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ริธึ่ม รางน้ำ

The grand opening day of the Rhythm Rangnam, a lot of people are still don’t understand about why the Rhythm have chosen to build some project in Rangnam-area. And also open with the highest price of their own record, and being at the same price-level as condominiums along the main road in Phayathai-Ratchathewi area that have a price range at almost 180,000 THB per sq.m. (but still have special unit with the starting price at 160,000 THB per sq.m.). That day, the area around the BTS-Victory Monument was seen as being a secondary area and only compensate Ratchathewi-Phayathai. And BTS-Victory Monument, was seen as being a center of public transport like minivan and local bus. Such the first Hi-end condominium in this area still have the name as “M Phayathai” even if it was much closer to BTS-Victory Monument.

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RHYTHM Rangnam


AP (Thailand) PLC. บริษัท เอพี (ไทยแลนด์) จำกัด ( มหาชน )



สถานีรถไฟ BTS

BTS อนุสาวรีย์ชัยสมรภูมิ Distance 100 m.



Airport Rail Link


สถานี BRT



ประมาณ 1 ไร่ 3 งาน 93 ตารางวา (793 ตารางวา)


28 ชั้น


385 ยูนิต


171 คันคิดเป็น 44% ไม่รวมจอดซ้อนคัน


3 Passenger Lifts + 1 Service Lift


สระว่ายน้ำ, ฟิตเนส, สวนส่วนกลาง, ลานอเนกประสงค์



คอนโด High Rise/CONDO


28 ตร.ม.

1 bedroom

35 ตร.ม.

2 bedroom

46.5 - 62 ตร.ม.

3 bedroom









2.6 เมตร

ราคาเริ่มต้น / ตรม.

190,000 บาท/ตร.ม.

ราคาเริ่มต้น / ยูนิต

5.32 ล้านบาท


58 บาท/ตร.ม./เดือน

Sinking Fund fee

450 บาท/ตร.ม.






เพื่อนบ้าน Street View

Visit actual unit of Rhythm Rangnam. Most cozy condominium of Rangnam road, new Residential area with various lifestyles and close to world class Tourist Shopping Destination.


Around the middle of 2015 was an important changing period for many condominiums under AP-brand. Because in that time, AP-condominiums have added a lot of knowledge in both design, construction and facilities which no.1 developer of Japan like Mitsubishi Estate were involved. If you still remember, a lot of AP-projects that opened in that year like Aspire, Life and also Rhythm which have a feather of being a stylish condo near the BTS-station and emphasize the variety of facilities and got a lot of sale number on the first selling day. Either the Aspire SathornThapra next to BTS-Talat Phlu, which could close the selling at the first day. Life Asoke, con do that located 1 step away from ARL-Makkasan and MRT-Petchanuri, which generate the most flow among Big Lot investor in the history, the new born condo with the most unit number and cheapest in Asoke-crossing area, but still got a sale number at almost 90% on the pre-sale day that a lot of retailer didn’t get any chance to buy the first-hand condo of this project at all…. And the project that I will talk about today is the Rhythm Rangnam, the condo-project that have a number of registered interested of almost 3,200 names before the reservation day, but theres only 385 units to buy. And absolutely, this result makes big name investor were scramble to buy the project until it was sold out and win by no need any marketing at all.  This is the proudly come back of projects under Rhythmbrand, which have a perspicuous sale point by being located only a few steps away from the subway but still have an affordable price for those who is looking for wide luxury facilities on the rooftop. This is the old same Rhythmbrand that the APfollowers still have a picture of their giving the prodigious value of appreciation to all the owners.

The grand opening day of the Rhythm Rangnam, a lot of people are still don’t understand about why the Rhythm have chosen to build some project in Rangnam-area. And also open with the highest price of their own record, and being at the same price-level as condominiums along the main road in Phayathai-Ratchathewi area that have a price range at almost 180,000 THB per sq.m. (but still have special unit with the starting price at 160,000 THB per sq.m.). That day, the area around the BTS-Victory Monument was seen as being a secondary area and only compensate Ratchathewi-Phayathai. And BTS-Victory Monument, was seen as being a center of public transport like minivan and local bus. Such the first Hi-end condominium in this area still have the name as “M Phayathai” even if it was much closer to BTS-Victory Monument.

