Mandarin Oriental: The Insight of Global’s Legendary Brand

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What is your inspiration to choose some hotel to stay when you’re on vacation? For some traveler with a high budget, the hotel is one of those important things for the perfect trip. Not just any hotel anywhere but different hotel can also mean different experiences. Today, there are lots of hospitality brand but only some of them really have the distinguished in all elements. Both in architecture, interior and also the world-class service. One of them is Mandarin Oriental, the popular brand of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, a legend for a long time. A combination of luxury, between old and modern. It’s a luxury living of 21 century through a unique and beautiful design with distinctive flavors. But having the accessibility in every location, whether it’s New York, Washington DC, Miami, Las Vegas, Boston, Atlanta, London, Barcelona, Geneva, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Prague, Munich, Marrakesh, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and also Bangkok.

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Every projects under the brand of Mandarin Oriental always have an excellent service by system of “Legendary Quality Experiences” to reach every customers expectation without any liability and create unforgettable experience for all of them. All feedbacks from customers are tracked and stored in a systematic way by technique of complex research. And that is the way they understand trends and also demand that always change.


By the way, when comparing number of hotels and rooms with other hotel chains, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group might not be the biggest chain in the world and it is not the goal of the hotel either. The most important is the world best “Luxury Hospitality”

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Factors that help Mandarin Oriental getting successful and catching travelers heart is that they stand for the “Brand Promise” or the commitment of the brand that determinate to prevail their room service and serve the customers with the best service. This standard makes Mandarin Oriental became the symbol of luxury around the world.

The obligation that was clearly announced is “Delight our guests…to make a difference every day, continually getting better to keep us the best…” or making customer being happy, delighted and pleased of doing something different to make something better and to keep the excellences as well.


The campaign Mandarin Oriental used in marketing communications is considered as presenting with tact by using celebrities who were known to the world from various circles, like  Geoffrey Rush, Helen Mirren Lucy Liu, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Chirstian Louboutin, Vivienne Tam, Michelle Yeoh and Vanessa Mae with a very short but sharp sentence like “She’s a fan” and “He’s a fan”. The word “fan” except the meaning of a fan to the Hotel Mandarin Oriental, it also means as a “Chinese fan” which use as a symbol of the Mandarin Oriental too.

Which presented in the point view of Lord Lichfield and Mary McCartney, professional photographer, by a movie advertising. Presenting the point of impression and experiences they have to the brand of Mandarin Oriental and telling why that they have got was so special. There are some print ads, which are simple but also luxury, powerful and have a meaningful information. The payment that should be paid to each of them, Mandarin Oriental has brought to donate to the foundation as these celebrities wants to.


Why The Residences at Mandarin Oriental is one of a kind?


Not only the hotel business that Mandarin Oriental was recognized for the excellences because of the identity and the brand with a powerful hospitality. They’ve now relayed to the elegant residential business like The Residences at Mandarin Oriental as a true luxury living. The main concept is to serve in the same “Key location” as the hotel. Customers of the Resident, except the convenience and the privacy that they will get in the living area, they will also get the same service as hotel customers and are able to use all facilities at the hotel as well. There are also 24 hours of room service, the first place using the service was in New York, 2003. Located next to Mandarin Oriental New York, with a commitment to develop their residential-project to be the best of the world by having best service, facilities and the management with best efficiency.

Are you ready for The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok?

For Thailand, we are welcoming The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok which is located at ICONSIAM. A pleasant and indicates the potential of our property industry is: this is the first living-project of brand Mandarin Oriental in Southeast Asia.

However, The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bandkok is a second project after Magnolias Waterfront Residences at ICONSIAM, the project that results from the consolidation of The Icon Siam Super deluxe Residences Corporation Ltd.,(affiliates of Magnolias and CP) and the world class hotel brand with the legends and stories of long time like Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, the owner and manager to the most luxurious hotels, resorts and residences in the world.

For someone that wants to own some living-property or condominium with a standard of Ultra-Luxury, this is your answer. With world class service that focus on “Personalized Service”, which is above the level of attention and satisfy the individual to all customers as well. This is difference from other condominiums, even with the luxury but without some element or cooperate intimately from experts like Mandarin Oriental, the brand of world class hospitality with their experiences for a long time, would probably be hard to get up to the level with a special service. And this is the value of the brand that promote and adding value to the project of this luxury living property.


