PROPSTAT EXCLUSIVE: Analysis of the potential location Ramkhamhaeng – Mistine

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During the past 20 years, it can be said that the development of road, expressway and metro transport networks has had a positive impact on the development of many property projects, Bangkok, an area where in the past many areas may have been seen as a desolate area, far away from the city, are subject to major changes. With the low road and several expressways that are emerging. So many people may be unconvinced that within the next few years, the road ahead itself will have a new route through the Metro or their own home from 20-30 years ago, there will be a train station. With the construction and the new road ahead, the growth of Bangkok’s neighborhoods is not limited to the downtown area. But the opening of the extension of the rail link to all corners of the city has contributed to the change in the past suburbs in a much more positive direction, but clearly visible and beneficial. With most residents, the land prices continue to increase, as the progress of construction and the gradual integration of facilities, to support the expanded dint.

When new transport routes are a catalyst for the development of real estate projects in that area, it will result in new urban sprawl all around Bangkok. The results we saw were that, Ratchapruek district became a new city of Bangkok West, Bangna district became a business gateway to the east, Rangsit district became a hub for travel to the north-east, and Ramkhamhaeng area. It is a large flat with a developer who has been interested in developing all types of housing projects for decades. If you talk about Ramkhamhaeng Road, many people may have imagined the three major areas of Ramkhamhaeng area, which are located at the intersection of Klong Tan intersection and Lam Chalee intersection. at present, the location is very fertile, fully equipped with all kinds of lifestyle that meet the people in the area, despite the Orange Line has not started construction, the Ramkhamhaeng area, this is another district with a large population, as a source of work, educational resources and a hub of transportation both by land and by boat, from northern Bangkok to downtown and east.


The other area is the central Ramkhamhaeng area, from the intersection of Lam Chalee to the intersection with Kanchana Road, which is the most diverse area in terms of car travel. On Ramkhamhaeng Road, as there are other important roads such as Ladprao, Nawamin and Krungthep Kreetha Road, which are directly connected to Ramkhamhaeng Road. This can be a journey into the heart of Bangkok to Thailand’s eastern easily Expressway Rama 9 – Srinakarin, Kan Rd and the Eastern Motorway Bangkok – Chonburi. Also, in the near future, the middle Ramkhamhaeng area, Krungthep Kreetha Road, is also a midway between the two new MRT lines, the yellow line and the orange line at the Lam Chalee station, which is the intersection with the Yellow line as well, if you do not use the car as a main vehicle for travel, you can choose to travel with the Airport Link as well.


The last one is Ramkhamhaeng area, which is from the east side of Kanchanapisek road to Suwintawong road, where most residential projects are located on both sides of the road, Ratpattana Road. (Soi Mistine).

From the Orange Line, to the new road, all the good results to the Ramkhamhaeng – Ratpattana.


The most attractive original location of the Ramkhamhaeng area and the community has continued to grow throughout the past 10 years, it would be inevitable location along Ratpattana Road, or people commonly referred to as “Soi. MISTINE “, (because it is the headquarters of MISTINE, the leading direct cosmetics brand of Betway (Thailand) Co., Ltd.), previously, the area along the route of Soi MISTINE, a variety of housing projects open Continuously. In this area, in the past, it was a large residential area of two major projects, namely Rom Klao and Baan Aur-arthorn, which is the location of both the developer and the buyer. Much, even the alley is not large enough.


But with this Soi connect to other routes easily, because it connects directly with Ramkhamhaeng Road, East Karnchanapisek Ring Road, travel to Srinakarin Road and Rama 9 Road, as well as motorways that can travel to Chonburi and Rayong easily, not far from the ARL train.


travel to people in this area, thus increasing the attractiveness of this location. Especially during this year, the price of land is not too high and there are still housing projects, especially small housing estates.

Metro Orange Line (Cultural Center of Thailand – Minburi), is another route that is expected to affect the change of area along the route quite a lot, because through the traditional community has the potential to expand already, from the area around the cultural center, The Rama 9 Road, Ramkhamhaeng Road, which is a potential area for development of all types of real estate projects.


