Japan’s No.1, ‘NITORI’, furniture and home furnishings brand, opens first Flagship Store in Thailand on 31 August at centralwOrld with a guarantee of top-notch innovative products.

เกริก บุณยโยธิน 28 August, 2023 at 12.26 pm


– First time in Thailand, the kingdom of innovative furniture and minimalist home furnishings from Japan for all Thai people to enjoy at affordable prices.

– Enjoy home furniture shopping from over 5,000 items in a spacious area of over 2,600 m2 at Zone I, 5th floor, centralwOrld, global lifestyle landmark destination

– Recommending top ten innovative ‘must-buy’ items from NITORI with unique design, for people in Asia under the concept of ‘enriching homes of people all over the world’ for a better, easier and more comfortable life.

centralwOrld, a global lifestyle destination in the heart of Bangkok, welcomes you to the first NITORI Flagship Store in Thailand, Japan’s No.1 furniture and home furnishings brand, which will open on Thursday 31 August 2023. The NITORI Flagship Store is situated in a spacious area of 2,600 m2 at Zone I, 5th floor. The NITORI Flagship Store is a great shopping venue for those who love minimalist-style homes and offers great Japanese products without the need to fly to Japan. centralwOrld has also selected the top ten recommended NITORI items, which are best-selling items that both Thai and Japanese customers have praised as highly-advanced products from Japan that everyone should definitely check out!

NITORI, Japan’s no.1 furniture and home furnishings brand was founded in 1967 and won the hearts of Japanese customers with products created under the concept of ‘enriching homes of people all over the world’, with the aim to make people’s daily life more convenient and comfortable. NITORI’s products, therefore, focus mainly on utility and the needs of customers while also fulfilling the needs of a stylish appearance and compact size for space maximization. NITORI products are designed to support the physiology and ergonomics of Japanese or Asian people and help to solve any issue while facilitating users with the aim to pass on the richness of living to people around the world.


10 innovative item highlights that will make your life easier than ever!

Bedtime Story: Innovation for good dreams

1. N-Cool Bedding, No.1 best selling in Japan: We lose up to 50-70% of our body heat during sleep; reducing the temperature of the head stimulates the release of melatonin, which helps make us sleep better.

N-Cool technology has been developed and applied to various bedding products that rank as number one best-selling items in Japan. This special technology keeps the bedding cooler than the room temperature. There are three levels of cooling to choose from: Cool, Super Cool and Ultra Cool. The technology helps prevent moisture, inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents musty smells. There are many products that use N-Cool technology such as blankets, bedsheets, pillows, dolls, pet beds, indoor slippers, clothes, and baby stroller seat cushions, etc.

2. Pillow Collection for all sleeping styles: Sleep quality is important to our body, brain and mind. NITORI has created innovative pillows to help you sleep comfortably all night long and wake up feeling fresh. The different types of pillows include:

– N-cool Pillow – the pillow utilizes NITORI’s unique N-Cool technology as reducing the temperature of the head helps stimulate the release of melatonin. The N-Cool pillow helps improve sleep and is suitable for those who easily feel uncomfortable in hot conditions.

– Hotel Style – a high quality pillow with the same standard as pillows used in Japanese hotels. The filling is ultra-fine polyester microfiber, with high flexibility, which allows the weight to slowly and gently sink in, giving the feeling of feather-filled pillows. The pillow envelops around the shape of the head and supports the weight from the back of the head to the neck muscles, which helps reduce stiffness or aches. The outer fabric of the pillow is soft and gentle on the skin and is versatile as it can be cleaned in a washing machine to ensure constant cleanliness.

– Functional – Function-focused pillows that meet a variety of needs. The highly popular functional pillow is an anti-snoring pillow, and a helps reduce pains or strains on the neck and shoulders, made from antibacterial fabric that helps to prevent any musty smells.