Latest, The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok at ICONSIAM has launched a new movie advertising, to celebrate the success of the unit sale reached more than 70%.


By presenting a happy lifestyle living at the river side at The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok at ICONSIAM, in a magnificent Asia-style atmosphere on the world class living standard with full facilities and super luxury service in Mandarin Oriental’s style.

As you can see, wherever Mandarin Oriental marketing themselves, the marketing communication are still keeping simple but in a highly standard. Like the latest movie advertising, it tells a story of impressions and special experiences you can get if you choose The Residences at Mandarin Oriental. From your first step to every world class in every minute.


This movie advertising tells about the best service of the standard of world class by Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. The story of legend for a long time are today conveyed to The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok that located on the other side of Chaopraya-river. By the high level of luxury, the elegance service and attention to all customers. By using a family with their little daughter, it tells about the second time for this couple visiting Hotel Mandarin Oriental Bangkok but this time they have one more member. The picture of the first step, enter to the hotel until every service the little girl have got from every staff, leads her to the new world but still heartwarming at The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, it still have the symbol of style, full of luxury and convenience. In addition, of course, this Legacy send from generation to another generation as well.

For all luxury condominiums, there is always a competition about the hardware. But what makes you be the winner of all the customers’ hearts is the software or the heart and the standard of the service. Those factors will help to promote the status and the pride for all the residents. Moreover, when the integrity of the location combined with the luxury in both hardware and software, makes The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok being wanted by the residents who have a luxury lifestyle and want something special but also different. To see it more clearly, we’ve delve into the details of the project and founded a lot of remarkable symbol like.


Location, which is special, outstanding, beautiful and glamorous- The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. With the ultimate location on Charoennakorn road by Chao Phraya river at the project ICONSIAM with the area of 50 rai. There is another luxury accommodation with the height if 70 floors, it is Magnolias Waterfront Residences-project and it’s also the place of one of the world’s latest luxury, elegance and ultramodern shopping mall. As well as traveler’s attraction, 7 of them, that will be a new phenomenon of Thailand, a walkway beside Chao Phraya river which has a beauty design and absolutely amazing.

The gorgeous, modern and luxury architecture – eye-catching and fascinating from the first sight. By its design of high building which shows the elegance with 3 colors: silver, gold and pink gold, represent the precious and prosperous of Thai art. The Façade that have the modern line of future but have the classic Thai architecture as well.

It is hard to find some project with the best combination like this – a long time of legend and story of the brand Mandarin Oriental with a feeling near nature and a style of Thailand combine with modern building and world class standard.


A capital which is more than other projects – increase a total capital for the project to 9,000 millions bath – a capital per one square meter is also 30% more than other living project in Bangkok are using. Moreover, there are private elevator for each unit with great space and ceiling height at 3.2 m. and a central area that is almost 3 times bigger than other premium condominium in Bangkok. With a sale price starts with 350.000 baht per sq.m. and for the penthouse starts with 550.000 baht per sq.m. The size of the rooms are between 130-230 sq.m. per unit, the penthouse and penthouse duplex with 2 bedrooms have the size between 380-710 sq.m.

Information of the project

52 floors 146 units on an area of 4.9 rai, divided into

  • 2 bedrooms 87 sq.m. – 40 sq.m.
  • 3 bedrooms 21 sq.m. – 88 sq.m.
  • Penthouse 93 sq.m. – 98 sq.m.
  • Penthouse Duplex 12 sq.m. – 28 sq.m.

Every units are open up for the panoramic view of Chao Phraya-river, emphasize the high ceiling, open and airy. That unit with the lowest ceiling, it has a height at 3.2 m. Enjoy the River Clubhouse at 4-5th floor with facilities and Sky Pavilion at 36th floor with a beautiful view of Bangkok.

Purchasing Options

Customers can choose to buy with “Fully Fitted” or “Fully Furnished”, which is designed by the international interior like Joyce Wang with interior design work for many world class projects, like Hotel Mandarin Oriental Landmark Hong Kong, Mandarin Oriental London, Xintaindi Penthouse and headquarter of KHH.

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