Central Nakhon Pathom opens on March 30, marking a new chapter of happiness in all aspects and aiming to become the greatest landmark that elevates Nakhon Pathom to be the gateway to the west.

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– The new mixed-use model stretches over an area of 100 rai of land, complete with a shopping center, hotel, condominium, and single-house project. Discover the first ‘Multi-Generation Space’ on 4 rai of land in the heart of the project, designed for families to spend more quality time together.

– A city with high potential, is being proposed as a gateway to the western region, aiming to uplift living standards for residents in Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi, and Kanchanaburi. This initiative supports government projects, generates employment, and promotes income distribution within the community.

– Joining hands with all partners under the Central Group to open a new chapter of shopping happiness with innovative design that reflects the distinctive identity of the province and brings together a complete brand portfolio of more than 500 brands, while inviting local brands to grow their businesses together.

– Presenting the identity of Nakhon Pathom and helping drive the city’s economy through art, music, and food, while collaborating with the community in ‘co-creations’ to enhance Nakhon Pathom with arts and events. The grand opening event on March 30th will feature popular actors Nadech and Yaya joining in the swing dance to help break into the ‘Asia Book of Records’.

Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s No. 1 real estate developer, will open its 42nd shopping center: Central Nakhon Pathom, a new landmark mixed-use project in the heart of Nakhon Pathom – a new lifestyle center that elevates and connects the lifestyles of Nakhon Pathom residents and nearby areas under the concept of a ‘New Chapter of Happiness’. Central Nakhon Pathom is situated on over 100 rai of land with a Gross Building Area (GBA) of 133,000 m2, packed with a shopping center, hotel, Escent condominium, housing project, and a 4-rai area of urban park to meet the needs of all generations. Central Pattana intends to put forward Nakhon Pathom as a ‘gateway to the western region’ – as a city with strong economic and tourism potential to support expansion of the city in a prime location in the heart of the city, adjacent to Phet Kasem Road. Central Pattana is also joining hands with partners under the Central Group, boasting the most complete list of 500 brands, and in the first chapter of creativity, Central Pattana is collaborating with collage artist “Nakrob Moonmanas” in a co-creation of contemporary cut-and-paste art to ensure Central Nakhon Pathom is a new landmark for living – and for this art to be part of the decorative arts for Nakhon Pathom. Central Nakhon Pathom will continuously hold celebration events for 90 consecutive days from the grand opening day on March 30, 2024.

Watch a video clip: Central Nakhon Pathom, a new chapter of happiness at https://youtu.be/DIWqAn3VaNM

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Chief Marketing Officer for Central Pattana plc, said: “Nakhon Pathom has strong economic potential, with its GDP increasing every year, and it is ranked third in the central region. It is a province that supports population expansion from Bangkok, with growing real estate projects as well as several mega-projects. Examples include the SRT Light Red Line, connecting Nakhon Pathom to the heart of Bangkok. There are two motorways: Bang Yai-Kanchanaburi and Chonburi-Saraburi-Nakhon Pathom, along with the Central-Western Economic Corridor. Nakhon Pathom is an economic gateway to the western region, supporting the purchasing power of its residents and expanding into new catchment areas in Ratchaburi and Kanchanaburi. Additionally, Nakhon Pathom is a city of art and culture, boasting interesting cultural tourism attractions as the ‘cradle of civilization,’ enriched with important sites such as Phra Pathom Chedi. The city is known for tourism, welcoming visitors over the weekend from Bangkok and the surrounding provinces, offering a variety of tourist attractions.

Central Nakhon Pathom, located adjacent to Phet Kasem Road, holds high potential for growth. It is close to main tourist attractions such as Phra Pathom Chedi, Sanam Chandra Palace, and leading educational institutions like Silpakorn University. Several real estate projects are also expanding in this area. Therefore, Central Nakhon Pathom will serve as the city center, fulfilling the needs of customers without requiring them to travel to Bangkok. Nakhon Pathom and nearby provinces boast residents with strong purchasing power.”

The beginning of a new chapter with a destination that brings together everyone’s happiness

1. Bringing together the most-complete choices in Nakhon Pathom with more than 500 brands to meet the needs of all generations and lifestyles. We welcome everyone to the new experience of eating, shopping and spending leisure time in one place. Central Nakhon Pathom welcomes well-known restaurant brands such as Boost Juice, Saemaeul and Boon Tong Kee in addition to local brands such as Yoi Yoii Dessert Shop, Saneh Jaan, Kamphaeng Saen’s 20-baht traditional tom yum noodles – delicious without the need to add seasoning, Kuaitiao Pak Mo Na Lo Nai Suan, popular Banh Cuon, (Vietnamese​ stuffed steam rice rolls) and Vietnamese stuffed bread from Phra Pahom Chedi, and Good Salad Roll, to grow together with us. Discover Fashion & Beauty: Lyn, Jaspal, Pomelo, Beautrium; IT Gadgets: Advice, IT City, JIB and Multibrand stores such as Jaymart, Banana, Big Camera; leading beauty centers such as The Klinique, Apex, Gangnam, Merida Clinic; and upskill your children at Click Robot, and PlaySound in addition to Magnet Anchors such as Major Cineplex, Harbor Land and Jetts Fitness.

2. Central Group’s businesses synergy with Central Department Store, Tops, Power Buy, B2S, Supersports, OfficeMate and Auto1 will help open the first chapter of a new inspirational department store with the coolest and most creative decorative concepts: ‘Primary Department’ on an area of 14,000 m2, where the beauty of Phra Pathom Chedi with its bright golden tones is incorporated into Central Nakhon Pathom to reflect a department store for everyone in the province, and to ensure the local people are given a second home complete with products and services. We are joining hands with ‘The Maker’ from local areas to create artful decorations as well as inspirational activities for our society.

