AP Thailand unveils ASPIRE Huai Khwang with big fanfare An innovative unit layout ‘NEW TRIPLEX’ for the first time in Thailand, allowing additional 3-storey high decoration, reinforcing its position as the real deal in condos for urbanites

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– AP Thailand with a promise of Cheevit Dee Dee Tee Lueak Eng Dai reinforces its position as the No. 1 developer of condos for urbanites with 4 AP condo brands: THE ADDRESS, RHYTHM, LIFE, ASPIRE – superior in all aspects meeting the needs of the new generation

– Set to unveil ASPIRE Huai Khwang, the newest Bht 4,800-million condo under a joint venture with Mitsubishi Estate, embracing the concept of ‘Liberated Living as You Desire’

– Shaking up the condo market again with super innovative layout design – the first in Thailand, introducing NEW TRIPLEX, new design suites, with 1 Bedroom sizes starting at 27 – 45 square metres, allowing for additional decorations as high as a 3-storey room for a more practical real-life connecting all areas into one with a design innovation from Thai-Japanese collaboration and a special never-before-seen massive storage room

– Nothing in the way of what defines you, with a massive common area connecting 3 buildings on an area spanning over 3,940 square metres to meet 24-hour life needs in a location near Huai Khwang MRT station. Sales Office are slated to open on 25 – 26 May at the sales office located opposite the Unilever House, Rama 9 – https://maps.app.goo.gl/5oVHpBnq3sRjzndq6

– Prices start at only Bht 116,000/m. 1-bedroom units start at Bht 3.49 million* Register for a discount of up to Bht 300,000* at http://apth.ly/aspire-huai-khwang

– For updates on all new single detached home, twin home, townhome and condo projects from AP throughout 2024, click https://apth.ly/APNewHome2024      

Ms. Niyamaporn Tohsanguanpun, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Development, Condominium Business Group, AP Thailand Public Co., Ltd., said ASPIRE Huai Khwang is the latest version of an ASPIRE condo developed by AP and its partner Mitsubishi Estate in response to the demand and lifestyle of target prospects in the location. ASPIRE Huai Khwang was developed under the concept of Liberated Living as You Desire. What sets this project apart are its latest unit layout and common area, which are more special than any other ASPIRE condos before. The first sale opening for the project is scheduled for 25 – 26 May at the sales office opposite the Unilever House, Rama 9. Register now for a discount of up to Bht 300,000 at http://apth.ly/aspire-huai-khwang

Choose the vertical life you want to live at ASPIRE Huai Khwang

For the first time ever, new unit layouts with wider spaces to accommodate life with no limits will be unveiled at ASPIRE Huai Khwang, offering NEW TRIPLEX, a layout that allows additional decoration equivalent to a 3-storey unit and comes with a special never-before-seen massive storage room. It transcends all the old rules with a new dimension of vertical space, where the 4.45-metre Double Volume is still a part of it. With a special feature of split-level living space, which triples the available space, offering four styles of NEW TRIPLEX suites to choose from:

1. 27-square metre units with a hidden functional area of 14.5 square metres

2. 30-square metre units with a hidden functional area of 15 square metres

3. 35-square metre units with a hidden functional area of 19 square metres

4. 45-square metre units with a hidden functional area of 24 square metres

NEW TRIPLEX units are located on Floor 29 – 34 of Building B at a price of Bht 4.99 million (starting at Bht 118,000/sq.m.). The project is ready to open for a preview of the real 3-storey space in a 1-bedroom, 30-square-metre show unit at the sale gallery. Explore the first floor, featuring a living room, kitchen area, bathroom, and spacious storage room. This versatile space also extends vertically, as a balcony area for the second floor or Multi-Space adaptable for a private work area. On the third floor, discover a bedroom area complete with a proportional Powder Room.

