“Sansiri” joins force with “Tokyu Corporation” and “Samitivej Hospital”

เกริก บุณยโยธิน 25 October, 2018 at 19.16 pm


to announce the 1st strategic partnership to develop Wellness Residence in Thailand Introducing new condominium concept that creates enriching lifestyle and community to promote holistic health and encourage residents to starts wellness journey today!


Sansiri, Tokyu Corporation and Samitivej Hospital join force to announce their first strategic partnership for the development of “Wellness Residence”, Thailand’s first residential project with lifestyle partner line up created based on insightful study to capture health-conscious consumers aiming to be certified by WELL Certification to ensure world-class building standard enhance resident health and wellness in all perspectives ideal for people of all ages. The new condominium worth over Baht 2,400 million is located at Krungthep Kreetha area, encompassing a living community and lifestyle activities offered by leading partnering providers to encourage residents to start a journey to healthy body and mind today, in light of the growing wellness trend in Thailand and all over the world.

Mr. Piti Jarukamjorn Deputy Executive Vice President -Condominium Project Development and Strategic Project Management Sansiri Plc, revealed that “Today more and more people tend to spend a majority of their lifetime at home and are ready to pay for a healthier lifestyle, from the home they live to health-promoting activities and a better quality of life. Living in a home purposefully built to promote healthy and well living is desirable for people of all ages. According to Global Wellness Institute (GWI)’s Build Well to Live Well 2018 Research Report, the market value of wellness real estate is a $134 billion (or approximately Baht 4.4 million million) global industry in 2017 and has grown by 6.4% annually since 2015, far beyond the average growth of global construction industry of 1.5% .Wellness lifestyle real estate development are achieving home sales price premiums averaging 10-25%.Today, there are totally 740 wellness lifestyle real estate and community projects across the world.”

“Sansiri’s new residential segment “Wellness Residence” project is developed based on the new living concept first introduced in Thailand. The project leverages insightful consumer study and our expertise in aesthetic living space design to achieve ‘Style Living’ purpose by encompassing human-centric design thinking process in every project we develop. We join hands with Tokyu Corporation, a skillful developer from Japan with outstanding well-living

solutions, and Samitivej Hospital, a leading international hospital with elevated healthcare solutions, to develop a condominium project that sets the new bar of wellness lifestyle real


estate in Thailand and beyond. This is Thailand’s first residential project that puts people’s health at the center of the development of resident living and neighborhoods in the holistic point of view, which comprises body, mind, soul, environment and like-minded community. All these are achieved through the well-thought-out conception, design, selection of  non-hazardous materials and ergonomic movable furniture and other elements, while adapting each partner’s expertise and shared contribution to achieve impressive aesthetic design outcomes throughout the residence,” added Piti.


The project is jointly developed by Sansiri, Tokyu Corporation and Saha Tokyu Corporation Company Limited with shareholding proportion of 70:29:1 respectively, while Samitivej Hospital takes strategic partner role for all health-related services to serve the demands of target buyers who are ‘Well-Cared’ that focus on finding residential project which allow them to make their own choices and keep their own healthy long life, also being able to connect people with the same like-minded interest.


Mr. Shinji Suyama, General Manager and Representative in Bangkok of Tokyu Corporation Co.,Ltd (Japan) said that “Our goal is to create “Beautiful Living Environment” that involves the creation of warm and welcoming places where people can comfortably live over the course of their lives.  One of our key success factors are the synergy of our ‘One Tokyu’ with holistically know-how and expertise contributed from our various related businesses. Tokyu Corporation has also expertise of residential development which pursue the high quality living environment, functionality and utility and those know-how is enhanced by Architecture specialists in Tokyu Group.In this project, we bring our expertise and ergonomic know-how in space design from our long-term study and experience in developing wellness residential projects to raise the living standard and benefit people who live in the project.”