But with the power of condominium development in Ratchathewi-Phayathai area which will have a lot of new born projects with the price as high as those who really want to live here will not be able to afford it, and also being so far from the station that is almost closer to another station. And the new high price of The Monument Sanampao that Sansiri did closed the selling by that time with the price range at the end of 200,000 THB per sq.m. along with Aree-Mo Chit road, that already have some projects with selling price at almost 200,000 THB per sq.m… That’s why Victory Monument station is interesting among the most of big name developers of the past year.

Actually, the selling point of this area is not only being near the BTS Victory Monument, which is really close to the connection as City Center like Siam Station. But it is also close to various Government offices especially the hospitals, and here is also a mass-level shopping mall with a cinema that people can buy cheaper staffs like Century Movie Plaza. Although, if we discuss about various way to travel and various lifestyle,  Soi Rangnam, the location of the Rhythm Rangnamproject, is absolutely the stronghold of this area.

The Rhythm Rangnam is located only 100 meters away from BTSVictory Monument, that the project is sliding away from the disorder, terribly traffic jam of the Phayathai main road of about 100 meters. But this 100 meters are the one that will give the most comfortableness of the travel to you. Because no matter you travel by your own car or the public transport, youll have the ability to enter the project by many ways. Either from Ratchaprarop road, Ratchathewi road, Sriayuthaya road and Phayathai road. And for those who have their workplace in Sriayuthaya area will absolutely love this place, because they can easily get to Sriayuthaya road by many ways like from Sriayuthaya Soi 12 or just walk through the world class Tourist Shopping Mall like King Power Rangnam Complex.

At the front of the project, you can turn right into Sriayuthaya Soi 12 or walk through King Power to get to The Sukosol Hotel, Siripinyo Building, Sriayuthaya Building (Ajinomoto) or Wannasorn Building. So convenient.

In the potential of Rangnam area, I can see that will change into a better way in the future. Both the communication, that will be a MRT system Orangeline, Taling ChanCulture center passing Rangnam station, at Ratchaprarop road on the other side of Rangnam road. But the most clearly now a day is the big changing of King Power Rangnam Complex, that newly renovated to the next version with a lot of new shopping items and was open in October.

The project is located next to King Power Rangnam Complex.

King Power Duty Fee Complex Rangnam was reopen again with a capital of almost 2,500 millions bath, with a new trend of the Mixed Use that connected with each other by a lot of multi restaurant from all over the world that you cant find it in any usual Food Court. And there is a mobilization of duty fee brand name goods of world class, both old brand and new brand that opened as Flagship Store and directly connected to the location of Pullman King Power Hotel. 


There are famous Thaibrand restaurant that many people used to queue up to buy, but you can now find all of them here.


Pictures and VDO credit from  https://www.facebook.com/pg/Kingpowerofficial

There are a lot of new brand that choose this place to be their Flagship Store and you can directly carry home some of the goods. By having a Food court and famous brands here will help the Draw traffic from both tourists and Thai people to visit this place as well.

Furthermore, the area around the project are full with stores, restaurants from around the world and new café to be ready to serve the tourists that increase day by day in this area. There is also a huge park that act like a lung for everyone in this area and it’s only a few meters away from the project. That’s why this area is the area that is well mixed between shopping mall, mass stores and also shopping mail of duty fee brand name from around the world that every Group Tours will visit. Accordingly, we can be sure that the tower’s exposure will be beautiful and outstanding and will notably by the tourists from around the world.

Rhythm Rangnam is a condominium of 28 floors with 385 units and 1 unit for some store with a parking for 171 cars (44%). Located on the land of 1-3-93 acres with a huge facility area on 27th floor including the pool, 2 floors of fitness center and a multi courtyard and all of them are spread in G-floor, 6th floor and on 27th floor.

This project is unique and clearly different from other project by their unit size. They are divided in room type of studio 28 sq.m., 1 bedroom (plus) 35 sq.m. and 2 bedroom 46.5-62 sq.m, and the proportion of the 2 bedrooms are only 24%. This project is the one that presented the smallest room as a studio with the size of 27 square meters, the smallest size in Victory Monument area. If someone are looking for high rise condominium which is ready for the move in with a price per unit at around 5 million baht, then this one is what youre looking for!


