Preview of Wish Signature ii Midtown Siam. The condo located nerest Siam Paragon ever!

Condoman 03 July, 2017 at 23.04 pm

In almost everyone’s thought, number 1 shopping mall of Thailand is probably Siam Paragon. Because of it’s huge size, modern design of the building and location next to BTS Siam-station, the center of all BTS-system, makes it become to the heart of Bangkok and also Thailand. (When talking about the most expensive area it always refers to Siam station)

In the area of 600 m. around Siam-station. Except roads, palace, academies, government offices and temples, we can truly say that every square inch here is an area of commercial. But “Wish Signature II Midtown  Siam” is now the only condominium in the area. (if you draw a circle with Siam Paragon in the middle. You can clearly see, not even walking distance, but some part of other condominium didn’t even appear in this circle).


350 m. from Siam Paragon (walk trough the mall to enter on the side of the construction), 450 m. from BTS-Ratchathewi and 600 m. from BTS-Siam. There will be an upcoming MRT-Line (Orange-Line) makes this location absolutely amazing.


Moreover, the area around BTS-Ratchathewi will get a lot of development in the future. Except condominiums from various compounds. There is now an office building as Aspiration 1, hotel+service apartment belongs to Chatrium and also the project mixed use Ratchathewi Hotel of Chulangkoon Group.


Picture from Aspiration 1-project, the premium office under the joint venture of SENA-SANGFAH-AIRA at the corner of Ratchathewi-crossing.

Picture from Chatrium-project at Pathumwan (Credit ph200)

Picture from Mixed-use project of Chulangkoon Group at the corner of Ratchathewi-crossing by the sale gallery of Ideo Q for now (credit pic: chaisan)


** This location is very comfortable by using BTS and also driving your own car. There is a few high-way you can choose but you need to check which one is best for you. And the most important, the traffic is quite bad some time.**


Furthering success from Wish Signature 1


3 Years ago, Wish Signature 1 created an extreme vibration in this industry with it’s spec of fully glazed building, private lift, for the price that makes everyone wondering “how is it possible?” (starts with 125K, floors in the middle 145-155K) lets people have the courage to buy and then generated sales as much as 85%


Today, everyone who own some property here could probably not stop smiling. Because of its low price but quality is better than other. The construction is now halfway, after a while of anxiety.


The first phase of Wish Signature was designed by TANDEM architect and got 2 prices, Best residential high-rise architecture of Thailand and Asia Pacific from Asia pacific property awards 2015-2016, for a guarantee to the awesomeness ( But the reality can be proven when the construction is finished)


For Wish Signature II Midtown Siam, The Siamnuwat group is now using Somdoon architect for the design, another international design office of Thailand. This project also won a price
from Asia Pacific Property Award 2021-2022, “Best Residential High-Rise Architecture Thailand”. Adding the high of the ceiling and quality of materials in the rooms (no private lift anymore) and add some great facility to 4 continuous top floor.



They are using the modern color as champaign gold to guarantee the beauty of unique when the construction is done.

The plot area at the side of “phase1” is slightly retreat from the main road makes the building does not cover the first phase from the great views.


Try to put these 2 buildings side by side is quite beautiful, isn’t it? (not to scale)


The area of almost 2 rai, the building is 40 floors high, but there are only 333 units, 3+1 elevators, parking area around 60%, is a very good proportion for this era.


The room size starts from 1 bedroom, 30 sq.m. up to 3 bedrooms, 96.75 sq.m.


This is the plan of the building, the main view is south-north, elevator shaft in the middle and skylight at elevator hall.


Floor plan is really good. Twisting the mirror line opens another view and makes it more interesting. I really like the 2 bedroom, corner room, 48 sq.m.


Lets compare with a 2 bedroom with same size from the phase 1. Without private lift, you will get more area at the hall, use the area as kitchen and you’ll get a better function of the room.


1 bedroom 30.34 sq.m., 4 rooms in a row at the front of the house (north side) Some of the mirror are tilt from the rear, cause dimensional surface of the building skin.


There is facility on the top 4 floor. The pool is designed as an “U” following the building cycle.

Those 4 floors are named as “Lifestyle Pods”, consist of

Pool Pod / Swimming Pool / Jacuzzi / Kid Pool -on 38th floor

Body & Mind Pod / Fitness / Boxing Ring / Yoga Room / Steam & Sauna -on 39th floor

Chill & Work Pod / Lounge / Co-Working Space / Amphitheater / Mini Theater / Golf Simulator -on 40th floor

And on the roof with Sky Pod / BBQ Area / Rooftop Half Court Basketball


The building is retreat from Petchaburi-road with and area of Lengnaliga in the front. It is possible that they will build something in the future, but there would not be so high either.


View from various side.


We at propholic are using a drone to get some pictures of various high of the building, start with


North-side : you can see Ideo Q Siam Ratchathewi trough Lengnaliga area. If you’re at the higher floor, you’ll see view from Payathai to Paholyotin too

South-side : there is Chatrium-under construction (it saids that you have to get to 30th floor to see over it) but it’s quite beautiful anyway, seeing some green area, and if you tilt you head you’ll also see skyline city view.


East&West-side (the side of the building)


The rooms on these two side, except 2 bedrooms-type at the corner with 2 side of windows, there are also 1 bedroom-type 34.6 sq.m. that got double access bathroom, but the windows are on their regular design.


View from west-side is a lot of neighbors. This building is not to close to phase 1 but it blocks some view you can see without it. Well, if you tilt you head and look in different way you will also see the beauty of it too.

View from east-side are buildings in Prathunam area, Baiyok-tower and central world. I really like it.

Comparing between Wish Signature II Midtown Siam and the first phase.


Phase 1 is very attractive with their private lift and the pool that stretched out of the building. Phase 2 that Siamnuwat-Group designed as more premium with the ceiling height at 3 meters, 40 cm. higher than 2.6 meters from the first phase. Materials are better especially in the bathrooms that developer was prounded to give super premium grade of sanitary ware. And the most important, there are less units than the first phase on more parking lots.


The sale price starts with 180K/sq.m., higher than the first phase. But its much cheaper than other project in the same area like The Line Ratchathewi, their price is around 230K or some future plans for several projects (some unit of Ideo Q Victory are now 250K)


Now, if someone wants to see the real area you can just walk from Siam Paragon to Bangkok Business College BBC that will use as the area for this project in the future.

Wish Signature II Midtown Siam


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