VITTORIO is the finest residential architecture in the EM District. It is superior with unparalleled distinction inspired by the high life of Florentine noble families in ancient Italy. Representing Living in the Masterpiece concept and demonstrating a timeless modern-style grandeur as the one and only to excel in every dimension, VITTORIO is where aesthetics blends perfectly with lifestyle for every detail has been meticulously created just like the crafting of the world’s only art masterpiece.

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AP (Thailand) PLC. บริษัท เอพี (ไทยแลนด์) จำกัด ( มหาชน )


Sukhumvit 39

สถานีรถไฟ BTS

BTS พร้อมพงษ์ Distance 100 m.



Airport Rail Link


สถานี BRT



1 rai 2 ngarn 93 square wah






142 (161%) with parking for super cars




Club Kinetic , Arno Vitality Pool , Salone 39, Galleria Medici, VITTORIO Concierge






1 bedroom


2 bedroom

100-140 square meters

3 bedroom



167 square meters


270-306 square meters




3 Metres

ราคาเริ่มต้น / ตรม.

350,000 per square meters

ราคาเริ่มต้น / ยูนิต

28 million bath



Sinking Fund fee





(061) 491 8888

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VITTORIO – The Epitome of Living in the Masterpiece


VITTORIO is the finest residential architecture in the EM District.  It is superior  with unparalleled distinction inspired by the high life of Florentine noble families     in ancient Italy.  Representing Living in the Masterpiece concept and demonstrating a timeless modern-style grandeur as the one and only to excel in every dimension, VITTORIO is where aesthetics blends perfectly with lifestyle for every detail has been meticulously created just like the crafting of the world’s only art masterpiece.


It offers an incomparable super luxury living experience of life embraced by Palissandro Bluette Italian marble in grey-blue-brown glittering shades oozing the charm from glittering mineral veins in the rock layers giving the marble its glowing natural wood prints.  The fact that the marble is found only on Italy’s northern mountain range makes it the world’s rarest and most valuable material.   In ancient times, only the royals and those of great taste would be able to have the Palissandro Bluette in possession.


Considering the thoroughness, sensitivity and sophistication involved in curating the prints of the marble with the finest elements from the quarry, AP’s management flew to Italy to personally be in charge of the selection in the mine.  Also, every furniture has   been made with the finest craftsmanship by world-class designer Alexander Lamont  to ensure it is exclusive to VITTORIO.


VITTORIO, an AP masterpiece, integrates a space layout inspiration of the Uffizi Gallery, a world-renowned art museum for paintings and sculptures in Florence, with a design exquisiteness and a fine selection of sculptures, paintings and art pieces – all of which have been created with great attention.


An inspiration was also drawn from the Vasari Corridor, a secret passage of Grand Duke Demici I (Grand Duke Corsimo I of Medici), a wealthy ruler of  ancient Florence, to lay out the interior of the residence to ensure privacy where the living quarter is separate from the back-of-the house area.  Each mansion has a separate sub entrance to the service area with service staff and residents using separate lift access.


The Uffizi Gallery is one of the world’s most important and famous museums for paintings and sculptures.  It houses a great number of painting masterpieces by Italian artists, particularly those from the Renaissance.  The design of the space in the Uffizi Gallery is sublime.  It takes craftsmanship and dedication to the highest standards and translates them into modern spatial design where classic ideals of beauty are  harmonised with contemporary grandeur.  It represents the spirit of the Medici family in ways beyond the limit of time, a source of inspiration behind VITTORIO’s spatial  design from the architect’s draft to interior layout – a symmetric transfer, specially curated art pieces and the most complete marble work.


The Galleria Medici – VITTORIO’s entrance hall, displays a collection of beguiling paintings by renowned artists, each work specially curated for VITTORIO. Palissandro Bluette Italian marble in glittering grey-blue-brown shades graces the soaring, six-meter-high atrium, providing a fitting background for powerful works of art.


The Vasari Corridor is Italy’s Roman Empire architecture.  On the oldest bridge in Florence over the Arno River is a secret passage – the Vasari Corridor of Grand Duke Demici I (Grand Duke Corsimo I of Medici), a wealthy ruler of ancient Florence, who commissioned master architect Giogio Vasari to build it in 1565 so he could travel between the Palazzo Vecchio town hall and his residential castle the Palazzo Pitti  across the other side of the river freely, privately and undisturbed.

VITTORIO offers the ‘ultimate seclusion’ for residents to live and pursue a lifestyle conveniently and comfortably, with the assurance that only the owner and his/her special ones can take a stroll on the private space no other can share.


Amid the hectic way of life in the city, VITTORIO offers the village beyond the limits of resident privacy with the assuance that only the owner can enjoy the eternal asthetic joy perfectly created by AP (Thailand).


VITTORIO – The Distinctive One



     The layout of VITTORIO attends to privacy.  As a consequence, there are only 88 residences and the four corners of the building are where individual residences are situated.  All residences share no common walls.  This helps reduce noise, heat and improves ventilation guaranteeing exceptionally quiet surroundings and heightening the concept of craftsmanship in design.



     Every residence is a corner unit offering splendid views from floor-to-ceiling windows in a continuous montage from the living room across a spacious balcony and up to the master bedroom, from where residents enjoy a breathtaking panoramic vista.



Each mansion includes a back-of-the-house area, service corridors, and separate lift access for service staff such as maids, nannies and drivers, ensuring uncompromised privacy.



Palazzo VITTORIO: Three-storey Penthouse of 27—306 square meters (2 units)

Duplex este: Duplex Manision of 167 square meters (6 units)

VITTORIO Villa: Two-Bedroom Mansion of 100-140 square meters (80 units)



Club Kinetic: VITTORIO’s exclusive health and fitness facility on the 28th floor

Arno Vitality Pool: A truly immersive aquatic wellness experience at the first  and only residence in Thailand on the 27th floor

Salone 39: Glorious ambiente esclusivo for private gatherings on the 28th floor

Galleria Medici: A lavish private lobby with a collection of invaluable paintings

VITTORIO Concierge: Available with services of a 5-star hotel


VITTORIO – The Ultimate Location in the Heart of Bangkok   


VITTORIO places you amongst the action, right in the heart of Bangkok’s most vibrant neighborhood.



VITTORIO is located only one minute walk from Phrom Phong skytrain station.  There are multiple road shortcuts to provide easy vehicle access to anywhere in Bangkok.

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