Central Pattana Residence launches ‘Escent Nakhon Sawan’ condominium, the first tallest landmark in the heart of Nakhon Sawan city, with seamless synergy within the mixed-use project, targeting the upper central region. Incredible feedback – 80% reserved in 5 days – starting price 1.95 million baht.

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– Investing in the secondary city of Nakhon Sawan by expanding the ESCENT brand to create ‘The Ecosystem of Quality Living’, fulfilling all needs of every lifestyle; VVIP reservation and pre-sales have already reached 80%.

– Presenting an outstanding concept of ‘Dragon’, following the beliefs of Nakhon Sawan locals and highlighting four strengths: 1. LIVE HIGH & KEEP YOUR HEART WARM, 2. CONNECT ALL OF YOUR DESTINATIONS, 3. TO INFINITY & BEYOND and 4. PRIVILEGES.

– Delivering a superior experience with smart technology and an eco-friendly design.

Central Pattana plc, global leading real estate developer for sustainability and developer of Central shopping centers, residential projects, office buildings and hotels nationwide  under the vision of ‘Imagining Better Futures For All’, recently launched Escent Nakhon Sawan, a 19-story high-rise condominium within Nakhon Sawan’s first mixed-use project: Central Nakhon Sawan, in the heart of the city, under the development of Central Pattana Residence Co., Ltd. Nakhon Sawan’s first mixed-use project targets a cross-generation population in the upper central region and offers an outstanding concept of ‘Dragon’, following the beliefs of the local people of Nakhon Sawan in addition to four strengths, fulfilling the needs of residents in all aspects. The reservations in VVIP and pre-sales sessions have soared to 80% in five days (data from 2-6 Feb 2024) with starting prices for Escent Nakhon Sawan at 1.95 million baht. It is estimated that the project will close sales by Q2-2024, with a total sales value of 1.1 billion baht.

Mr. Kree Dejchai, President, Residential Business, Central Pattana plc, said: Central Pattana Residence Co., Ltd. has continued to create ‘The Ecosystem of Quality Living’ nationwide and recently launched a new condominium in the secondary city of the upper central region in Nakhon Sawan province called ‘Escent Nakhon Sawan’, a high-rise condominium situated on Phahonyothin Road, adjacent to Central Nakhon Sawan. Escent Nakhon Sawan includes a 19-floor building with 442 condo units of one-bedroom and two-bedroom types in addition to 200 parking slots, a sky common area, atmospheric city views, and is located within a mixed-use project complete with Central Nakhon Sawan, a hotel, hospital and retail space. The project will become a new landmark that fully meets all demands of every lifestyle for Nakhon Sawan residents and people nearby. Reservations of VVIP and pre-sales sessions for Escent Nakhon Sawan soared to 80% in five days.

Escent Nakhon Sawan features outstanding decorative concepts and the architectural design of the project incorporates the sacred ‘Dragon’, from traditional Chinese culture, combining the local culture and beliefs of the people in Nakhon Sawan province, which consists of mainly Thai-Chinese families with high purchasing power. The color theme for the building includes Earth Brown and Earth Green, which are inspired by the two colors of water at the confluence point of the Ping and Nan rivers before entering the Chao Phraya River, which is a major tourist attraction at Pak Nam Pho sub-district. In addition, the location of the condominium is close to amenities such as Sawan Park, Satri Nakhonsawan School and Sri Sawan Hospital.

Highlighting 4 strengths of the first high-rise condominium in the heart of Nakhon Sawan to fulfil all needs for every lifestyle:

1. LIVE HIGH & KEEP YOUR HEART WARM – Nakhon Sawan’s first high-rise 19-story condominium, fulfilling all the needs of every living lifestyle, with room functions that are perfectly designed and proportioned to suit your daily lifestyle.

2. CONNECT ALL OF YOUR DESTINATIONS – The location is at the gateway to the northern region, this is a future prime location surrounded by various amenities; close to shopping venues, hospitals, schools, hotels and main routes that connect to other provinces.

3. TO INFINITY & BEYOND – Rest in style with Nakhon Sawan’s first sky common area that fulfils every need for relaxation. Enjoy atmospheric city views on the 19th floor or relax following your own lifestyle at the sky common area. The sky common area includes Pool Sky, a saltwater swimming pool with stunning views, Garden Yard, a layered garden on the 19th floor, a fitness center for active people, a co-working area that is perfect for working or resting, the lobby for meeting up, relaxing or working and the laundry room, designed to be convenient for all types of laundry, complete with comfortable waiting seats.

4. PRIVILEGES – Enjoy exclusive privileges for Central Pattana residents; enjoy discounts and special services from brands under Central Group.

Escent Nakhon Sawan is equipped with smart technology systems to provide a superior experience such as CCTV & 24-hour security with CCTV that covers the entire project combined with the appointment of a 24-hour security guard service, double gates for increased privacy and enhanced security with double entry-exit gates, VMS or advanced appointment system for outsiders, face scan/facial recognition technology to control the opening and closing of the entrance-exit doors for the building, digital door lock, an automatic door lock system, license plate recognition, where gates open for entry-exit only by vehicles with registered license plates and access cards (floor lock) for increased safety and privacy with the floor lock elevator system.

In addition, Central Pattana focuses on developing residential projects for a better quality of life for all residents by using ‘environmentally-friendly materials’. Central Pattana has joined hands with furniture manufacturer: HOOG and MORE, a developer of alternative materials under PTT Group, to develop exclusive furniture that utilizes ‘Plascoff’, an alternative material derived from coffee chaff. Plascoff is used as a material for tabletops and backrests of the furniture alongside other materials such as rubber wood from non-toxic plantations, which is 100% recyclable. The exclusive furniture is strong, durable and practical with beautiful designs that perfectly suit every residential unit within Escent Nakhon Sawan Condominium.

For more information: Central Pattana and Central Pattana Residence Facebook fan pages.

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