Grand celebration of 7th Anniversary of luxury furniture brands importer, “Olivia Living” Inviting acclaimed illustrator Jeep-Pasinee Kongdechakul to share home decorating items design ideas And 2020 home decoration trends with celebrities to reveal their own home decoration style.

เกริก บุณยโยธิน 29 November, 2019 at 15.46 pm

A home to live is where the resident can truely fulfill leisure time. Recently, Sairoong Phawanurak, Managing Director, Olivia Living Co. Ltd., with Ajjima Hoontrakul and Soraya Virojmekavanich have held the 7th anniversary celebration for the empire of famous luxury furniture brands, “Olivia Living” and invited illustrator whose drawing line is unique, Jeep-Pasinee Kongdechakul to create highlight artwork called “Wild Orchid and Peony” inspired by the beauty of flowers perfectly combined with home decoration. It’s transmitted to outstanding pattern painted on a sofa cushion in an interesting way. The guest illustrator also shared easy idea to design home decorating items for those who want to decorate their home by themselves. The home decoration trend of 2020 was also revealed by the brand executive including the launch of one-stop interior design service at Olivia Living showroom, Sukhumvit 39, yesterday afternoon

The celebration was honored by numerous celebrities to attend, such as Parva Nakasai, Ployvarin Songpakorn, Janetira Attaskulchai, Varithorn Kanpaibool, ML Attadit Diskul, Supachai Kanjanasakchai, Prima Chakrabandhu Wanglee, Silsupa Chotivichit, Virithipa Pakdeeprasong and more.


Olivia Living”, the empire of famous luxury furniture brand was established from the concept to present home decorating style to standout uniquely.  The showroom selects only leading furniture and home decorating items brand of high quality and world standard to serve every home décor lifestyle of modern urban residents in diversity. It also reflects interesting way of life through human’s 5 sensorial in full format, which are relaxation from Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch through the service provided by expert who will give instruction throughout the session.

On this occasion of the 7th anniversary, the brand has also launched one-stop interior design service starting with providing consultant about the selection of furniture based on home owner’s lifestyle that can be mixed and matched with different brands while color and material can be customized based on the function. The service also offers the plan on interior design for private home or condominium based on customer’s demand to allocate space and function, including service to install furniture and all types of home decorating items to serve modern lifestyle completely. Olivia Living has taken part in the interior design project for many acclaimed luxury condominium such as, The Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok, Vittorio, KRAAM Sukhumvit 26, Sansiri 98 Wireless, and most recently with Sindhorn Residence.

Sairoong Phawanurak, explained the objective of this event that “Since the establishment, we have been determined to prove that we are professional and the meticulous process when we select furniture and items from across the world to meet the decoration that suits the taste, preference and individual lifestyle. We also focus with trends that we always keep update new furniture and decorative items as we want Thais to experience popular products in the world trend. The home decoration trend lately is about the preference on customized items as they are limited and also well define individual character. And to celebrate our 7-year anniversary we provide new option with the one-stop interior design service on design and installation to enable make home decoration easier for everyone. We have also invited Jeep-Pasinee to create artwork  for Olivia Living and the workshop in home decorating items design with other celebrities so everyone can share their own style. We believe that design work is not only about furniture and decorating items for function but the design must show the owner’s identity.”

While Jeep-Pasinee Kongdechakul also talked about the key inspiration of “Wild Orchid and Peony” artwork and suggests the popular technique to design home decoration items that “I create this work in a format of two paintings on a sofa cushion. The concept of both flower prints symbolizes the flower pattern for home decoration but I also combine with popular home design styles. First is in dark color tone with orchid that grows well in Thailand merged with terrazzo stone. This design becomes popular again. The second one is peony print in pastel tone in contrast with marble edge as another popular home decoration. For the trend of technique to create home decoration item today is more in customized design like painting favorite patterns onto favorite items such as cushion, ceramic pieces for real use or decorate the wall. The color used in this artwork is powder color. The fact about the making is that the color we paint and what we see after the ceramic is processed in the oven may differ. For amateur painter can start with easy pattern by finding the design you like and practice drawing them without worry how it will look like because there’s no rule in art.”

The brands of furniture and home decorating items imported to Thailand by Olivia Living consist of Restoration Hardware, or RH, American furniture design to meet every lifestyle in full series of modern design furniture by leading designer and craftsmanship  using the finest material to present uniqueness and good taste in contemporary and modern design for adults and kids at all ages including outdoor  furniture, Vanguard Furniture, American brand in elaborate and meticulous design with over 40 years of reputation of high craftsmanship combining classic and modern design perfectly transmitted to unique design furniture, Hickory White with 125 year-old history enabling the perfect combination of contemporary and classic design that reflects the product development and innovation in the hint of traditional design culture for those who love diversity in furniture design such as luxury, vintage, or modern, Lillian August for Hickory White that presents various emotion through its design from simple to captivating design combining contemporary work with designer’s uniqueness to serve the lifestyle of modern living, and lastly, Cierre, Italian famous brand for 40 years of history with its reputation in leather furniture in luxury design by expert craftsman as the brand for true leather lovers.”


