MQDC Unveils Whizdom Craftz Samyan Crafting the Future of New-Gen Urban Living at Prime Sam Yan Location with a THB 7 Billion Investment

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Bangkok’s newest premium abode, in its most vibrant locale, offers an elevated living experience for the young and aspirational. Whizdom Craftz Samyan emerges as the epitome of urban elegance, perfectly tailored to the aspirations of the modern trailblazer.

MQDC’s forward-thinking brand, Whizdom, proudly introduces its latest venture, Whizdom Craftz Samyan. This newly launched premium-tier condominium, in a prime location at the dynamic heart of Bangkok’s CBD on Sam Yan-Rama IV, embodying the ‘Craftz Your Future‘ concept, aims to elevate urban living for the young generation seeking a unique lifestyle, emphasizing well-being.

As the latest addition to the Whizdom family, Whizdom Craftz Samyan is a perfect fit for young achievers. The go-to premium option for digital era trailblazers, Whizdom Craftz Samyan strikes a balance between independence and inspiration blending modern flair with function. It offers comprehensive facilities crafted around five pivotal concepts: Empowered Work, Curated Living, Singular Nature, Selected Smart Living, and MQDC Standards. This combination delivers a unique urban lifestyle, establishing a hub for purpose-driven living enveloped in sophisticated style.

Mr. Assada Kaeokhiao, Chief Operating Officer, MQDC, offering insights into the exciting new project says, “Whizdom is not just about constructing buildings; it’s about designing lifestyles. With sustainability at our core and a drive to cater to the dynamic lifestyles of today’s youth, we have crafted Whizdom Craftz. Our focus is on meeting the unique requirements of this very connected, tech-savvy, and aspirational generation. With Whizdom Craftz, we empower them to unleash their full potential in a space that encourages their creativity. All this is encapsulated in our ethos: ‘Crafted Lifestyle for Individual Aspirations’.”


Elaborating on brand vision and strategy, he adds, “Every location we choose is backed by intensive study. With Sam Yan, we conducted co-creation workshops with local students, professionals, and residents to tap into their desires and needs. This collaborative approach and MQDC’s distinct standards ensure that every Whizdom project is a testament to quality and innovation.”

Embracing the idea of ‘Connecting All Possible Spaces’, the 55-storey residential marvel boasts 423 units, embodying the spirit of ‘Endless Possibilities’. From crafting lasting memories to being at the forefront of tech innovations, adjusting to the preferences of today’s generation, or adapting to the ‘new normal’, this place checks all the boxes. Nestled amidst educational hubs, modern healthcare centres and vibrant shopping zones, Whizdom Craftz Samyan incorporates smart communal areas, real-time updates, and savvy AI functionalities.

The focus at Whizdom Craftz Samyan is on five pivotal concepts that guarantee a unique lifestyle:

1. Empowered Work – Catering to the ‘Work from Anywhere’ ethos of the new generation, Whizdom Craftz Samyan offers a central co-working space with myriad functionalities set in a relaxed atmosphere. Continuing its commitment to a transformative lifestyle, the project offers SOHO-inspired versatile offices so residents can continue with their business endeavours without leaving the comfort of their residential community. Complementing this are relaxation areas nearby to sustain productivity and meet the needs of the new generation. Additionally, the Whizdom Club provides a collaborative environment, all framed by a captivating city backdrop.

2. Curated Living – Whizdom Craftz Samyan, the tallest building in Sam Yan, redefines premium living in the city centre. Stepping into this curated development, residents are greeted by a range of exceptional features, including a speciality Hydrotherapy pool, Aquafit and Ecoscape pools, a Sky Trail, sleek enclosed kitchens for every unit, and walk-in closets in 80% of the residences. The meticulous design ensures that each space resonates with a blend of functionality and refinement.

3. Singular Nature – Amid the urban splendour, nature claims a prime seat at Whizdom Craftz. The project, adorned with lush green spaces, seamlessly blends privacy with flexibility, immersing residents in an urban oasis. From rejuvenating morning views to mesmerizing sunsets over the Chao Phraya, these vistas echo the serenity of an urban forest amidst the city’s hustle. Recognizing the new generation’s focus on well-being and finding moments to relax and recharge, Whizdom Craftz places a strong emphasis on these green havens, designing them to harness nature’s energy for its residents. Intertwining nature with technology, every facet of the design creates an urban sanctuary.  In this backdrop of harmonized nature and modernity, Whizdom Craftz further stands out with its exterior. Envisioned as a “SKY CLIFF”, the building boasts a remarkable artificial rock face facade reminiscent of a towering urban cliff. Its subtle lines draw inspiration from the skies and harmoniously merge with the surroundings using sustainable glass materials. With integrated technologies catering to the new generation’s lifestyle, it blends a love for nature with an urban escape.

