EEC Real Estate Thrives: “Grande Asset” Unveils “Amatara Residences Rayong” to Meet High-End Demand, Collabs World-Class Partners for Rayong’s First Ultra-Luxury Mixed-Use Development

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Real estate projects in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) continue to thrive. Recently, Grande Asset Hotels & Property Public Company Limited, a leading real estate developer in Thailand, highlighted the doubling of real estate market value in Rayong Province. This surge is attributed to both Thai and foreign individuals relocating to live near their workplaces and businesses in the EEC. Recognizing the opportunity to tap into high-end buyers and investors, Grande Asset is disrupting the Rayong real estate market with its mega project, “Amatara Residences Rayong.” Situated on over 92 rai of prime beachfront land at the heart of the EEC, just 180 km from Bangkok, this project is set to be the largest mixed-use development in the province. It will feature ultra-luxury pool villas, hotels, restaurants, a beach club, and holistic healthcare services. Grand Asset’s strategy involves collaborating with world-class partners, including “Amatara Welleisure Resort,” a renowned wellness brand from Phuket, to provide comprehensive health services supporting the healthy lifestyle of the new generation. Additionally, it is the first project in Thailand to partner with the world-renowned design firm “IBUKU” to create “Bambu Beach Club,” a stunning beachfront landmark that seamlessly integrates with the breathtaking natural surroundings. Recently, Amatara Residences Rayong unveiled its Phase 2 pool villas, featuring the one and only hillside-sea view villas in Rayong. Each space within the project boasts remarkable design elements and panoramic views of the Gulf of Thailand. With its commitment to meeting the real demand of both homeowners and investors seeking sustainable returns on investment, the company remains confident in the project’s success.

Mr. Vitavas Vibhagool, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer – Property Development, Grande Asset Hotels and Property PCL, underscores Rayong’s potential, stating, “Rayong is a high-potential province with a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ranking among the top three in the country. It boasts the second-highest economic growth rate (Gross Provincial Product: GPP) nationwide (after Chonburi), averaging 7.7% per year between 2004 and 2019. Furthermore, its GPP per capita has consistently ranked number one in the country for over a decade, rendering it attractive to both the real estate and tourism sectors. Situated in the heart of the EEC and featuring a coastline along the Gulf of Thailand, a popular seaside destination for both Thai and international tourists, Rayong Province plays a pivotal role in driving the economy across various leading industries in the country. Presently, numerous infrastructure projects and high-quality housing developments are underway to meet the growing demand, including the future high-speed rail project connecting three airports. These factors instill confidence in Thais and foreigners with substantial purchasing power who seek to work and establish businesses in the area. Additionally, investors are poised to enter the market, anticipating continuous high returns. It is projected that the new housing supply in Rayong will enter the market at an average annual rate of 5.1%, while new sales are expected to increase by an average of 4.2% per year.”

Amatara Residences Rayong is a new phenomenon in Rayong. This mixed-use project near Bangkok is the first of its kind in Rayong. Now, an ultra-luxury real estate project boasting breathtaking views of the Gulf of Thailand is just over 2 hours away from Bangkok. Designed to become a prominent landmark in the east, Amatara Residences Rayong caters to discerning lifestyles. Grande Asset focuses on real buyers. Presently, high-end customers seek residences that support their lifestyle and enable them to cultivate healthy living environments. These demographic desires spacious living areas, privacy, green spaces, and an enhanced quality of life through design and function. To meet these demands, we have partnered with “Amatara Welleisure Resort,” a prestigious 5-star holistic wellness resort in Phuket, to oversee wellness services within the project. This collaboration aims to establish Amatara Residences Rayong as a premier “wellness landmark” in Rayong, elevating Thailand’s status as a global health tourism destination,” added Mr. Vitavas.

Amatara Residences Rayong, situated on a sprawling 92-3-12 rai plot of land in Rayong, offering the following private pool villas with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Thailand and unparalleled 5-star services:

– Beachfront Pool Villas: Now fully completed and available for occupancy, these villas encompass 9 buildings comprising a total of 18 units (2-story condominiums) with 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms. Exuding a blend of classic style and Thai luxury, prices start from 50-135 million baht. This segment has garnered overwhelming interest from both Thai and international customers and investors.