3. Multi-functional Curtains: Heat Insulation, PM2.5 Filtration, Light Blocking, Sound Absorption: Upgrade your house to be even more livable with custom-made curtains of any desired size. These innovative curtains are perfect for Thailand as they are able to trap 2.5-micron particles (PM2.5) to ensure that you breathe in fresher air. The curtains are suitable for people with allergies and can be cleaned in a regular washing machine and their pleated shape helps the curtains stay beautiful for a long time.

Available in three different shade ratings to help prevent heat from outside and reduce the leakage of cold air from air conditioning in the room – helping reduce electricity consumption. NITORI’s curtains are more ‘breathable’ than conventional curtains (three times more) and more effective in blocking heat and UV rays. The special curtains include soundproofing technology to help reduce noise from outside.


Cool Kitchen Utensils:

4. 45 Anti-slip traysSolving the problem of accidental slip: Innovative wooden trays made from urethane-coated laminated sheet of willow wood ensures that items stay firmly on the tray and do not move even in an earthquake! People of all ages can use these cool trays confidently without spilling, especially when serving liquid food such as soups, etc. The trays are available in several different sizes and can be used for serving desserts, drinks or large sets of meals.

5. Ultra-lightweight tableware: Made-in-Japan products with unique technology that makes NITORI’s tableware 25% lighter when compared with regular tableware, making the tableware easy to carry, serve, and clean. Japanese style minimalist design makes food more appetizing. The ultra-light weight tableware can be cleaned in dishwashers and also used in a microwave.

6. Kitchen Appliances with Numerous Benefits: Be sure to check out all the cute Japanese kitchen items that make life easier. Unlock your great chef skills and say goodbye to a cluttered refrigerator with this unique refrigerator organizing shelf. Increase your confidence in cooking with anti-oil splash net, a popular item in Malaysia, China and Japan. Your new ice cream scoop and a butter knife will ensure easy scoop/cut in the blink of an eye.


Wow Innovation:

7. N-Click, One click everyone can do: Easily assembled wooden furniture, just click, no screw needed! It comes with internal self-locking mechanisms called ‘Threespine Technology’, NITORI’s proprietary technology was developed by Välinge Innovation from Sweden. Awarded the Good Design Award 2018, the technology allows easy and quick assembly of wooden furniture, cabinets or shelves without the need for tools as there are no screws. The products’ usability can be designed to suit the size of the available space. Housewives can easily and quickly assemble the products themselves.


Kids & Babies:

8. NITORI’s products for kids and babies: are available in a wide range at very affordable prices – products that include baby pillows, baby blankets, sleeping mats, seat cushions, mattresses, and N-Cool products for children who have low heat tolerance such as the N-Cool pillow pad for your little ones to sleep comfortably every night. The N-Cool stroller pad is suitable for taking your baby outdoors on a hot day in Thailand, perfect for your baby, and as a gift for all mothers.


Condominium Compact:

9. Comprehensive Functional and Space-Saving Furniture: NITORI furniture is designed to suit the lifestyles of Japanese living or small homes, hence, the size of furniture is quite compact and space-saving. NITORI furniture is suitable for modern people living in condominiums who find it difficult to find perfect design furniture that saves space and has full functionality such as sofas, dining tables, desks, and storage cabinets. These products are all carefully designed to fit perfectly in small rooms.

10. Foldable clothes rail, Compact and Efficient, Can Hold 6 Large Pieces of Clothing: In addition to furniture, several of NITORI’s items are designed to meet the needs of urban living in small spaces. The foldable clothes rail can be folded and unfolded easily and is suitable for hanging clothes indoors on a day of bad weather such as in the rainy season or a day when PM5 dust is high that you perhaps want to minimize your outside exposure; keep it as a spare clothes rail for the big laundry day.

All home lovers, let’s check in at Thailand’s first NITORI Flagship Store – ready to welcome all customers who love minimalist furniture and home furnishing products from 31 August 2023 in a spacious area of 2,600 m2 at Zone I, 5th floor, centralwOrld.

เกริก บุณยโยธิน

เกริก บุณยโยธิน

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