At the ground floor, the Drop Off part, is designed as landscape made of stone in Japanese style with concept of Karesansui or dry landscape that use water pattern that make you feel like water with no water at all. And adding some new dimension by rainbow eucalyptus  together with the stone pattern and make it difference by various color… make the different peace of every touch of it.

Some of fake stones were painted in purple color to match the CI of the Rhythm-brand that have purple as a ground color.

At the Façade, the parking area, there are some wooden fin to add some natural feeling, adding some Japanese soul in the area.

The lobby was inspired by the Sudare, bamboo curtains in Japanese style. It was designed to be beautiful and different by the emplacement and twisted the pattern to catch the natural light of various time. Adding the perfectly simplicity by adding some more colors to the stones.

There is a room of mail boxes on the right.

The elevator hall still have the luxurious style as their own standard.

On the 6th floor is the first living floor and it is quite special because of the facility garden that can be using as a workplace, because there are some tables and electric outlets. And the Reading Space on the 6th floor di have a mixed design between stone, trees and also seats which give you a wide view by playing with the level for the view of sky and the city.


Most of the unit are turning their front to the east and the west.

Almost like amphitheater that you can get the view of the BTS.

The distinctive point of the floor plan here is that they have a design which emphasize the ventilation and the light gap, by having an atrium gap to add the air and the air circulation in all of 5 floors at the hall way. And the floor plan is designed by having the 2 bedroom located at the corner of the building.

At 21st and 26th floor are special floor with a garden on the north side.

On 27th floor is the facilities floor including the infinity edge pool that will give you the 270degree view of the city, sky garden, fitness center in 2 floors as Double Volume and the 28th floor is a rooftop.


Elevator hall is luxurious decorated with high-grade materials.

The view from the pool is very beautiful; it turns to Victory Monument – Sanampao.

On the other side is the view of Baiyok building,

Here’re also the area where you can relax by the view.

If you want to get this view, do not wait to buy and transfer before the project beside like Ideo Q Victory get this view away from you.

Let us see the fitness center. Here is a huge fitness center of 2 floors… you’ll get this view directly when you get here.

Exercise in all proportion of your body.

Since all of the first hand residences were already sold out. Today we will see the room from the real estate agency on the officially re-sale day of AP like BC (BangkokCitiSmart). And the BC have launch the sample room with full furniture and it’s a studio room and 1 Bed Plus type, because here are a lot of those kind of room in sale right now. And for the 2 bedroom are only a few rooms on sale and many who buy the first hand wants to live thereby themselves. That’s why we didn’t have a chance to see it.

The first room is the 1 Bed Plus, 35 sq.m. type B08 on the east side which is the room that AP are using in various project now a day.

The floor plan is designed by emphasize the balance of the living room and the bedroom. If you like the simplicity, don’t emphasize the fashion of your outfit, serious with the work, then you can change the living room which is connected to the bedroom (the sample room were using the living room to a dressing room) into your workplace as well.

When enter the room, you will see the living area on the left and you can also put your working table along the wall. The kitchen is connected to the dinning area and the bathroom on the right. The project is sale by fully fitted and give you the kitchen, bathroom and air condition.

There is a glass door with full height of 2.6 meters and being a door between the bedroom and the living area. The floor is made of laminate of thickness at 8 mm.

If you turn around, you’ll see the front part of the room and the bathroom. You will also get 1 air condition in the area.

In the living area of the sample room, there is a sofa for 2 people with a console table for the books or to working on.

From the sofa, you can see both the TV and the kitchen at the other wall.

A “L” shape kitchen with a space for a washing machine and a big glass wall that you can look through the room seeing the other part and the balcony.

Un the real room, there is an empty niche with no microwave.

When you are ready with the food, you can directly have a dinner here. Perfectly for 2 people.

At the other side of kitchen is a bathroom separated the wet and the dry zone.

There are some niches for your shower equipment’s.

Let’s see the bedroom.

With a glass door makes the room being airy and can get a lot of natural light for the room.

You can put a TV at the end of your bed and you’ll also get 2 air condition here too.

At the end of the bed is a glass door into another room which was designed to be a dressing room.

You can also built the walk-in closet here with.

Here’s huge window that you can see the kitchen and the living room too.

You can walk to the balcony from this room.

It is so big that you also can hang up the CDU on the side and hide it with the grill from the tower.