– The one and only Hillside Seaview Villas in Rayong: These villas feature a contemporary design concept known as “Sea to Sand,” seamlessly integrating with the surrounding natural landscape. Nestled on the hillside, each villa offers panoramic sea views, catering to executives of the new generation seeking a retreat not far from Bangkok. Comprising 9 buildings with a total of 18 units (2-story condominiums), prices start from 39-50 million baht.

“We have recently unveiled the design of our Sea to Sand concept one and only sea-view hillside pool villas for all to admire. This phase of villas is distinguished by its modern design, offering panoramic sea views and stunning cascading structures. Anticipated to serve as a hideaway home for executives of the new generation, these pool villas are tailored to cater to relaxation. Another pivotal project enhancing Amatara Residences Rayong as the ultimate lifestyle destination is the “Bambu Beach Club,” now open to the public. This beachfront landmark is the first of its kind in Thailand and is designed by the renowned IBUKU Design Studio. Known for its exceptional designs across various countries, known for over 60 natural structures and bamboo creations in Bali, Indonesia, and impressive works in cities like Las Vegas, Dubai, Maldives, Hong Kong, South Africa, and many more. IBUKU emphasizes the fusion of natural beauty with the space and functionality of the Bambu Beach Club. This marks the first occasion in Thailand where IBUKU’s work is showcased locally, eliminating the need to travel abroad to experience it. Expected to become a must-visit destination for public in Rayong, this new beach club landmark is poised to elevate tourism in the province to unprecedented heights,” said Mr. Vitavas

Kanoknat Adhyanasakul, Executive Director of Amatara Welleisure Resort, said, “Today’s high-end market customers prioritize their health and seek for preventive healthcare their bodies and minds. Amatara WelleisureTM Resort is committed to creating an environment that supports the well-being of individuals across all generations. The luxury real estate market is indeed competitive, but wellness is the key factor driving the wealth group’s decision-making. At Amatara Residences Rayong, we focus on integrating Eastern wisdom with Western science, offering a wellness service and lifestyle based on the 4 ‘WISE’ principles: Well-Being, supporting a healthy life; Individualized, tailoring projects to individual lifestyle needs; Small Steps, promoting gradual and sustainable lifestyle adjustments; and Enjoyable, ensuring a relaxing living experience for the whole family. Each element contributes to making this location the epitome of superior living for Sustainable Well-Being. Also, Bambu Beach Club is a symbol of creativity in harmony with nature. A true reflection of Sustainable Well-being.”

In addition to the highly acclaimed pool villa project and the newly opened beach club, Grande Asset announced plans for several upcoming projects designed to elevate the luxury lifestyle experience. These include a Sky Bar, a fine dining restaurant inspired by the Sail to Sea concept, as well as a comprehensive health care program encompassing body and mind balance, treatments, nutritional guidance, exercise, and outdoor activities. Expert trainers will oversee offerings such as yoga, Pilates, and water sports, all under the management of Amatara Welleisure Resort.

Ms. Artitaya Kasemlawan, Head of Residential Sales-Project at CBRE Thailand, stated that “Currently, luxury vacation home developments in upcountry areas are garnering positive feedback from customers possessing high purchasing power, both Thai and foreign, especially beachfront projects. Most of these properties are being procured as second vacation homes or for long-term investment purposes. For a product to be successful, it must cater to lifestyle needs while offering substantial long-term value. Mixed-use projects that incorporate amenities from a hotel, also known as Branded Residence, are gaining more attention than conventional projects. The Rayong province, for instance, has never launched a mixed-use project featuring pool villas before. This makes the project stand out, and it is expected to attract positive feedback from high-end clients. The project’s facilities provide convenience, with services akin to those provided by hotels, such as 24-hour concierge service and a wellness program that promotes optimal living conditions. Included in the mixed-use space are a variety of components, such as condominiums, luxury pool villas, and restaurants, all designed to meet the needs of clients through a one-stop service. Given these features, CBRE believes that branded residence pool villas in mixed-use projects will be able to generate significant returns and add future value to the project.”


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