3. First time in Nakhon Pathom – a ‘Multi-Generation Space’ of a lifestyle urban park, which integrates semi-outdoor spaces into a large green space for everyone to spend quality time together. Discover the first ‘Sky Running Track’, connecting to a 4-rai green urban park in the heart of the project and enjoy a ‘Pet’s Park’ for animal lovers that is cool and pleasant, with a pomelo orchard adjacent to the pond among the beautiful seasonal flower garden.

4. The first sustainable shopping center in Nakhon Pathom – we are continuing to create sustainability by providing EV charging stations to support the increasing number of electric vehicle users, along with the installation of a solar-panel rooftop for solar power generation. Central Nakhon Pathom was designed following the principles of Universal Design for people with physical limitations, such as spacious elevators, ramps for wheelchairs, bathrooms for the disabled, etc., ensuring that everyone can visit and live their lives conveniently at Central Nakhon Pathom.

The beginning of a new chapter of creativity  

Central Nakhon Pathom presents the charms of local identity in a design inspired by Phra Pathom Chedi on the façade of Central Nakhon Pathom. The design is special because the tile patterns used at the shopping center come from the same source as Phra Pathom Chedi. Elements in various locations such as the escalator halls, floors, and walls are also inspired by local elements, creating a beautiful blend of the lifestyle of the riverside community. Additionally, we were inspired to create the ‘Edutainment Hub’ by allocating learning areas for people of all ages, such as the Education Zone, bringing together skills development institutes, Playland playgrounds, and creative community spaces for students to use as their learning space to receive and pass on new inspiration daily.

Nakhon Pathom is a city of education filled with the creative energy of a new generation. Therefore, we aim to position Central Nakhon Pathom as a co-creation hub for all generations and present the city’s value through events alongside the community, various universities, and young entrepreneurs (YEC) to promote the city’s identity at the national level. We will drive the economy by holding co-creation events such as Nad Nakorn Art & Craft Market in Pomelo Orchard, Pet Safari Night Light for pet lovers, Jazz Festival from three leading universities, and Local Cuisine street food events. Additionally, we will join hands with Central Group affiliated companies to organize signature events to be recognized nationally, such as The Ultimate Watch, Coffee Society, Songkran Festival, Motor Show, and Summer Fashion Show by the new generation of designers from Silpakorn University, to support employment and further boost the Nakhon Pathom economy.

Central Pattana is Collaborating with collage artist Nakrob Moonmanas, a Thai artist whose expertise lies in collage art, we embark on a co-creation of artwork that narrates the story of Central Nakhon Pathom. This artwork includes a contemporary perspective while preserving the unique charms of Nakhon Pathom, drawing inspiration from its past and present and translating it into creative artwork. We incorporate narratives of the future that reflect diverse lifestyles and project the image of Central Nakhon Pathom’s ongoing development. This advertising media serves as a work of art and will become an integral part of the city’s decorative elements.

Furthermore, Central Nakhon Pathom is introducing ‘Nong Poonsuk’ as the mascot of Central Nakhon Pathom. Nong Poonsuk is a delightful small pig character adorned with an adorable pomelo hat. Central Nakhon Pathom aims to provide customers with countless incredible experiences by fostering local engagement and promoting the essence of the locality. Additionally, it serves as a tourist ambassador, promoting Nakhon Pathom and enticing tourists to visit and experience its charms. Come celebrate at the Grand Opening event of Central Nakhon Pathom on March 30th.

Potchana Suwantaweesi, Region General Manager (BKK1) for Central Pattana plc, said:The celebration events at Central Nakhon Pathom, scheduled for March 30th, will be held under the concept of ‘The New Chapter of Happiness – Civilized Nakhon Pathom,’ presenting the civilization of Nakhon Pathom and inviting the city’s residents and visitors to join in the celebration. Enjoy the event highlights and special promotions, while experiencing new stories of endless happiness as we begin this new chapter at Central Nakhon Pathom.

Special highlights at the grand opening of Central Nakhon Pathom include a swing dance performance by Nadech Kugimiya and ‘Yaya’ – Urassaya Sperbund, in a show entitled ‘Civilization: A New Dawn,’ which will showcase the beauty and richness of Nakhon Pathom culture. The space in front of Central Nakhon Pathom will be transformed into a retro dancing ground, inviting everyone to join in a swing dance to break the record in the ‘Asia Book of Records’ – with the greatest number of dancers in Thailand. Be dazzled by the most spectacular fireworks and the ‘Projection Mapping Show,’ allowing you to admire the civilization of Nakhon Pathom with special images projected onto the façade of Central Nakhon Pathom in the concept of ‘The Luminary Celebration,’ created by Nakrob Moonmanus, a well-known collage artist, to celebrate the opening of this new chapter of happiness.”

Special promotions to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter of happiness include: spend 1,500 baht and up on shopping and get a chance to win a Mazda car; spend 2,500 baht and up, receive a movie ticket from Major Cineplex worth 260 baht; spend 5,000 baht and up, receive a free picnic mat with exclusive patterns worth 2,900 baht, and spend 200,000 baht, receive 100,000 The1 points.

Follow the first chapter of happiness happening at https://www.facebook.com/CentralNakhonPathom. #CentralNakhonPathom #เซ็นทรัลนครปฐม #CentralPattana #เซ็นทรัลพัฒนา

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