2 headed rain shower including hand shower and 2 wall-mounted nuzzled and bathtub to … The real luxury must be beyond the standard requirements like this one.


About the selling price, many people might believe that this will be the condo with highest price per sq.m. in Thailand. Because the project is located on the most expensive area of Thailand. But SCOPE have set a really low selling price with the start from around 4 hundred thousand per sq.m. and up to around 6 hundred thousand per sq.m, the everage price is lower than other project like 98Wireless and The Residences At Mandarin Oriental. Of all this, the SCOPE team explained that it is because of the original workflow of all disruptions. By looking at the definition of the word “Luxury” of SCOPE not only about the expensive materials, but it is also about how they select the premium materials by its usage, good taste in order to give the residents a better quality of life than other places. That’s why it is impossible that other projects by SCOPE will not only focus on making New High sale price statistic with the selling price over 40 million THB. Because even the buyer group that have potential to buy at the level of 10 million THB do also search for the luxury in the same level… This is the reason why the Premium Price of SCOPE Langsuan doesn’t be the most expensive one.

ในแง่ของราคาขายหลายๆ คนคงคิดว่าที่นี่คงเป็นคอนโดที่มีราคาขายต่อตารางเมตรแพงที่สุดในไทย เพราะตัวโครงการเองตั้งอยู่บนที่ดินที่มีราคาซื้อขายจริงแพงที่สุดของประเทศ แต่ทางสโคปเองกลับตั้งราคาขายเริ่มต้นที่ค่อนข้างประหลาดใจผมมาก เนื่องจากมีราคาเริ่มต้นราวๆ ตรม. ละสี่แสน จนไปถึงประมาณเฉียดๆ ตรม. ละหกแสนบาท ราคาเฉลี่ยถูกกว่าโครงการอย่าง 98Wireless และ The Residences At Mandarin Oriental พอสมควรเลย ซึ่งทั้งหมดทั้งมวลนี้ทางทีมงานสโคปเค้าก็ได้อธิบายว่ามาจากการปรับเปลี่ยนกระบวนการทำงานในแบบ Disrupt ของเดิมทั้งหมด โดยมองไปที่นิยามของความหรูหราในแบบ SCOPE ว่าไม่ใช่เป็นเรื่องของการใช้วัสดุแพงๆ เพียงอย่างเดียว แต่เป็นการเลือกใช้วัสดุระดับพรีเมี่ยมอย่างเหมาะสม มีประโยชน์ใช้สอย รสนิยมที่ดี เพื่อให้ลูกบ้านมีคุณภาพชีวิตที่เหนือกว่าที่อื่นๆ ดังนั้นจึงมีความเป็นไปได้ว่าโครงการของ SCOPE ในลำดับต่อๆ ไปจะไม่ใช่โครงการที่มุ่งแต่จะทำสถิติราคาขาย New High มีราคาขายเกิน 40 ล้านบาทเพียงอย่างเดียว เพราะแม้กระทั่งกลุ่มผู้มีกำลังซื้อในระดับแค่ 10 ล้านบาทก็ยังต้องการที่จะมองหาความหรูหราแบบนี้ …นี่คือเหตุผลที่ว่าทำไม Premium Price ของ SCOPE Langsuan จึงไม่ได้มีราคาที่แพงที่สุดในตลาด

By being the project that focus on quality of the design in order to give the residents the most luxury living as they want. That’s why every rooms do almost have the same value. So, if someone is looking for a condo that have beautiful view with huge green-background or sky-high swimming pool to only take photo and show it on your Instagram but can not swim just because it is too cold, this place would not meet their requirement then. But if you understand Yongyutt’s taste of lifestyle, the man who used to live in the most expensive apartment in the world, you will realize that SCOPE Langsuan is the real project located at the best location of the country and you don’t have to go and buy all the way in New York.



A residence for those with a profound understanding of design, those whose taste transcends mere luxury and extravagance, and those who treasure quality that creates timeless value.

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เกริก บุณยโยธิน

เกริก บุณยโยธิน

ผู้ก่อตั้งเวปไซต์แบ่งปันความรู้ด้านการตลาด และการสร้างแบรนด์ในวงการอสังหาฯ พร็อพฮอลิค ดอทคอม..หลังจากที่ใช้เวลามากกว่า 10 ปี ในการวนเวียน เข้าๆออกๆ ในสายงานด้านการตลาด และวางแผนกลยุทธ์การสร้างแบรนด์ ของบริษัทอสังหาฯ และเอเยนซีโฆษณาชั้นนำหลายแห่ง (โดยที่ไม่รู้ว่าทำไมต้องจับสลากเจอลูกค้าสายอสังหาฯทุกที)...จนถูกครอบงำโดยจิตใต้สำนึก ให้ถีบตัวเองออกจากกรอบการทำงานแบบเดิมๆ เพื่อออกมาจุดประกายความคิดที่ถูกต้อง และนำเสนอมุมมองใหม่ๆ ให้กับกลุ่มคนที่สนใจในธุรกิจอสังหาฯ


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