ASPIRE Huai Khwang also offers SIMPLEX units ranging from 27 – 45 square metres with a specially allocated closed kitchen and a flexible area that can be adapted to suit one’s lifestyle. As well as an extra space interchangeable between a working area and a walk-in closet, providing new interesting experience. SIMPLEX units include 1 Bedroom, 1 Bedroom Extra and 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom starting at Bht 3.49 million for a 1 Bedroom (Bht 116,000/sq.m.)

Mr. Ryo Matsumoto, General Manager of Mitsubishi Estate Asia, said that through daily communication with AP, we know that AP is committed to delivering new unit plans design to the condo market. Therefore, we believed that sharing information about Mitsubishi Estate’s unit plans in Japan would help generate new ideas to enhance the new condo projects. The challenge in developing the condominium layout for the ASPIRE Huai Khwang project this time lies in uncovering hidden areas within the vertical space. How can these areas be utilized to create greater utility and value for customers? It must not be merely a superficial design concept; rather, we prioritize functions that can be practically applied in real life to the fullest extent. Thankfully, AP has embraced the idea and is committed to developing this NEW TRIPLEX plan together. We sincerely appreciate AP’s support and cooperation in bringing NEW TRIPLEX to fruition in this condominium project.


“We believe that NEW TRIPLEX will offer customers a fresh lifestyle experience. They can draw inspiration from the sample room’s decor and design a space that seamlessly extends across three floors. Moreover, the presence of ample storage beneath the mezzanine enhances efficiency in utilising limited space. NEW TRIPLEX is poised to revolutionise space utilisation and provide customers with a novel living experience,” Mr. Ryo Matsumoto remarked.

Common area is super cool like nothing can be in your way

The project is the only condo development in the Huai Khwang area that features a fully-integrated common area connecting 3 buildings into one, namely Floor G, Floor 15 of Building A and B linked into a passage with Floor 17 of Building C across a total area of over 3,940 sq.m., equivalent to 2.4 rai to support as many as 33 activity clusters.

First, on Floor G, you will find a green garden offering full views from the lobbies of Building A and B, along with a workout zone located inside the garden of Building C. The second area located on Floor 15 of Building A and B which are interconnected is where you find a complete range of activities, including THE SKY CLUB, THE SKY CO-WORKING, THE PRIVATE COCOON, THE CONFERENCE SPACE, BUSINESS MEETING LOUNGE, THE MULTI-ENTERTAINMENT, THE SKY THEATER and THE GAMING LOUNGE

And the third area situated on Floor 17 of Building C incorporates a Lap Pool stretching 30 metres long with an AQUA ENERGETIC HUB featuring a spectacular red slide, THE ROSY SWIRL, together with different relaxation functions. There is also different zone of fitness facilities, such as THE CARDIO CLUB, THE MUSCLE CLUB, and THE PRIVATE GYM, each equipped with comprehensive exercise equipment and the sky garden area, SUN RISE SKY GARDEN, and the special THE TOP MOST GARDEN located on the Roof Top section of Building B.

ASPIRE Huai Khwang is built on a plot of 5 – 3 – 69.6 rai. It consists of 2 residential buildings with 1,274 units in total. Valued at Bht 4,800 million, the development includes the 34-storey Building A, with residential quarters from Floors 2 – 33 and the 35-storey Building B, with residential units occupying Floors 2 – 34, as well as the 17-storey Building C, where 16 floors are allocated to parking spaces. The project meets 24-hour life needs, with a location near Huai Khwang MRT station. Sales will open on 25 – 26 May at the sales office opposite the Unilever House, Rama 9 – https://maps.app.goo.gl/5oVHpBnq3sRjzndq6
Register for a discount of up to Bht 300,000* at http://apth.ly/aspire-huai-khwang


Start Life of Your Choice at AP Condo remains the proposition in our AP Condo development. For the unveiling of ASPIRE Huai Khwang, whether it be a super Wow new-design layout or the design of a common area with new excitement added to suit the lifestyle of our target group, it clearly reflects what makes our AP condos superior to others in all aspects with everything sought after by the new generation looking for either Active Life or Passive Life,” added Ms. Niyamaporn.

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