Dr. Surangkana Techapaitoon, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Samitivej and BNH Group of Hospitals said that “According to Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), the health expenses of the country during the next 15 years per the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)’s measurements will rise to about Baht 480 billion to Baht 630 billion. Recent research shows that genetics may account for just 20% of our health outcomes, while the rest is determined by external and environmental factors.Our homes, communities, and surrounding environment directly affect our daily motivations, behaviors and lifestyle, and these factors determine 80% of our health outcomes. As a leading provider of healthcare in Thailand, Samitivej strongly advocate preventive care by leveraging our


innovation to enable our clients to acknowledge, protect, and planning for good quality of life in holistic way. advanced healthcare technology like Precision Medicine can help effectively tailor preventive measures and medical treatments by the use of individual genetic information to predict risk factors for developing disease in all stages of life, even in fetal life or early childhood. We don’t want anybody to get sick, which saves people from suffering and healthcare expenses, and helps reduce Thailand’s total expenditure on health per capita which has increased every year. Health improvement of citizens can positively effects the country’s GDP and economic growth. This is a way forward to build an organization of value.”


“Therefore, consumers are beginning to recognize this connection and demand housing project that put human health and wellbeing as our top priority to supporting behavioral change and healthier lifestyles.We foresee a huge opportunity for high standard wellness lifestyle residence which will be widely embraced by increasing consumers in Thailand. At the same time, becoming a strategic partnership with Sansiri and Tokyu Corporation will also strengthen and expanding our source of income apart from our expansion in pure healthcare service,” added Dr.Surangkana.


Wellness Residence is a 4-building condominium worth Baht 2,400 million, is slated to create health-promoting lifestyles and wellness community, leading to a state of holistic health. The project is located on a 7-rai area in Krungthep Kreetha, the perfect location for living with a peace of mind atmosphere and at close proximity to a range of amenities. The project completes holistic living of residents in every aspect of life – body, mind, soul, environment and social, with 4 following unique propositions:


Mind, Soul and Like-minded community

– The first ever wellness lifestyle condominium to provide lifestyle activities by leading brands – the project will involve partners from various leading lifestyle brands, local and international, to encourage residents to start their wellness journey today with a range of activities to enhance body, mind & soul, like-minded community and wealth.


– The first-ever residential building in Thailand to highlight Aesthetical Universal Design with the combination of space planning and ergonomic design, for the future

and ergonomic function both in unit and facilities area with proven expertise from Sansiri and Tokyu Corporation.


– Thailand’s first residence with most advanced seamless health solution via Tele-Health technology and Plus+ Service  As a healthcare partner, Samitivej Hospital will provide innovations that enable residents in the project to acknowledge, protect, and planning for good quality of life in a holistic way. Residents will be encouraged to involve in health promotion initiatives, health support and consult environment, physical service and mental support through both direct and online channels. Health solution services for residents, with focus on preventive and predictive health consultancy, include health check-up program before move-in, health promotion and health detection and planning program such as gene testing, precision medicine method. The project will also offer tele-health solution to give residents access to prompt medical consultant through medical technology. In addition, Sansiri will introduce Plus + Services, the first holistic concept of property management services in Thailand to be trained by Samitivej Hospital to be readily available to furnish tenants with health-related knowledge and on stand-by for emergencies through facilitating space and activities.



– The new chapter of new-concept residential project in Thailand for health-concious people to be certified by “WELL Certification” by International WELL Building Institute™ which has become the new norm for the project that aim to provide a model for design and construction to integrate human health features in the built environment through its strict 11 criteria including air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, material, mind, and community and innovation. WELL is the first certification to guarantee the performance-based system from the measurement of the impact from built environment on human health that currently guarantee the standard of many world-class properties around the world.


“We hope that Wellness Residence project will stand for our new strategic move to meet the demand of health-conscious individuals who aspire for holistic wellness and deliver a new living experience that inspires residents to adopt a healthy lifestyle today,” concluded Piti.

เกริก บุณยโยธิน

เกริก บุณยโยธิน

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