Central Pattana sets to launch ‘Marché Thonglor’, the biggest fully-integrated mixed-use lifestyle destination in the heart of Thonglor, worth over 2 billion baht, complete with ‘Curated Day & Night Experiences’

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– Leveraging the retail-led mixed-use development strategy driven by Central Pattana’s expertise to elevate the complete neighbourhood mixed-use development. The project will be fully ready for service in March 2023.

– Located in a winning location only 500 meters from BTS Thonglor station and surrounded by upscale residential projects and the hub of modern workplaces, primed to attract huge traffic in a catchment area that covers more than 1 million people from Middle Sukhumvit and nearby areas.

– Thonglor is unique and multi-lifestyle district serving people with high purchasing power. Marché Thonglor aims to attract young people working for tech companies and start-ups, people who love to party and hang out, families and expats.

– Setting to be a ‘Curated Food & Hangout Destination’, the new project brings together more than 50 restaurants, including popular restaurants, drinking establishments and the best sky bar in Thonglor.

– The project’s biggest parking area in Thonglor can accommodate up to 425 cars and provides round-the-clock service. Customers have access to Central Food Hall and leading beauty & wellness stores and can enjoy shopping retreats in a relaxing atmosphere complemented by the vertical oasis design and pet-friendly space.

Central Pattana Plc., Thailand’s No.1 company in sustainable real estate development and developer of Central shopping centers, residential projects, office buildings and hotels across Thailand with the retail-led mixed-use development approach, announces its new project, Marché Thonglor, the new mixed-use lifestyle destination, worth more than 2 billion baht spans 60,000 sq.m. (GFA).  The project is a joint venture of Central Pattana, which developed community mall, and Univentures, which developed office building.  As the largest, fully-integrated mixed-use project in Thonglor, Marché Thonglor will be the new landmark of the neighborhood, under the ‘Here You Can Be’ concept that encourages you to be whatever you want to be.  Marché Thonglor offers ‘Curated Day & Night Experiences’, being the destination for people of all lifestyles and generations and targeting groups with unique lifestyle needs and high purchasing power in a catchment area that covers more than 1 million people from Middle Sukhumvit, Nana, Asoke, Promphong, Ekamai, Thonglor as well as New Petchburi Road, Rama 4 Road, Onnut, Klongtun. The project will be fully ready for service in March 2023.

Mr. Wuttikiat Techamongklapiwat, Head of Community Mall Business at Central Pattana plc, said: “Retail-led mixed-use development is Central Pattana’s expertise and our projects have retail space at the heart to connect all elements in the mixed-use precincts.  Central Pattana’s projects attract people and are seen as living hubs that promote businesses and trade within the neighborhoods in which our projects are located.”


Wuttikiat added: “Central Pattana develops ‘Marché Thonglor’ to be the first complete mixed-use project in the district.  In this project, we develop and manage the community mall part which will be an extension of the project that connects Bangkok’s CBD more extensively.  We aim to adjust our strategy and build on the ‘Center of Life’ concept with a new project that can better respond to people’s needs.  The stores and restaurants at the new project will be more diverse and elevate the lifestyles and living options of people in the Thonglor neighborhood. Our strategy comprises three important points:


1. The Most Prime Location of Thonglor: Thonglor has high growth potential and Marché Thonglor is located in the upper area of Thonglor only 500 meters from the BTS Thonglor station.

– Located in the most upscale area of Thonglor, which has 10 five-star hotels with more than 2,700 keys and luxury condominiums priced at 290,000 baht/m2; primed to accommodate tourists and people with high purchasing power.

– Hub of Modern Workplaces: Thonglor is thriving thanks to the increase in office buildings that are scattered across the neighborhood. Marché Thonglor’s office building has 13,700 m2 of floor area, which will help increase the total floor area of the neighborhood’s office buildings to 263,600 m2.


2. The Affluent & Multifaceted District: Thonglor has always been known as high-end lifestyle and thriving neighborhood that responds to all lifestyle needs and brings together different groups of people.

– The catchment area covers around 1 million people from Middle Sukhumvit, Nana, Asoke, Promphong, Ekamai, Thonglor as well as New Petchburi Road, Rama 4 Road, Onnut, Klongtun.

– Unique & multi-lifestyle people in Thonglor has high purchasing power and want to enjoy new experiences that cater to their needs around the clock. These urbanites, who enjoy flexible living styles, are young people working for tech companies and start-ups, people who love to party and hang out, families and expats.


3. The Neighbourhood Mixed-Use Development: Thonglor is a high-potential area that still lacks a landmark-level project and Marché Thonglor will be a complete destination that offers more intimacy for people in the The new project will enable Thonglor to better respond to customers with diverse needs and will be more than a hangout spot as it can respond to the needs of people all day and all night. Some of the highlights of Marché Thonglor’s community mall include:


3.1 Curated Food & Hangout Destination: Marché Thonglor will increase the diversity of the neighborhood’s restaurants and drinking establishments by bringing together more than 50 options – high-end dining, premium Japanese restaurants with omakase style, unique restaurants, new hangout destinations and drinking spots, and various styles of sky bars.

3.2 24-hour parking space: with three levels of underground parking, the project can accommodate up to 425 cars, with the largest sparking space in Thonglor.

3.3  Vertical Oasis & Pet-Friendly: Marché Thonglor has 2,300 m2 of green space seamlessly connecting outdoor and indoor areas and most of the green space is vertical garden. There are also spaces to accommodate the daily activities of urbanites and space to walk pets.”

The Marché Thonglor project comprises the Podium and Tower areas. The Podium area is a five-story community mall with 13,600 m2 of floor area in total.  The community mall has restaurants that serve customers from morning to night, providing convenience for people of all lifestyles.  With a wide range of dining, shopping, entertainment and after-work hangout options, Marché Thonglor will be the best destination for people of all generations.

– G Floor: Central Food Hall, Asia’s best food store, offers the best selection of consumer goods from local sources and overseas.

– M Floor: hub of Grab&Go stores that brings together a variety of tasty choices and popular restaurants.

– 2nd Floor: hub of famous restaurants with a comprehensive range of cuisine options.

– 3rd Floor: Lifestyle & Fashion hub that offers the biggest variety in Thonglor.

– 4th Floor: Beauty Clinic & Wellness hub offering a comprehensive range of beauty and wellness services.

– 5th Floor: The Hangout Destination, which brings together popular restaurants and bars for people of all lifestyles to enjoy after work.

The Tower area is a 12-story office building under the concept of ‘Flexible Hours’, which is open 24 hours a day to accommodate the lifestyles and flexible working hours of people in modern companies.

Central Pattana is committed to creating a sustainable ecosystem with a five-year investment plan worth 120 billion baht and a focus on retail-led mixed-use development to reinforce the strength in its core businesses, which are 50 shopping centers in Thailand and abroad, 17 community malls, over 70 residential projects, 13 office buildings and 37 hotels. The company is driven by the brand purpose of “Imagining Better Futures for All” by creating and developing quality places for people, community and environment while supporting the development of the economy and country.

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