Countdown to grand opening of Central Nakhon Sawan, mixed-use project of future, upgrading Center of Life in upper central region on this 31 January

เกริก บุณยโยธิน 23 January, 2024 at 14.35 pm


– Connecting every lifestyle in all aspects and fulfilling the needs of every generation, with a shopping center, hotel, convention halls and condominium as well as welcoming neighboring components such as Synphaet Hospital to strengthen the project.

– Bringing together the most complete list of brands in the area with over 200 stores, for the first time! More than 500 renowned brands within the department store join forces to become a landmark destination at Central Nakhon Sawan.

– Discover the first Central department store, the largest branch in the upper central region, designed under the concept of a ‘Chinese Village’, reflecting Nakhon Sawan’s unique identity. Enjoy exclusive services such as Personal Shopper on Demand providing convenience and exclusive privileges, creating a sense of being in your second home.

– Join the 12-day grand opening event on 31 January with 12 highlights, delivering an ‘unexpected experience’ of spectacular shows.

Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s leading retail-led mixed-use real estate developer, which includes Central shopping centers, residential projects, office buildings and hotels nationwide, is progressing to enhance a province through a mixed-use project in Nakhon Sawan, creating a new economic city and announcing the grand opening of Central Nakhon Sawan, a mixed-use project of the future and Central Pattana’s 41st shopping center. Central Nakhon Sawan will serve as the Center of Life for Thailand’s upper central region, upgrading and connecting every lifestyle in all aspects and fulfilling the needs of all generations. The project is strengthened by a shopping center, convention halls, hotel, condominium and for the first time with neighboring components such as Synphaet Hospital and a 2-rai Multi-Generation Space. Central Nakhon Sawan is equipped to be a complete lifestyle shopping destination that brings together the most comprehensive and largest number of brands in the upper central region – featuring over 200 brands. Central Nakhon Sawan is opening on 31 January 2024 under the concept of ‘Daily Happiness at Paradise City’, with 12 days and 12 highlights of opening celebration events to deliver an unexpected experience for everyone in Nakhon Sawan province.

Fulfil all lifestyles in one place at Central Nakhon Sawan – Daily Happiness at Paradise City; click:

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Chief Marketing Officer for Central Pattana plc, said: “Nakhon Sawan province is a hidden gem with strong economic and tourism potential as an economic center that connects the central and northern regions in addition to future urbanization thanks to future mega infrastructure such as high-speed rail and the extension of the northern railway. In addition, Nakhon Sawan is an important logistics hub and the province’s Chinese New Year Festival is the third largest in the country after Bangkok and Phuket. Central Pattana, as a ‘Place Maker’ that develops the space of future, saw the potential of Nakhon Sawan and its growth in every aspect, and that’s why we launched Central Nakhon Sawan as a complete mixed-use project of the future and aim for the project to become an important magnet that attracts prosperity to Nakhon Sawan province in every aspect – with a prime location in the heart of the city. We aim to support Nakhon Sawan as a new great attraction that everyone will want to visit and also help to create jobs and a sustainable income for people in the province.

Central Nakhon Sawan, the Center of Life for Thailand’s upper central region, is upgrading and connecting every lifestyle in all aspects and fulfilling the needs of all generations. The project includes a shopping center, convention halls, hotel, condominium, Synphaet Hospital and large Multi-Generation Space green space in the heart of the city. The design of Central Nakhon Sawan is inspired by the unique features of Nakhon Sawan such as ‘Pak Nam Pho’ sub-district, where four rivers converge together, in addition to Thai-Chinese Culture, which is reflected through the interior and exterior design to create outstanding contemporary architecture.

Marking itself as the Landmark of Quality Lifestyle & Living with 5 Strong Magnetic Highlights:

1. Bringing together the complete and largest number of brands in the upper central region – more than 200 brands and bringing along over 60 well-known brands that are opening their first branches in Nakhon Sawan province at Central Nakhon Sawan – fulfilling its ambition to become the complete lifestyle shopping destination.

– Fashion & Lifestyle: Uniqlo, Muji, Adidas, Birkenstock, Beautrium, Crocs, Cps-Chaps, CC Double O, Converse, Levi’s, Lyn, Lyn Around, Jaspal, Jelly Bunny, The Next, Glazzig and Optical 88.

– Food: Bonchon, Boost Juice, Gaga, Kansei Sushi, Laem Charoen, Passion Brew Café, Sukishi Korean Charcoal Grill, Zen, Fresh Me, Fuji, Inthanin, Kamu, Katsuya, Koi The, Laoyuan, Ochaya, Oishi Ramen, Olino, Ootoya, Pepper Lunch, Salad Factory and Yaki-

– IT, Education & Beauty Clinic: I Studio, TG Fone, Shichida, Playsound, Nakhon Sawan tutoring school: The G, The Klinique, Gangnam Clinic, Nitipon Clinic and Infinity Medial.

Visit the first Central department store, the largest branch in the upper central region, designed under the concept of a ‘Chinese Village’ on 13,500 m2 space, reflecting Nakhon Sawan’s unique identity. Inspiring daily life with a complete shopping experience, catering to all needs – beauty, fashion, products for mothers and children, and home decor. Ready to meet diverse lifestyles, genders, and ages with over 500 leading brands like Lancome, Estee Lauder, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Samsonite, Dyson, Nespresso, and more. Enhance your shopping with top-notch services like Personal Shopper on Demand (call 1425, press 3) providing convenience and exclusive privileges. Services include Central Call & Shop (phone order), Chat & Shop on Line @CentralOfficial, or through Facebook, including TikTok Shop: Central Department Store, Central App, offering a comprehensive mobile and online experience at Our goal is to boost Nakhon Sawan’s economy sustainably, investing over 500 million baht. This includes Central Group, Tops, Supersports, Power Buy, B2S, OfficeMate, together with Magnet Anchors brands such as SF Cinema and Jetts Fitness.

