Distinctively!!! The Magnificent Pool at IDEO O2

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After some details about Ideo O2 were last week put in this link–Here comes Ideo O2 and Q Chidlom!, it seems Ideo O2 is hotter than expected as there were so many readers asking about it. Most of them wanted to see how immense water park and bike lane would be at the project with unit prices starting lower than 100,000 baht per sq.m. The most updated information is already here with perspective of some parts of common area.

Sales office is being constructed and will be opened by October. It is an area in front of Building A on Sanphawut Road. The sales office will have 2 floors and will be turned to be a shop which will be a part of the project in the future. (Finally, Ideo O2 will have 4 buildings including this 2-storey building)..In the picture below, on the left hand side is Sanphawut Road. Going straight is Bang Na Intersection.


The sales office’s position in the master plan is zoomed in below. Building A will focus on shop area with 9 shops (but the regular shop like Max Valu will require many shops



Let’s take a look at the project’s detail.

Project area approximately (unofficially)                                 14-3-18.69 rai
No. of building                                                                                               3
Total no. of unit                                                                                     1,569
No. of residential unit                                                                            1,559
No. of shop unit                                                                                          10
Building A                                                                      34 floors / 419 units
Building B                                                                      34 floors / 579 units
Building C                                                                      33 floors / 561 units
Building D                                                                                            4 shops
No. of parking space                                                                          700 cars
No. of passenger lift                                                                                        8
No. of fireman lift                                                                                            3


Let’s take a closer look at the buildings. Roughly, all 3 buildings look the same. Building A close to Sanphawut Road seems to be more isolated than the others with no pocket gardens on the floors and be located farthest from the skytrain. But it has the least number of unit. Building B and C look like the Siamese Twin with a connection at ground level to 6th floor. Their distinctive point is a seamless function of facilities fully equipped with a gigantic water park, green area, fitness, bike lane and jogging track.

02 Ideo O2 Architect Section_Low-Res

The master plan is very very long. From Building A to Building C, the distance is almost 1 kilometer. But that’s ok as there is so much oxygen that you will not get tired when walking!!! It’s not that. The project will provide 2 golf cars running in the project for a shuttle service. And if anyone wants to go to the skytrain, the project will have another 2 shuttle vans to serve them.


Besides 9 shops, there will be fitness and swimming pool with a specific name, The Aerial Lagoon, at Building A.


Anyone who prefers common area view with a nice water park needs to choose lower floors either on the east side of Building C or the south unit of Building B.

WPN_B_C 1st

What does the view look like? Oh My Goodness…….Is this in Bangkok? ………….The concept of the water park is named very magnificent, The Oxy Cascade and The Ozone Creek.

06-Ideo O2 Pool from Above_Low-Res

Fitness on the ground level at Building B and C where you can run and take a look at the swimming pool.

09-Ideo O2 Fitness_Low-Res

The area connected with Building C on the south of the project will be another highlight. It will be a bike lane certified by Peppermint Bike Park. There will be also a walking lane along the canal to Sukhumvit Road to get BTS Bangna Station very conveniently.



For anyone interested, Ananda will launch only Building C both in AMC event on Aug 8, 2015 and Ananda Urban Pulse on Aug 12-16, 2015. To choose easily, please see only Building C’s plan.


On floor 2 – 5, there will be both residential units with 12 units and parking spaces (parking space will start from floor 1). One type only is one-bedroom unit sized 32.8 – 34 sq.m. The area between Building B and Building C will get connected (Not sure whether Building C will be separately launched for sales)


Floor 6 is the best if you want to get a full view of common area. In particular, C6-06, C6-07 and C6-08 unit will get an additional area of terrace with a private garden. Unit C6-06 will be likely the only largest unit of the project (maybe) sized as large as 102.2 sq.m.

WPN_B_C 6th

Typical floor plan will be on floor 8 – 10, 12 – 16, 18 – 20, 22 – 27, 29 – 30 with a total of 21 units per floor. Most of them will be sized 26 sq.m. Unit type with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms sized 53 sq.m. will be at the corner of the building close to Building B.

WPN_C 8-30FL

The special floors will have a pocket garden at a void in front of the lift lobby. They will include floor 11, 17, 21, 28 and 31.

WPN_C 11,17,21,28FL green WPN_C 31FL

On floor 32 – 33, there will be only 9 units each. The west side will get more beautiful view.



Now end with the room layout which will start from 26.2 sq.m., the main mode of Ideo O2. This unit size will have a separate kitchen but terrace area will be smaller

unit A1 NO DIM

1 bedroom sized 32.4 sq.m. will get a separate kitchen where a dining area will include. This should be a sky kitchen to widen living area.

unit B2 NO DIM

1 bedroom sized 32.4 sq.m. yet focuses on bedroom which is very large linking bathroom and kitchen will be put in front of the door (other developer will call this area a sky living). I prefer this unit as I don’t like cooking in the condo. It will be much better if wardrobe is larger as there’s space enough.

unit B1 NO DIM

2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom sized 46.2 sq.m. will have a wider terrace and a sliding door at the kitchen will be provided.

unit C1 NO DIM

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms sized 53 sq.m. has a perfect plan with a width highlighting at living area and terrace area. But it’s a pity that the terrace has one, not double window, otherwise there will be an additional area. Sliding door at the kitchen is provided (like this time Ananda tries to offer as much as possible, selling with a fully-furnished type.) But why is wardrobe quite small here again?

unit D1 NO DIM

Anyone interested can ask for more information from sales staff. Unit price starts at 2.2 million baht or 85,000 baht per sq.m. If it is this price, it will be a very attractive choice for health lover who wants to take a deep breath of oxygen everyday. At this project, lower zones will be likely more popular than higher zones. Will units on floor 6 remain available for general customers? Let’s take a look at Ideo O2.


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