4. Selected Smart Living – Whizdom Craftz Samyan delivers smart living with cutting-edge innovations, including 24-hour security. Home intelligence systems ensure ease and efficiency, while big data integration amplifies the facilities. The innovative FAHSAI air purification tower located in the garden in front of the project provides the purest air to both the residents and the surrounding community. Meanwhile, those with electric vehicles will find EV chargers conveniently located in the facility.

5. MQDC Standards – Whizdom Craftz is aligned with MQDC Standards, emphasizing a commitment to improving well-being for all. As an extension of the MQDC ethos, the project champions a high quality of life underpinned by innovation, technology, and a resident-focused approach.

Reflecting on Whizdom’s journey and roadmap, Mr. Kaeokhiao shares, “Whizdom has consistently aimed to be the foremost choice for the modern generation. Whizdom Craftz is our latest endeavour designed to resonate with their distinct lifestyle. Despite the ever-evolving market dynamics and diverse consumer demands, our brand stands steadfast in its mission to deliver unparalleled living experiences. Over the next 3-5 years, several more projects under the Whizdom banner are planned.”


Mrs. Arisa Nandabhiwat, Senior Manager – Project Marketing, underlines the project’s distinctive attributes, “Whizdom Craftz Samyan isn’t just a residence; it’s an embodiment of inspiration and design tailored for the youth. Our dedication to customer insights drives the design of various functions and facilities. Therefore, the project’s value, size, state-of-the-art facilities, and contemporary concepts are all aligned with the dynamic lifestyle of today’s young professionals. It is not just an ideal residence but an exceptional investment opportunity. Whizdom Craftz is a premium home that empowers individuals to achieve. With nearly 2,000 sqm of green surroundings and equipped with smart living conveniences, every detail here meets the stringent MQDC Standards.”


Describing the Whizdom ethos, Mrs. Nandabhiwat says, “Before finalising our unit designs, we closely studied the New Gen demographic to understand their diverse needs and lifestyles. With this knowledge, we crafted a range of unit types, including spacious options for those who require extra space for work or hobbies.”

The 55-storey premium condominium thus boasts 423 diverse residences tailored to meet varied lifestyle needs with a starting price of 7.99 MB for a 38 sqm unit. The selection includes 1-bedroom units (30-39 sqm), 1-bedroom lofts (46-57 sqm), and 2-bedroom units (53-66 sqm). For those seeking more space, there are 2-bedroom PLUS units (77-89 sqm), 2-bedroom lofts (70-90 sqm), and expansive 3-bedroom units (96-105 sqm). It also features duplexes of (99-100 sqm) and majestic penthouses stretching (188-223 sqm).


Additionally, the development offers commercial spaces, a generous facility area of 2,316 sqm and ample parking with 359 spaces. The project prioritises security, offering digital door locks, key card access, round-the-clock security guards, and an extensive CCTV network. Several facilities have been designed with disabled access in mind.

Our sales gallery will be open to the public from 7-8 October, providing a first-hand glimpse of our sample rooms. It’s a unique opportunity to get a first-hand glimpse of our meticulously designed sample units. We’re excited to share our vision with you,” adds Mrs. Nandabhiwat.


Whizdom Craftz Samyan personifies innovation, sustainability, and curated living. A sanctuary that not only understands the demands of the new generation but also anticipates them. It also perfectly blends nature’s serenity with the energy of modern life.

The project will unveil its sales gallery and showrooms for public viewing during its first Pre-Sales event on 7-8 October 2023. Those interested must register in advance at For more details, please call 1265.


Additionally, for those intrigued by the Whizdom Craftz Samyan project, more information and exclusive offers await at the MQDC Well Living Expo. This event is on 12-15 October 2023 in the Fashion Hall on the 1st floor of Siam Paragon Shopping Center.


For more information or to schedule an exclusive tour, please visit


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