“Emotion of touching the real PARK 24, huge condo project with green park of 10 acres in the middle of THE EM DISTRICT” BY CONDO MAN

Condoman 06 November, 2017 at 22.40 pm

First of all, this condominium the one that I’m waiting to see in real life. Because I really like gardens and lots of trees (like most of Thai men of age 35++ ) And another reason is I want to see if there’s any changes after the takeover by Origin Property.


So I went to the grand opening even there wasn’t any invitation. Not because of free coffee and premium snacks from Kuppadeli which is the first flagship store at the front of the event. But I really want to see how this condo which have strange shape of the building in the middle of a big park in The EM District will looks like………. So, I really like it, the 1st impression was absolutely great which is very important for sale or for rent in the next step.!!!


The first impression when entered the project is a lot of green which gives a clear oxygen to your lung. And among all the green, there is a 200 meters building with a slim towering as a background.

I can clearly confessed that I was felling really pity for the room that was sold 3 years ago. TT

Walk through the condo and you’ll see a big lobby, 3 lobbies that connected to each other both outdoor and indoor. And if you get to the 3rd building you’ll see a big garden at the side of Sukhumvit soi 22 through the lobby and get an absolutely awesome feeling that you can’t wait to go out and chill by the outdoor chairs (If the air in Thailand like Hongkong, the mother of capital group that took over the whole tower to building  ASCOTT Serviced Residence, would be absolutely awesome).

I was sitting outside until I was satisfied, watching the view through the huge window, drinking coffee and eat a lot of bakery (I came here for this, hahaha). Then took the elevator up to the pool at 50th floor at the 2nd building.


The elevator hall is beautiful by double volume with a high clear window, absolutely great. Inside the elevator is decorate by beautiful metals and it has a touchscreen TV that you can watch video and also a lot of information news. So good! The elevator is working really fast, it takes only few breaths from ground floor to the top floor.

The first second I walked out from the elevator, is was one of my best condominium viewing experience of my life. It was sooo! beautiful, 40 meters of the pool with whirlpool, sculpture at the middle of the pool and 360 degree skyline view of Bangkok, Especially the view of Bang Krachao flood curve, I think that was the best view I can get here.

If you want to see it as a video, please click here :  https://youtu.be/bx1K_VPSm7k

Today is very windy, it’s a little bit cold that I think how cold it would be in the water if I swim in the pool. I was sitting at the sofa watching the flood curve view for a while and then go to the first floor to see the fitness center. Oh! The first thing I saw was a boxing stadium (to start boxing, hahaha. Don’t misunderstand me).

Beside the boxing stadium, there is a fixed ladder as an upside down “U” to practice the pull-up among the view of the big city, I like it. Right! There is a lounge for chilling or working with a beautiful view at this floor too.


I’ve seen the facility of the  3rd building too, the view of the lake at Benjakitti Park is quit beautiful.


Time to see the room

The hall was white and clean, the doors was maid by beautiful painted wood. Inside the room was decorate with 2 beds, very cozy. And for the 1 bedroom, I think it will fit very good to the worker. The bathroom was clearly separated dry and wet zone which is an unique concept for those who loves this style, I like it (but for those who doesn’t like, that’s various opinions).

One thing to admire the staffs is that they gave a little tap at the dryzone, added after the first deal. More convenient.


**Except the finished sample room. I’ve got the chance to see my friend’s room that he bough (on the day he checked the room), which were the real room that was really to transfer to the owner. It was a really good job. From all my experience, this was one of best quality I’ve seen. **


About FIN that decorate the building


The distinctive point here except beautiful pool, big garden, good location. It is the big FIN that maid this tower looks really pretty, added the dimension to the basic concrete being like the art. Someone would like it and someone would not (my opinion : it’s quit beautiful, not a big WoW because it wasn’t like the model of the tower which were absolutely magnificent. It might be the fact that the developer were changing the FIN to be a little bit minimal)

The view from the room. It wasn’t that uncomfortable as many was feeling. But I really like the FIN that decorate the building. It looks like something more than a building and the space between the bars are wide enough to look out for some beautiful views.


Lets summaries this.


The condo maid a really good job. The one who hold the first phase, please transfer it, It really worth doing that. I can tell you that the EDGE-Sukhumvit 23, which launched at the same time, have the selling price at 210K per square meter already. Here is 130-19K and have some discount from fair value, even someone would think that there’re a lot of units that the price would not rise anymore.


For the price of Park 24 that is on sale. The price range is around 250,000 per square  meter. When comparing today’s price of other condominium on the area with Park 24, which is located in the best living area of Prompong with a concept of almost 10 acres green area at Sukhumvit 24. Furthermore, here is fully facilities with Cloud Pool, 40 meter sky pool at 50th floor, Boxing Gym on Active Fitness area of almost 800 square meters with a skyline view and have a good fitness standard that you can’t get it anywhere else.

The most positive factor here is that was added here is the Origin have got the land of almost 3 acres at the opposite to the project with a rental deal of 3+30 years. They are preparing to build 2 towers of Mixed use project and will include 80rooms hotel, 305rooms serviced apartment, 3,920 square meters office area and 3,400 square meters of Retail area to make it more conveniently in this area. This project will be complete tn the second quarter of 2021.


A picture is worth a thousand wordsLets see the real project and get back to discuss about how you feel. But for me, Goddddddddd.


Park 24 condo, ready to move in at the middle of Sukhumvit 24 with a green garden of almost 10 acres and only 500 meters away from EM District.

  • Release your mind. Cloud Pool, 40 meters swimming pool on 50th floor.
  • Boxing GYM at Active Floor. Fitness Center with Skyline view of 800 sq.m.
  • Convenient by shopping centers and top restaurants.
  • Comfortable access by both Sukhumvit 22 and 24.

Register and get ability of free living for the whole year with a discount of max 100,000:-   https://goo.gl/fUsu7G


Starting price only 5.9 millions*

Tel. 02-258-3333

By Origin Property



Picture are taken from the real place, real atmosphere.

Promotion conditions are determined by the Company.




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