2. Multi-Generation Space – A large green space of over 4,000 m2 that can accommodate people of all ages; families can enjoy quality time together in such places as: Kids Playground, Pet’s Park and the Longevity Space, which is designed as a vertical walkway – ideal for health-conscious people in addition to elderly special services for seniors for customer convenience.

3. Health & Wellness – Neighboring component: Synphaet Hospital is within the project to ensure that it is the most complete mixed-use for the future. There is the ‘Wellness Zone’, which has been designed to support and connect with the hospital for future use such as zones for Fitness, Sports Anchors and Beauty Services.

4. Art & Culture – Each zone is designed to be connected in a holistic view, with five ‘Hidden Photo Spots’ that incorporate Nakhon Sawan features into the designs of manhole covers, in five locations throughout the shopping center. In addition, there are mascots of happiness: five lions and tigers which links to the lion dance performance of Nakhon Sawan – the only place in Thailand where five different kinds of lion masks are used in the show.

5. EV Charging Station – Embracing the eco-friendly trend, with services to support customers who use electric vehicles and becoming a complete ‘transportation hub’ surrounded by various attractions of the province. Central Nakhon Sawan will serve as a starting point/destination to connect the dots for tourists visiting nearby attractions. The parking lot can accommodate over 1,650 cars and 1,200

Creating ‘Awakening City’ and putting forward local economic festivals

Supporting and taking part in all festivals in the province will ensure that Nakhon Sawan is spotlighted by events throughout the year. The project will help drive the city’s economy with art & cultural co-creation events such as ‘Thailand Coffee Hub’, the largest coffee festival in the North; the OTOP Roadshow of 5-star products from all over the country; supporting and participating in the 108th anniversary of the traditional Chinese New Year Procession of the god and goddess of Pak Nam Pho; the first time in a decade with the full-form Nakhon Sawan Motor Show 2024; the first Nakhon Sawan Songkran Festival; and the province’s first Nakhon Sawan Art & Fashion Week, with fashion shows on sandy beaches in the middle of the shopping center, etc.

Celebrate the 12-day grand opening of Central Nakhon Sawan on 31 January with 12 highlights

Mr. Wisit Ariya, General Manager of Central Nakhon Sawan, said: “The grand opening event taking place on 31 January will be huge and epic for the people of Nakhon Sawan. The opening of Central Nakhon Sawan is an auspicious time for us as we welcome the Year of the Dragon, an auspicious year that comes only once every 12 years. That’s why we are holding the event under the concept of 12 levels of heaven and 12 days of happiness. In addition, we will ensure that we deliver an ‘unexpected experience’ for the people of Nakhon Sawan and nearby provinces throughout the year.”


Central Nakhon Sawan opens on Wednesday, 31 January 2024 at 11:00 am, with special highlights such as spectacular shows from popular actress and actor Bella Ranee and James Jirayu in a performance entitled ‘The Cloud of Happiness’, which is inspired by Pak Nam Pho. The first time over Nakhon Sawan airspace with a procession of more than 300 drones, which will transform into letters and images and over 15 minutes of spectacular fireworks. Enjoy watching a parade of the five auspicious heaven dragons, five LED golden and silver dragons with a total length of more than 175 meters – the longest in Thailand. Visit Suk Sawan market, which includes many local products of Nakhon Sawan in an exclusive format. Meet with the Divine Dragon, the grand dragon sculpture, ancient Chinese village of five ethnicities, cultural heritage of the original Chinese people in Nakhon Sawan, Heaven Lantern Tunnel decorated with hand-painted lanterns from local artists and Nakhon Sawan residents, Nakhon Sawan’s special food items made from local ingredients and from five well-known restaurants in Nakhon Sawan such as Laem Charoen Seafood, Bar-B-Q Plaza, Lao Yuan, Salad Factory and Sukishi. All Mutelu fans (sacred items worshipers): be sure to check out the 2,024 Lucky Charms that have been blessed in a Buddhist consecration ceremony from Wat Mangkon and the sacred shrines of Nakhon Sawan (The Chao Mae Tuptim Shrine).

Enjoy exclusive Central Nakhon Sawan opening promotions: Spend 1,500 baht and up on shopping*, get a chance to win a YAMAHA Grand Filano 2023 worth 64,700 baht (one prize) or YAMAHA Fazzio 2022 worth 54,900 baht (one prize). Spend 3,000 baht and up on shopping*, get a free Fluffy Bag Central Nakhon Sawan Limited Edition, soft like a cloud, worth 1,190 baht; spend 50,000 baht on shopping, get a Central Cash Voucher worth 2,000 baht. The1 and Central Life X members, when spending 8,000 baht and up on Friday*, get 10X The1 points, Central Life X members, purchase a 200-baht non-refundable Food Patio food card, get an additional 50 baht* and when spending 1,500 baht and up on shopping*, get a movie ticket from SF Cinema; exclusively at Central Nakhon Sawan. Enjoy a ‘LUCKY SET FOR YOU’ from 31 Jan to 4 Feb 2024, get a chance to win an auspicious message card from Sinsae Pennueng and limited-edition auspicious items from Central Nakhon Sawan x Akkara Bangkok, Chinese New Year Special Collection Card Holders and Central Gift voucher worth 100 baht*.

Note: Promotion terms and conditions are as specified by the company, stores and banks. Please check additional conditions and promotion details at the gift redemption point, Central Nakhon Sawan.

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