The details of the Orange MRT line, during the Cultural Center of Thailand – Minburi, will begin construction as the first phase, with the second phase being Taling Chan – Thailand Cultural Center, Minburi has 17 stations, both underground and on the ground, with a total distance of about 21.2 km, with construction expected by 2016. Users also have the possibility that the construction will be completed and open in a year 2020.

There is also a construction project, Srinakarin-Romklao Road, which connects Srinakarin Road, Ramkhamhaeng 24, Romklao Road to the end of the Ladkrabang Road, totaling 12.18 km. Located on the east side of Bangkok, the city has more convenient transportation options. There is also a connection to the Eastern Jubilee Ring Road, making the journey of the residents of this area more convenient, as the project began construction in September. In 2015, Bangkok is accelerating the construction of this road, due to be completed in 2017, with more than 50% progress.

The highlight of the road is probably the 5th, from seven seasons, during which Phase 5 is an elevated elevation to cross Highway 9 (Kanchanapisek Road), at the Thap Chang checkpoint

In addition to the development of rail routes that have contributed to the densely populated former communities, the greater the extent to which other factors have emerged, such as large universities, Large offices, as well as relatively easy travel and housing, cater to people of all levels, as well as large-scale retail projects, to the convenience store to support the daily life of people in the community.


The leading community malls in the area include, The Paseo Mall, Ladkrabang and The Paseo Town, Ramkhamhaeng.

The Paseo Mall Ladkrabang ProjectImage


The Paseo Town Ramkhamhaeng, in the future, there will be an Orange Line, Khlong Ban Mar Station, in front of the project.Image


The community with all these complementary elements, are likely to be more prosperous, as the future of transportation is clearly moving, as is evident from many of the changing communities of residence. New models, higher housing prices, more variations of usage, more home office or shop houses, such as vertical space, the Purple Line on the Purple Line Nonthaburi, Kaset Nawamin Express or area along Ramkhamhaeng Road throughout the route, etc.


The low-end market in this area, said to be very interesting, because over the past 10 years, housing projects have opened and sold dozens of projects, with continued new housing projects. The demand is still constant, according to the survey. Currently, there are 13 – 15 housing projects in the area along Ratpattana Road, and parts of K Road. Each protector is connected, by number of units of a total of about 2,105 housing units, not counting the units of the scheme to sell off dozens of earlier projects.


The proportion of housing types.

Townhomes are the most open format in this area, accounting for 52%, 1,102 units sold, followed by 796 units or 38% of total units. All in all, probably because shopping in this location is still suitable for townhome or low cost housing, and with a location not far from the university. Young starters who choose to buy housing in their preferred location, such as around the campus, make the townhome at an unacceptably high price. The average sales rate of all types of housing is about 70%


Keep an eye on the Home Office – Shop House after supply has begun to gradually enter the market.


The average sales rate of all types of housing.

Although Town Home has the largest sales unit, the average sales rate is 83%. Single houses are even 52% sold, but the units are much larger than the twin houses and home offices. Different types of housing vary in price, to accommodate different purchasing power, and the location of the location corresponds to the selling price as well. Ramkhamhaeng Road or Kanchanapisek ring road could be sold at prices higher than those further away.


The proportion of low-rise units sold at Bt3-5mn per unit is as high as 51%, with more than 84% being townhouses. Home is obvious, because most are open for sale at more than 5 million baht, per unit, up to the total, and other types of layout projects are not very proportion and price level is different according to the format. Framework The home office or shop house in this location may not have a very high sales rate, but believe that in the future it will be a more demanding project, of course, because the day the small organization, including people. The turn to do business on their own has continued to increase. By exploring the area along Rat Phatthana Road from MISTINE Headquarters to the Kanchanapisek Ring Road Exit, there are dozens of projects on both sides of the road, housed in a variety of commercial buildings. Many restaurants, such as South Restaurant, Shabu Restaurant, Mae Sri Ruen, Pub & Restaurant, Car Showroom, Gas Station, Garage, Tents, Used Cars, Home appliance, bank, mini big c, 7eleven, laundry, garage, petrol station, home mart, animal clinic, drugstore, small market, Thai massage shop, TELECARE Clinic, Bangkok Hospital Group, etc. There are also two small markets, namely Lucky Market and Ratpattana Market. It became a commercial building where people parked cars all the way.