The home decorating items brands feature Loloi, a rug in perfect  modern graphic print made of high quality materials to offer the touch of comfort for users, Arteriors, the home decorating lamp brand known for world’s top class design from  unique design of all pieces from table lamp or pendant lamp offering the light shin through the luxury design  impressively, Leftbank Art, wall decorating art pieces in various styles from creativity of talented artist to generate aesthetic vision for viewers, and Zodax, popular home decorating items offering variety of products such as glass, dishware, picture frame, cushion in exotic design, including variety of  aroma set and scented candles to enhance more pleasant home atmosphere.

The workshop activity was joyful as the celebrities also shared their favorite corners at home and tips on their home decoration style. First, a celebrity with gorgeous skin, Janetira Attaskulchai, said “Home decoration to make a perfect place is very important to me as I love staying at home. My favorite corner is the outdoor garden. At my house in London, the weather is very nice outside so I enjoy sipping tea and decorating home with flowers. My garden decoration is in cozy style and I choose furniture in light color tone to feel relax like white color with soft cushion on sofa to feel comfort and a table light color to arrange flowers. We have to cover our outdoor furniture when we don’t use to protect it from damage in case of rain.”

Next, a socialite celebrity, Ployvarin Songpakorn, said “I focus on my bedroom the most as it’s where I need to rest and spend most of my time in there. Good decoration makes me want to be in the room and get better rest. I chose the furniture in my room meticulously. The bed must be soft and comfortable. Bedsheet must keep cool temperature and I need a medium size sofa placed at the end of the bed to relax before bedtime. The decoration design is classic in white and silver tone as key colors. When I need to buy home decorating items, I go to the showroom that offers variety of products and I consult with interior designer if the item I like will fit to the space at my home. To make beautiful home decoration, further from nice furniture, the way we use the space is also important.”

Next, a party celebrity guy, ML Attadit Diskul, said “Home decoration is another significant lifestyle because it can reflect the character of house owner. My decoration style is industrial loft that emphasize natural   structure and raw concrete wall. The furniture is simple without much of details needed in the color tones of grey, black or with wood furniture. My favorite corner at home is the bar because I open Japanese restaurant and get used with sitting at the bar. So I built a bar at home for many activities such as dining, working. My bar is a wooden bar with a ceiling lamp and built-in beverage shelf. Thus the decoration should provide both beautiful design, great function and comfort, as well as other corners at home.”

While activity girl, Parva Nakasai, said “My favorite home corner is the living room as I spend most thime there for eat, watch movies, talk to family or even play with my pet. So I give priority in choosing furniture for this room. I need large sofa for to sit and lay down, a working desk that I can eat at this desk too. I like furniture in modern style with light colors such as beige, grey, or white. If I choose a table in light color, I will choose sofa in light color with some patterns to allow the contrast in decoration. If I have pet I will avoid leather and choose fabric or velvet sofa.”

Working woman, Varithorn Kanpaibool, said “I hold a degree in architecture so I definitely focus on home decoration. The furniture and item s selectioin must fit well to the function in each corner at home. I spend most time in home office because I run many businesses today. Good working space can make me work better and give more inspiration. I like clean design of working space in modern style with grey, brown, cream or white furniture. My working room consists of a desk, a lampshade, a carpet, a sofa and a few pieces of home decorating items so I can work and chill out at the same time

Lastly, famous star and owner of luxury condominium, Virithipa Pakdeeprasong, said “My style in condo decoration is in mix & match design consisting of three key styles which are modern, vintage, and classic. The vintage style is represented through the built in furniture on the wall but the furniture and decorating items are in modern and classic styles. However, I will keep the decoration under the same tone. My room is in grey so I have to choose furniture in lighter shade like beige or cream. For condo decoration, apart from beautiful design, we need to consider about the space as condo has less space than a house so we should not choose large piece of furniture. This will lessen the functional space and the room will look smaller. So we need to do research and consult with interior designer. My favorite corner is living room as I spend time here to relax, watch movie, chat with friends. I choose sofa from quality brand using good material for comfort. It’s close to the balcony so I can see the view outside during the day. I also hang picture on the wall there to draw attention when people look around so they won’t feel bored.”


Moreover, Sairoong Phawanurak also suggest the 2020 home decoration trend that “The trend next year will be more fun from more variety of furniture color tones such as blue, mint green, or orange including more variety of materials such as combination of different materials in one piece such as acrylic with gold or wood to make the piece more interesting. The key to choose furniture is the size of furniture that has impact on functional space, especially in condo with limited space so we need the furniture that fits well to the room and not lessen the room size. The next factor is style and quality because it’s an investment that will last in the long run. A brand must be reliable in quality, providing graceful design and real function.”

Meet the empire of famous luxury furniture brands at “Olivia Living” showroom, Sukhumvit 39, Tel. 02 662 5833 , or visit  for more information.

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เกริก บุณยโยธิน

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