Saha Group’s KingBridge Tower achieve 50% office occupancy rate ahead of opening in Q4/2024

เกริก บุณยโยธิน 07 May, 2024 at 13.11 pm


– The new iconic landmark office building is the first in Thailand and Asia to receive the highest level of Fitwel Certification at three stars for Multi-Tenant Base Building for health.

– It is expected to energize the Rama III area, transform the city landscape, and support quality growth of neighborhood

KingBridge Tower, a 52-storey iconic landmark office building project worth over six billion baht on a land plot of six rai next to Bhumibol Bridge and Rama III Road, operated by KingBridge Co., Ltd. within Saha Group under the concept of “a new home where everyone “Live Smile Life”, sees progress ahead of schedule with its construction 80 percent completed and an occupancy rate of 50 percent while an official opening is planned for the fourth quarter this year.  Click here to watch the project’s concept:


Since its inception, KingBridge Tower has received great reception and attention for its strategic location in Rama III area, a design focusing on convenience of a modern smart building, and project development based on Circular Economy Models friendly to the environment, society and community to ensure sustainability.

KingBridge Tower is Saha Group’s first skyscraper, celebrating a history of over 80 years for the group. It is intended to be a place where companies within the group as well as their partners in Thailand and elsewhere can interact with each other and create business opportunities together to foster mutual growth under the concept of “The Spirit of Synergy”. Construction has been carried out for over three years, while the official opening is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

Mr. Vichai Kulsomphob, Managing Director of KingBridge Tower Co., Ltd., said, “Ahead of the official opening, we already have tenants for over 50 percent of the space. Some of our high-profile tenants are Thai Secom Security Co., Ltd., Lion Corporation (Thailand) Ltd., Kewpie (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Plc., and Thanulux Plc., which altogether market capitalization totaling hundreds of billions baht, constituting a significant part of the Thai economy. With capable entrepreneurs and companies hosted in the same building, this project will boost the local economy and eventually transform the landscape of the Rama III area, while we have prepared future plans to cater to the growth of the area as well.”


“In addition to economic goals, this project adheres to the concept of ‘The Spirit of Synergy’ which aims for happiness of all employees and tenants to enabling them to create great business opportunities and growth in sustainable growth. This will benefit the country as well,” said Mr. Vichai.


Mr. Pramate Rittipornpasit, Project Director of KingBridge Tower, said, “About 80 percent of the construction is now completed. We expect it to be finished and an official opening will be held in the fourth quarter this year. This is ahead of schedule. We are ready to welcome all tenants and their employees, with the confidence that KingBridge Tower will be their new home that can cater to all lifestyles and needs including work environment, convenience, safety and transportation.”


Mr. Chart Chanvijitr, President of Lion Corporation (Thailand) Ltd., said, “We have been in our office in the Rama III-Sathu Pradit area for more than 55 years and we are ready to transition to a new and larger home. Over 300 employees will move to KingBridge Tower at the end of 2024, which will mark a new milestone for us. We are confident this will elevate the quality of life of our employees and strengthen bonds with our business partners which will lead to growth while being environmentally friendly. In addition, we believe KingBridge Tower will become an iconic landmark that will energize the economy of the Rama III area and cater to tenants and investors, both Thai and international.”


KingBridge Tower is a smart building with a smart dashboard and application for the tenants to connect with its system. For the first time in Thailand, a hologram system is used for elevators servicing the car park.


The overall design of the building takes into consideration of the nearby Bhumibol Bridge, resulting in an architecture that is coherent and relevant to its environment. Attention is also given to both the work conditions of people inside the building and the environment outside. A well-calculated façade system around the building will provide shades from sunlight and lower indoor temperature, allowing people to work comfortably even when they are next to a window and reducing air conditioning needs as well as heat emission.

KingBridge Tower has a high-capacity indoor air filtration system that can filter out over 90 percent of PM2.5 particles and other fine particles, while a UV-C system can remove bacteria and germs. The building will measure up to a number of internationally-accepted standards including WiredScore Platinum (Pre-certified), LEED Gold and the highest level of Fitwel Certification at three stars for Multi-Tenant Base Buildings Design, being the first building in Thailand and Asia to receive such certification. It also receives a status as a Thailand 1st Pilot project for sustainability in CECI (Circular Economy in Construction Industry) model building for energy and environment conservation. Living up to a high stand for both people and the environment, KingBridge Tower will create a space that makes everyone happy and smiles.


In addition to office and retail space of over 40,000 square meters, KingBridge Tower will have a food center hosting a range of carefully selected restaurants on the third floor under the concept “delicious, clean and affordable” where employees can enjoy a meal any time of the day while enjoying a magnificent view of the bridge. There will be a rotation program, allowing different chefs and partners to show their best skills and services, with a focus on taste, cleanliness, hygiene and quality. Other shops and services will also be available.

An EV shuttle bus service between KingBridge Tower and Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre MRT station is provided daily, with the trip taking about 15 minutes. Those who drive can reach various key business areas in Bangkok such as Sathon and Rama IV in just 15 minutes and another additional five minutes to enter Chaloem Maha Nakhon Expressway or Si Rat Expressway. The Wat Dan station of the BRT system is also near.


KingBridge Tower is designed and developed under the concept “The Spirit of Synergy” with an aim to make every part of its space a comfortable place where everyone “Live Smile Life”, guaranteed by the highest level of Fitwel Certification at three stars for Multi-Tenant Base Buildings Design. In addition, it has also won PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards in three categories of Best Office Development, Best Office Interior Design and Best Office Architectural Design, which are given to excellent property developers in the Asia-Pacific region.

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