The next room is a studio, smallest room of the project, 28 sq.m. with a deep type and have Boutique Hotel Style. The design is that they put the living room and bedroom together as an open air and put the kitchen and bathroom at the entrance of the room. This is a room type A16 on the south and there are 4 studio rooms on each floor, 2 rooms turns to the south and 2 turns to the west.

When you get into the room, the kitchen will be on the left and bathroom on the right and when you walk by everything you will face bigger space which were designed as a living area, bedroom, workplace next to the window and balcony in the same area.

The kitchen is designed and build with the same standard and materials in every room.

This room got a long kitchen and you can put your refrigerator beside it as well.

It will be like this when you open up.

The bathroom is on the right.

Next, it’s a room where you can do whatever you want, eating, laying, work, watching TV. All in one space.

You can also build a locker connect to the TV-shelf or even put up the wall and close the kitchen as well.

You can put a King Size here and also get natural light all over the room. The balcony is also beside the bed.

You will get 1 air condition here on the right wall on the headboard.

You can also put a closet beside the window and put your working table as bay window, working and watching the view at the same time.

It would be a favorite corner for the single working one in the area of Victory Monument-Rangnam-Phayathai.

Let’s see the balcony. It’s probably a little bit small but if you’re out there, it’s quite big because the air compressor is over your head.

Turn back and look at the room again.

Except these two rooms, I was sneaking at the real room. The standard room that I got in picture, it’s a studio room Type A03 on the west side.

It is an empty room for you to design your own room here.

The kitchen set is exactly the same as the sample room, but no electronics.

And the balcony.

And the view on the west side which is really clear, you can see all the way to the Rama 8 bridge. This room is on the 10th floor and you will the garden on the 6th floor too.

Let’s see the high view from the rooftop, this is on the west side. Clear view with an old-town feeling.

On the east side, you’ll see Baiyok Building as a backdrop.

On the north on higher floor, you will get a view of Victory Monument for the next two years.

And on the south is Phayathai-crossing.

If you asl me about to buy some project to live by myself in Rangnam area, I would probably said the Rhythm Rangnam is the one. Because I can’t disagree that the location of the project is located at the best place of Rangnam road, next to the world class Tourist Shopping Destination like King Power Duty Fee Complex Rangnam that every tourist really need to visit once. And there are only 100 meters away from BTSVictory Monument  and it is easier to get here by car than other condo along Phayathai road. Easily, Rangnam road will be the area that will carry up the Victory Monument area to be upscale residential area.

By having the room size starting at 28 square meters and a resale price range at 190,000 per square meter. It make the price per unit not being to high when comparing with other condo in this area. Recently, the Ideo Q Victory have had a re-sale price at over 200,000 bath per square meter that is a new high record of this area. Even the unit size was almost the same, Still more expensive, but they also can sold out all of their rooms. Or if you more over to the next station, you will see a condo of super luxury like The Monument Sanampao which have a selling price at almost 300,000 bath per square meter now. Rhythm Rangnam is the one that fill out the missing part for the worker in Phayathai, Rangnam, Victory Monument until the beginning of Paholyothin and have a limit capital to buy some condo near the workplace.

And if they were buying to rent out, here are already a lot of small hotels, hostels and old apartments, which not including the high class hotel like The Pullman that have a high occupancy rate in all over the year. It show that renting demand in this area still growing every day and the Rhythm Rangnam will be one of the premium choices that will fit the demand from Business Traveler and Local Worker perfectly. But for the investment, it is probably better to look at Capital Gain after the transfer than the Rental yield that would give a profit for only 45% per year. While the price of new condo in this area are still growing that Rhythm Rangnam will probably being a high quality with a low price the future.


For those who are interesting in this project, right now is the best time to some beautiful prices from the BC for buying some re-sale room. Because some owner are selling their room and want to get the profit for some ten thousand and the BC are having some Exclusive Promotion to the one who buy the room only via BC. Either the promotion of free changes at he transferring day or the lowest interest rat staring at only 0.5% that you can’t find it anywhere together with the payment of 1,500 bath per 1 million in 1 year*

And on this 24th November, the BC will launch a Condo Grand Sale at Grande Center Point Hotel (Terminal 21) and will have a lot of resale rooms with the best deal both from Rhythm Rangnam and also other condo along the BTSline in this event. The one who is interested, please read more information here http://www.bkkcitismart.com/

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