‘Central Pattana’, reaffirms its position as No. 1 Thai real estate developer, by receiving 3 awards for being The Innovative and Attractive Employer at the Future Trends Ahead & Awards 2024 event

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– Leading the development strategy of the future business model towards “The Ecosystem for All”, encompassing retail businesses, residences, office buildings, and hotels nationwide

– Ensuring the outstanding performance of Central shopping centers as trendsetters by integrating new innovations, thus securing the award for ‘The Most Innovative’ in the Shopping Centre

– Reinforcing organizational success through feedback from two groups: recent graduates under 30 years old and working-age groups over 30 years old, leading to “The Most Attractive Employer” Awards for both First Jobber (under 30 years old) and Non-First Jobber (over 30 years old) categories

Central Pattana plc, reaffirms its position as the leading real estate developer for Thailand’s sustainable future and the management of Central shopping centers nationwide under the vision of ‘Imagining better futures for all’. Most recently, the company secured the award for “The Most Innovative” in the Shopping Centre category, recognizing its pioneering and innovative initiatives in developing outstanding shopping centers. Additionally, Central Development received The Most Attractive Employer Awards (First Jobber) and The Most Attractive Employer Awards (Non-First Jobber) categories, acknowledging the organization as the most desirable workplace for recent graduates and working-age groups over 30 years old. Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Chief Marketing Officer and Mr. Akarin Phureesitr, Chief People Officer of Central Pattana Public Company Limited, represented the company in receiving the awards at the Future Trends Ahead & Awards 2024 event.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Chief Marketing Officer of Central Pattana Plc., stated, “As a strong real estate developer, Central Pattana is dedicated brand that has cultivated Brand Love in the hearts of Thais for 44 years. We play a crucial role as a Place & Experience Maker, developing spaces for the future that constantly break new ground and foster creativity. This is reflected through the continuous development and elevation of new experiences in our projects. We relentlessly strive to fulfill the needs and enhance the quality of life for the Thai people, leveraging the strengths of our nationwide shopping centre development. We evolve towards the future business model of ‘The Ecosystem for All,’ connecting our core shopping centre business to various other ventures, including residential projects, hotels, and office buildings. This holistic approach aims to cater to people’s lifestyles in a 360-degree manner, connecting customers, partners, and society seamlessly.”


“Additionally, we enrich the ecosystem with new assets, most recently through investments in Digital Transformation, focusing on the Data Centre business. Beyond being a Place Maker, we believe in developing people, promoting local wealth distribution, and enhancing the overall quality of life on a larger scale. We are committed to creating a NET Zero 2050 roadmap for communities and the environment, making us a strong and sustainable ecosystem for everyone,” said Dr. Nattakit.

Leading with Global Experience at Central shopping centers nationwide


This achievement reinforces Central Pattana’s success as a leading innovator in developing Central Landmark, a beloved destination for consumers across the country. Examples of highlighted events include the centralwOrld Bangkok Countdown 2023 – Times Square of Asia at centralwOrld; a celebration that elevated Thai pride through the Thailand’s Pride Celebration 2023 “Pride For All” event, marking landmarks at both centralwOrld and various Central shopping centers nationwide. Moreover, Central Pattana has taken the lead in introducing world-class attractions from America, Europe, and Asia to create memorable experiences for people throughout Thailand. Most recently, they orchestrated the grandest event in Asia by bringing the “Pikachu Dance” show directly from Japan, designed by world-class event designers, bringing smiles and happiness to Thai people at Central shopping centers nationwide.


Furthermore, they have strengthened their shopping centers’ capabilities by expanding into various business segments, gaining widespread recognition. The centralwOrld Offices building, a leader in energy and environmentally friendly design with Green Building certification, stands as an example. Central Pattana has also been acknowledged as a Climate Action Leading Organization (CALO) at the GOLD level, aligning with their vision of creating and developing spaces to enhance the quality of life, people, communities, and the environment.

Mr. Akarin Phureesitr, Chief People Officer of Central Pattana Plc., stated, “This award reflects the confidence of external stakeholders in the organization and the positive outcomes of fostering a strong organizational culture. It instills in every employee, at every level, the commitment to align and work towards shared goals and ambitions, in line with the organization’s aspiration to lead in the regional real estate business, aiming to create a sustainable and brighter future for everyone, under the organization’s four core values: Positivity, Dynamism, Customer Champions, and Community at Heart. These values will transform behaviors towards a better future (Imagining better futures for all) sustainably and collaboratively.”

Revealing 3 Key highlights that attract employees to want to join Central Pattana

The factors that have made Central Development the most desirable organization to work for can be summarized in 3 main points:

1. Business Diversity Beyond Shopping Centers: Central Development serves as a Place Maker, developing spaces beyond shopping centers, including community malls, residential areas, office buildings, and hotels nationwide, all of which have experienced growth and success. Therefore, it is an organization that can create opportunities for talented employees and those interested in growth.

2. Team-centric Working Environment: Central Development emphasizes teamwork and collaboration in its work environment, fostering a strong sense of teamwork.

3. Purpose-Driven Organization: Central Development’s purpose goes beyond just generating profit. Through the concept of “Imagining Better Futures for All,” it aims to create value for communities, societies, and the nation.


For more information, please visit: Central Pattana Facebook Fanpage

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