ORIGIN Announces ‘NEXT LEVEL’ Vision, Aiming To Launch 20bn-baht New Projects, New Businesses

เกริก บุณยโยธิน 11 March, 2021 at 16.26 pm

Origin Property Pcl, one of the top property developers in Thailand, announces a new vision “ORIGIN NEXT LEVEL” for its business expansion and new living solutions. Twenty projects worth 20 billion baht will be kicked off this year under the new brands – Origin Plug & Play, Brixton, Hampton, Original – to cover and satisfy various groups of customers such as startups, pet lovers, campus people, investors, affordable niche and silver age. It plans to join hands with several partners including Samitivej Hospital to provide Hospital at Home service, and Sawangkanives to set up Senior Living Lab. In addition, it will diversify into new businesses, starting from Logistics Center, Healthcare and Asset Management. It sets to break its all-time high record of its sales at 29 billion baht this year and targets to generate total revenue of 14 billion baht.

Mr. Peerapong Jaroon-ek, Chief Executive Officer of Origin Property Pcl (ORI), a fully-integrated property developer, says that the sudden and unexpected changes in 2020 forced the company to learn to adapt continuously. It has gained new experiences and different perspective to run the business for the sake of consumers. In 2021, it will utilize all knowledge it had in 2020 together with Disruptor Mindset – a DNA of Origin’s team – to bring the company to another level under the “ORIGIN NEXT LEVEL” concept, which focuses on creating an ecosystem that serves customers in every stage of their lives.

ORIGIN NEXT LEVEL comprises two main ideas, which are 1. Next Level of Business Expansion. To penetrate the new target segmentation, it plans to develop new projects on new locations, launch new brands, set up new businesses and boost new collaboration with partners. It will launch 20 new residential development this year worth 20 billion baht in total. 2. Next Level of Living Solutions. It will offer new function and new services in both housing and condominium projects in order to satisfy residents’ lifestyles in Now Normal to Next Normal Era.

“Today we are not considering ourselves just as a developer. We want to position ourselves as a Beyond Property developer who offers products and services serving every generation in one’s life,” says Mr. Peerapong.

The company strongly believes that ORIGIN NEXT LEVEL will foster the company’s foundation and sustain the growth in the long term. It targets to generate its sales at 29 billion baht in 2021, making it a new high record since its inception, and generate total revenue of 14 billion baht.

Mrs. Supalak Chanpitak, Chief Executive Officer of Britania Co., Ltd., a housing developer under Origin Property Pcl, says it has been a successful new S-Curve subsidiary in terms of product development over the past three years. It has received such a huge trust from customers that it took only one year and a half to close the deals for several housing projects. Moreover, it has launched four new housing brands, which are Belgravia, Grand Britania, Britania and Brighton to cover the market ranging from 2.5 million to 50 million baht.

To be in line with the ORIGIN NEXT LEVEL concept, Britania will launch 11 new projects worth more than 10.4 billion baht, marking it the top of horizontal project developers this year and emphasizing its non-stopping growth since it was established. The market expansion this year focuses on new locations especially in the western Bangkok where the demands are high. It targets to expand the development covering 10 provinces in 2022. At the same time, it decides to change its logo to better reflect its identity and show its fast adaption to the current situation.


Mr.Apisit Soonthronchukiat, Co-CEO of Origin Condominium Co., Ltd., one of a condominium developer under Origin Property Pcl, says a dramatical change of consumer behaviors in the Now Normal and Next Normal period gives it the opportunities to grow in the new ocean this year. Origin group plans to inaugurate nine new condominium projects worth 9.6 billion baht in total. The new development will be along the mass transit routes and in Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). It will also launch four new brands to meet the target customers: 1. Origin Plug & Play, capturing Gen Y and Gen Z particularly startup owners as it will provide facilities to serve this group. 2. Brixton, penetrating the affordable niche market. Each development’s concept will be varied according to the main target groups, for example, students or working people near campus or pet lovers. 3. Hampton, focusing on investors and offering to guarantee a yield to them. This brand will be launched in Sriracha and Rayong this year. 4. Original, capturing a silver-age market.

“During 11 years of Origin’s beautiful journey, we have developed over 110-billion-baht worth condominiums and received good response from customers. We think and respond to the situation fast and improve our products and services all the time. In addition to our existing brands including The Origin, KnightsBridge, SOHO Bangkok and Park Origin, these four new brands will help expand our customer base and better serve their various demands,” says Mr. Apisit.


Mr. Somsakul Sangsuwan, Chief Design Officer of Origin Property Pcl, cites that the idea of Next Level of Living Solutions comes from a good will that wants to produce healthy and good quality of life for residents while creating new functions that suit Now Normal and Aging Society. Therefore, the company has joined hands with many healthcare partners to take care of its residents in all housing projects and condominiums. Samitivej Hospital, for example, becomes its partner to develop virtual hospital and set up Origin Samitivej Club Card to provide the convenience of health checkup services, nutrition consultation, sports science services to residents at home. Meanwhile, it also partners with local hospitals located near each project and spa chain, for example, Synphaet Hospital and Let’s Relax.

In addition, the company has worked together with the Center of Excellence in Universal Design and the Thai Red Cross Society’s Sawangkanives to establish Senior Living Lab to study which kind of environment and facilities are most suitable for the elderly in Thailand to improve their development for this particular target group.

“Although we have a variety of new brands this year, all of them have been through in-depth studies about pain points of each residential, for example, how to design the floor drain for pet-lover projects or what the elderly need in home. We think and study carefully to deliver the best living solutions to everyone,” adds Mr. Somsakul.


Mr. Pitipong Trinurak, Co-CEO of Origin Property Pcl and Chief Executive Officer of One Origin Co., Ltd., a subsidiary focusing on recurring income business, says it will diversify into three new businesses which are 1. Healthcare. This includes beauty business, healthcare centers, online healthcare platform and healthcare technology. 2. Logistic Center. It founded a joint venture with Thailand’s listed JWD InfoLogistics PCL to develop property in logistics industry and will announce their business direction together around the end of April 3. Asset Management Company (AMC). This business will further utilize the company’s knowledge to manage non-performing assets and non-performing loans which are rising during the COVID-19 pandemic. The group’s knowledge and profession including customer services, asset selection, project development, renovation, sales and marketing will provide the opportunity in this new business. It expects to reveal more detail of its business plan and partners soon.

Meanwhile, it will continue the development of commercial property. This year it will develop One Origin Sanampao, the first office building development of its group with total space of 56,100 square meters next to Sanampao BTS Station. This project will serve high demand for office spaces in the northern Bangkok.

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