“Pruksa” road mapping to hundred billion Synergizing “Real Estate – Healthcare – E-commerce” to deliver well living value, “Live well Stay well”

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Pruksa, led by the CEO “Uten Lohachitpitaks” along with management team, is announcing a new corporate purpose to create well living value “Live well Stay well. The company will focus not only on well innovative designed housing projects, but on creating “happiness elements” by combining good health and good communities to enrich living quality under the true definition of “Live well Stay well”. The key strategic plan is to synergize 3 affiliated businesses: real estate, healthcare and e-commerce, together with the power of innovations and technologies that linking to product and service development creating added value and uplifting the living condition to be convenient and match new digital lifestyles. The goal is to reach 1 hundred billion in assets and to create recurring income for more than 25% within 2028. Recently, a new e-commerce platform, clickzy.com, has been launched as the partnership center offering all the required products and services within a click away.

5 Strategies that change business context

Mr. Uten Lohachitpitaks, Chief Executive Officer of Pruksa Holding Public Company Limited, announced Pruksa’s new goal and vision under the concept of Enriching people’s lives “Live well Stay well” that according to the rapid changes in context of society, environment, economy and technologies that effects the way of business and consumers’ lifestyles, the company must stay active and adjust to match the pace of such changes. Besides, the subsidiaries’ business is expanded in several aspects for better living.

Mr. Uten said that the 5 strategies to drive business’s growth have clear objectives for residential development to “Live well Stay well” as follows.

– Strengthen the Core: Applying an agile way of working to develop products and services and to meet market demands more

– Green to Great: Applying the concept of sustainable corporate development by ESG policy (Environment-Social-Governance) to be the design center of operational strategy and process in all aspects

– Seed New Business: Investing in new businesses with potential growth to follow mega trends

– Capability Building: Promoting corporate culture for sustainable growth

– Customer Centric: Caring…Creating good experiences and building lasting relationships with customers

Pruksa will provide customers well and happy lifestyles in terms of Wealth, Health and Happiness Sharing by uniting power of the affiliated core business which are Real Estate business: providing quality residences to communities where people live in comfort and happiness, Healthcare business: ViMUT Hospital and its subsidiaries taking care of people’s health and Digital and E-commerce business: delivering a platform to connect and support new lifestyles using various technologies as tools for convenient and whole living to suit all needs

New real estate trends using insight to add value

Mr. Piya Prayong, Chief Executive Officer of Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited, said that “Live well Stay well” rose from the concept “Tomorrow. Reimagined.” or residential development for new lifestyles for today and tomorrow, following 3 global mega trends, i.e., changing living, healthcare and sustainability. The innovative design of modern house still have “PRUKSA Living Solutions” concept believing that a house is more than a habitat, but the best home, community and society for our mind and body to live in. Pruksa will add value to the residence by using customer insights to develop new products and services.

Such developments are Multi Gen house concept to offer the residences in all generations, Smart Space Design, automation system to manage better living by connecting to MYHAUS application to control Internet of Thing (IOT) in the house at a fingertip, alternatives energy like solar roofs and EV-Charger and Passive Home design where the house and equipment are efficiently designed and used without any effects on environment or health. Also, together with ViMUT Hospital, Pruksa will offer healthcare services and privileges to the customers. There are plans to cooperate with partners to provide Pruksa’s residents a privilege that further creating “Live well Stay well”.

ViMUT Hospital and seamless health ecosystem development plan

Dr. Somsak Akksilp, Chief Executive Officer of ViMUT Hospital Holding Company Limited, talked about the development plan of seamless living and healthcare for the “Live well Stay well” life that ViMUT Hospital is ready to provide consisting of prevention and treatment services through various channels suit for modern lifestyle. The healthcare connection that covers all the ecosystems will allow Pruksa’s residents to be taken care of like they have a family’s doctor.  Also, Thai people can access the medical services through these 3 main channels.

– Connection with Pruksa’s real estate projects: Extending medical services for Pruksa’s residents to access right from home like having their own family’s doctor, providing service discounts and building community health centers

– Connection with public hospitals: Starting at Ramathibodi Hospital for easy access to medical service with quality, reasonable prices and less queue time

– Anywhere Anytime Connection: With ViMUT’s application for telemedicine, delivery of medicines and medical supplies delivery service, digital healthcare system development to support preventive healthcare, future plan on Virtual Hospital development, monitoring bedridden patients at home and alert when they are in case of emergency, blood draw service without going to hospitals and cooperation with partners to level up convenient healthcare service access through digital technologies

Digital platform “clickzy.com” as E-commerce for home and health lovers

Mr. Boonthai Kaewchote, Chief Executive Officer of Synergy Growth Company Limited, Pruksa’s new subsidiary, said that the company was established as a digital platform developer aiming to deliver “Live well Stay well” and level up convenient lifestyles by providing online one-stop-service and connecting all aspects of living like residence, interior designs, healthcare, etc.

Clickzy.com is officially launched as a new e-marketplace platform with the campaign “Happiness at Your Fingertips”, for online retailers of stores, home supplies, home maintenance, healthcare, beauty and e-voucher hub. Clickzy.com is considered a Hyperlocal Marketplace where its feature is to find and collect the products and services near the customers, then send data to notify the stores for prompt response and fast delivery by motorbike to avoid the customers waiting too long. This platform is also one of the channels to help local community stores boosting their incomes.

Moreover, Synergy Growth is also the digital platform developer for Pruksa’s businesses, such as MYHAUS application, Smart home system innovation which is a platform to control smart home and manage common area use connecting Pruksa’s customers to all service, ViMUT application to provide a full healthcare service from ViMUT Hospital and Zdecor to provide a one-stop-service of interior design in affordable price, time safe and ready to move in.

“Lastly, for the company to grow sustainably together with the society and environment, Pruksa aims to reach 1 hundred billion in assets within 2028. We also determine to be a leader to reduce 30% greenhouse gas emission within 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality within 2050, which is Thai and international resolutions. Moreover, we use the affiliated businesses’ strength, endless development working concept, innovations to constantly support and improve our operations and plans to invest in new businesses with growth potential to follow mega trends. We strongly believe that Pruksa will reach the goal to deliver our “Live well Stay well” living concept”, concluded Mr. Uten.

For the video story of “Live Well Stay Well” from Pruksa , please visit https://www.youtube.com/user/PruksaFamilyClub #พฤกษาอยู่ดีมีสุข #PruksaLiveWellStayWell

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