AP Thailand joins in self-empowerment drive works with partners in I am Power programme to give educational opportunities for life betterment

เกริก บุณยโยธิน 01 June, 2022 at 16.07 pm


– AP Thailand, caring for society, aims to value potential development for people to have skills of the future in order to live a great life on their own terms

– Partners with SEAC, Creative Talk, Vulcan Coalition, Social Innovation Foundation to launch I am Power campaign to empower graduates and youth with disabilities nationwide by giving them opportunities to access practical skills of the future so they can eliminate life limitations, embrace positive vibes to learn, grow and look ahead with determination

– Campaign piloted through 2 major activities in ‘AP-SEAC presents CREATIVE TALK CONFERENCE 2022’ – event of the year that gets together over 100 speakers to share knowledge and interesting trends in first-ever format designed to accommodate people with disabilities in various aspects both on-the-ground and online

– AP-SEAC presents CREATIVE TALK CONFERENCE 2022 will be held on 25-26 June with Angel Tickets exclusively reserved for graduates and youth with disabilities interested to attend online. To register, click on https://bit.ly/CTCforPWDs now until 15 June

– IW-Inclusive Workplace programme executed for 2nd year to prepare over 100 graduates and youth with disabilities from 21 universities nationwide for job markets with special skill enhancement course after first-year success in supplying workforce for leading firms

Mr. Vittakarn Chandavimol, Chief Corporate Strategy and Creation, AP (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd., said that AP Thailand in its role as Thailand’s prominent property developer is committed to Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG). On the social front, AP Thailand is determined to play its part in working for people in society to have a better quality of life, he said adding that the company’s main goal is to be an organisation that attaches importance to potential development for people to have the skills of the future so everyone can live a great life on their own terms and the company has taken many initiatives to achieve that goal.

The company wants to provide the underprivileged with opportunities to access new skills so they can access quality job markets like the general public, the company has joined four business partners to undertake a social empowerment programme called I am Power to support graduates and youth with disabilities so they can live a great life on their own terms. This programme involves giving these people educational opportunities to help them learn new skills of the future. The programme aims to promote the potential and create positive energy for graduates and youth with disabilities to gain confidence in their potential, getting them ready to eliminate every life limitation while learning new skills they can use to better their success in securing quality jobs.

I am Power is a result of AP Thailand’s collaboration with specialised partners 1. SEAC – a leader in the development of executives, personnel and organisations with a commitment to promoting lifelong learning 2. VULCAN COALITION – a social enterprise whose main mission is to create jobs to generate income for the disabled 3. Creative Talk – the organiser of CREATIVE TALK CONFERENCE in Thailand 4. Social Innovation Foundation. To help the disabled get jobs and reduce an employment gap, two main initiatives are undertaken under I am Power programme. Both aim to develop the potential of graduates and youth with disabilities on a continued basis. The first activity is CREATIVE TALK CONFERENCE 2022 (CTC2022). An annual event, this conference of the year gets together over 100 speakers to share their knowledge and interesting trends. The second activity is IW-Inclusive Workplace. It is a programme to improve essential skills and thinking methods needed to thrive in the current and future career environment.


This year’s CREATIVE TALK CONFERENCE 2022 is the first edition that the company has prepared the venue and facilities to pass on knowledge in various new aspects to graduates and youth with disabilities. These include sign language translators, braille block seating and volunteers as well as online access. The company has allocated Angel Tickets exclusively for disabled participants with its specialised partners on hand to offer advice and help planning. The conference will be held on 25-26 June at Bitec Bangna. Disabled graduates and youth interested in listening in online may register for the special tickets at https://bit.ly/CTCforPWDs now until 15 June.

Mrs. Methawee Thatsanasateankit, Co-founder, VULCAN COALITION Co., Ltd., said that based on her experience working with the disabled, she found that a lot of people with disabilities have great potential but access to jobs and education is limited. According to data available, Thailand has 819,000 work-age people with disabilities and only 33.18% of them are employed. The fact that AP Thailand, which is a leading organisation of the country, pays attention to and supports potential development of graduates and youth with disabilities so they have the skills of the future is equivalent to opening up the world of learning and giving positive energy to these people so they can live a great life on their own terms. At CTC 2022, Vulcan Coalition will be on hand to support the youngsters the best it can with its experience and specialised expertise to ensure that the participants get the most out of the conference.

Mr. Sittipong Sirimaskasem, Chief Executive Officer, Creative Talk Co., Ltd., the organiser of CREATIVE TALK CONFERENCE, said that his company was very glad that AP Thailand has provided support for CREATIVE TALK CONFERENCE. He said that this year, in particular, AP took initiative to give the underprivileged access to new skills, which has made CTC 2022 more of an international forum. “Me, my team and more than 100 speakers are ready to open up world views and advance ideas for the participants in line with AP Thailand’s goal of enabling everyone in society to live a great life.”

Mrs. Nipatra Tangpojthavepol, Product Director, YourNextU by SEAC, one of AP Thailand’s units and a leader in the development of executives, personnel and organisations at all levels through lifelong learning and world-class courses to enable organisations and personnel at all levels to get better results, said, “Thailand still has problems with a gap of education and demand in the business sector. This gap is increasingly widening, which is leading to limited access to quality jobs among graduates and youth, especially those with disabilities. SEAC as an organisation encouraging Thai society to embrace lifelong learning hopes to help empower graduates and youth with disabilities to have confidence in their potential in line with the objective of I am Power programme. We are ready to help promote the skills in the new world context to improve their chances of getting quality jobs.”


SEAC has worked with Social Innovation Foundation to execute the IW-Inclusive Workplace initiative for the second year. This year the activity is participated by more than 100 disabled graduates and youth from 21 universities around Thailand. SEAC has designed learning experiences and courses to promote essential skills and thinking methods demanded by today’s and future job markets. Among the courses provided are growth mindset for working together with others (DISC) and storytelling. All are supported by a team from Social Innovation Foundation in a virtual classroom via Zoom, which gives the best access to learners with disabilities for maximum efficiency – all this to let everyone choose a better life, move forward farther with more sustainable outcome.

Mr. Apichart Karoonkornsakul, President, Social Innovation Foundation, said, “Our purpose is to enable people with disabilities to have a better chance of getting hired and having a decent career.  This year is the second year we have worked with SEAC in the IW-Inclusive Workplace initiative.  The feedback from the graduates and youth with disabilities in the past year was great. The courses provided by SEAC will allow them to exercise their full potential, making them confident and dare to follow their dreams more than ever. This year the kids in our network from 21 universities nationwide have the chance to participate in the CREATIVE TALK CONFERENCE, which is good for them. Thank you AP Thailand and SEAC for giving the kids this opportunity. I believe that all the activities under I am Power programme will give positive energy to the youngsters with disabilities, allowing them to carve their own path to success.”


Regardless of how the social context has changed How aspiration, dream and hope of everybody have transformed AP Thailand is always there to pass on positive energy to everyone So you can keep learning, growing and looking ahead with determination On your path to success with your own power  Because I am Power


AP Thailand Cheevit Dee Dee Tee Lueak Eng Dai

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เกริก บุณยโยธิน

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