In the future, we believe that Ramkhamhaeng – MISTINE, this is one of the most attractive locations in Bangkok, because of the convenience of transportation as well as other facilities. Including large educational institutions.


Now, the Home Office, or Shop House, may not have much of a developer in the area, but in the future, the inner city has grown exponentially, and its land prices are still low and inner city is too high. Unnecessary stores, businesses, or stores need to have a good location, to showcase their products or that. For convenience of communication, it may begin to look for a workplace that suits the size of the organization itself or its strength, because in the future, office space rental, both in the form of a home office office building or having a Home Office in a community area like Ramkhamhaeng – MISTINE to be used for business in the eastern part of Bangkok – Suvarnabhumi, it should start to be more interested, if anyone. You can buy it now, it should be decided because the cost is not too high, but when the Orange Line began to run when the guarantee that the price is higher than the current.

The Eiffel Ramkhamhaeng – MISTINE … The new Compound Home Office and Town Home. Top of the trade.

With both sides of Rat Phatthana Road, there is a beautiful street, a commercial community that blends traditional and modern trade, which benefits the flat community in the Ramkhamhaeng – MISTINE area. And in the future, transportation in this area will be much more convenient with new routes including the Orange Line and Srinakarin-Romklao roads, which will directly affect the project. In manual Kanchanapisek ring road, so it is likely that the price of real estate developers in the region, especially townhomes will have to adjust to higher prices. New markets such as Home Office & Shop House are coming in to replace old-fashioned commercial buildings, with the current high sales of townhome projects, as mentioned above. As a result, Rungrak Real Estate Co., Ltd. (RK Property), a developer of real estate, has extensive experience in project development. The highlight of every project is on the main road, such as 3, Ramkhamhaeng, Srinakarin and Romklao, and the potential of the Ramkhamhaeng area. – MISTINE connects Kanchanapisek ring road, leading to the project The Eiffel MISTINE – Compound Home Office and Town Home, the most complete, top-of-the-line commercial, business district ready to support new generation of business owners, complementary ideas, complementary and creativity to have your own business and to succeed in the future.

The Eiffel Ramkhamhaeng – MISTINE project, inspired by the design of the city of Paris, France, a city of architecture, a variety of ages, the house of choice to be born in the Art Deco era, Art is more tangible, more functional than art, but only appreciate the beauty of the eye.

The design of the project is focused on living space, which is suitable for Thai people’s everyday life, but emphasizes on the most useful form of usage.

Model A: 4-storey home office, 17 sq.wah, usable area of 226 sqm.

Model B: 4 storey home office, 16 sq.wah, usable area 196 sqm.

Model C, D: 3-storey townhome, on area 19.37 sq.wah. Usable area, about 196 sq.m.

Model E: 3-storey home office, on 30 Sq.w. usable area, about 180 sqm.

For Home Office Smart, Total Parking Area, Functional Comprises, Living Room or Showroom, Food and Beverages, 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, cooking area. Food on the 3rd floor, work area, relaxation area and meeting room, every square inch, designed to function properly to fit the actual use.

The roads within the project are surrounded by palm trees, creating an atmosphere of luxury, a serene garden with large covered trees, fresh air, refreshing ozone, the body to relax from fatigue, The canal, which has touched the way of life of the community has long been, safe again with CCTV system entrance and exit, with two entrances, rotate the convenience of commuters All this happening here, The Eiffel Project (Ramkhamhaeng – MISTINE)

For those who are interested, You can register for more information and privileges. or 02-136 7666

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