“YourNextU School of Life” announces the launch of a major rebrand Appointing new management and unveiling the campaign “Behind Every Success Are Essential Life Skills” with the aim to grow 10 times in 3 years as “Life Skills Center” to empower Thai people to excel in real life

เกริก บุณยโยธิน 11 August, 2022 at 10.53 am

– YourNextU rebranding as YourNextU School of Life, a Life Skills Center that empowers Thai people to have better life opportunities in all aspects through the development of soft skills

– Announcing the appointment of Boom Bunyanuch as Managing Director to help ignite a turning point for the Thai education business, and penetrate the B2C market, aiming to be the number one leader of the learning platform and society in Thailand

– Launching the campaign “Behind Every Success is Soft Skill.” to reaffirm the importance of life skills for success in career and personal life through the approach of different thinking and viewpoints that lead to growth and successful results

– Introducing special launch package “5 Life Skills for Success in All Aspects of Life” opening for registration today – 31 August 2022. For more details, visit www.yournextu.com/professional

Amid the current changing world where everyone has to adapt, SEAC, the leader in people and organization development that ignites a passion for lifelong learning, recognized the increasing importance of building life skills for Thai people and rebranded YourNextU by SEAC as YourNextU School of Life, a Life Skills Center that empowers Thai people to have a better life in every aspect.

Arinya Talerngsri, Managing Director of SEAC said “In the world of work today one major transition is the sole focus on hard skills alone may not be sufficient for working people to improve their abilities and survive. A recent survey estimated that by 2030, almost two-thirds of all occupations would be based on soft skills to tackle the new working challenges. That’s why earning good grades in school no longer guarantees success in life in the modern world but you also need to be well versed in real life as well. SEAC has relentlessly accelerated new product and service development to meet changing market demand and evolving global trends.  As a thought leader and exemplification of design organization offering experiences and courses to suit learners and business organizations in line with the context of Thai society, we have been successful in helping develop work skills, build leadership skills, and strategic thinking skills for more than 1.5 million executives, business leaders, and personnel in more than 1,000 private sector organizations, state enterprises, and government agencies. We believe that the transformation of YourNextU led by Boonyanuch Boonbumrungsub as the new Managing Director will help us develop innovative learning courses and marketing activities to reshape the Thai education business and help more people develop essential soft skills with a new learning experience that is accessible for everyone.”

Boonyanuch Boonbumrungsub, Managing Director of YourNextU by SEAC added that “While we all know that what they do teach you at school doesn’t make you smart in real life, we are also struggling with how to reach for learning courses of high quality which are limited to ‘corporate people as well as the negative stigma of learning as boring tasks.  YourNextU School of Life is devised to help you cross these thresholds and serve as a Life Skills Center that promotes lifelong learning for ‘everyone in society to get them well-equipped and reach their personal and career goals.

Our key strengths are being a space that promotes unlimited learning and a learning platform that goes beyond the online classroom, with tools and experiences designed to enable continuous learning and connected to the real-life situation outside the classroom with course content from world-class institutions and easy-to-access, diverse and practical learning environment known as 4Line Learning, which consists of:

– InLine – In-person group class with experts – where participants can interact with each other in state-of-the-art classrooms at our Center, or attend live online via Zoom

– OnLine – Learn by yourself through videos – convenient, anytime, anywhere

– BeeLine – Learn from friends with YourNextU Community where you can share experiences, learn from each other, build connections through the circle of friends, and join fun activities

– FrontLine – Learn by doing from a collection of practical knowledge, tips, and techniques, all ready to download

The first marketing campaign of YourNextU School of Life is proactively launched to reach our target audience by communicating the notion of “Behind Every Success is Soft Skill.”in order to make people realize the importance of soft skills that are not taught at school. We also devise innovative, trend-setting marketing strategy encompassing both online and offline channels, piloting with billboards in city center areas and ‘Soft (Skills) Serve Ice-cream’ roadshow activities, as well as educational activities through partnership with thought leaders with different and diverse perspectives of thinking to spark a positive attitude.  The campaign is expected to help us expand our student base from nearly 50,000 people today to reach 500,000 people by the end of 2025. We anticipate that our rebranding to YourNextU School of Life will be a key driver in transforming the Thai education business and set us apart as a true industry leader.”

According to Anuphong Assavabhokhin, Chief Executive Officer, AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited, a key business partner of YourNextU, “As a major real estate developer, we have always adhered to the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principle in all aspect of our business operations.  From the Social perspective, we are determined to be a part of improving Thai people’s quality of life. Our goal is to be an organization that empowers people to maximize their potential by helping them build the skills of the future and live a good life on their terms through various projects and initiatives.  As the education gap still exists today, I believe that a learning platform like YourNextU will help transform Thai people to better meet the needs of the job market today and tomorrow.  With various courses that YourNextU has on offer, Thai learners can have easy access to valuable resources for life skills development and self-improvement.  As a partner of YourNextU, we strive to be a part of raising the bar for education in Thailand by supporting everyone in the society to develop the skills and knowledge needed to keep abreast of a changing world.  I believe that Khun Boom will certainly come up with innovative ideas to inspire Thai people to never stop learning.”

YourNextU believes in lifelong learning and aims to help Thai people to reach their full potential by equipping them with essential life skills and success in life.  No one is too old to learn and the more you learn, the more opportunities you can have. Self-improvement is a lifelong journey for everyone.

5 Life Skills for Success in All Aspects of Life from “YourNextU School of Life”, that have a proven track record of success at raising student achievement worldwide, will make your life better in every aspect, consist of:

1. Growth Mindset – Think out of the box and turn problems into opportunities – develop continuous learning skills by believing in every possibility, dare to think, do, and try new things, building mental resilience, being ready to leave the comfort zone, and grow steadily in a dynamic world.

2. Outward Mindset – Keep your mind open, listen to others and find a win-win solution – A path to success starts from understanding people around you, at work and in personal life.

3. The Four Houses of DISC – The science of communicating with and understanding people by dividing people into 4 types and guide you to learn how to live with different types of people starting from getting to know your personality type, understanding others through personality psychology, and determining their strengths and weaknesses as well as behavior traits of each type of person, how to communicate with people of different personality styles to build good relationships with others.

4. Emotional Intelligence – Understand the effects of emotions and how to control emotions under stressful situations, be able to perceive and manage your own emotions so you can socialize better with people and enhance persuasion skills.

5. Self-Leadership – Develop leadership skills by awakening the leader in you, with the courage to stand up and make a change yourself without waiting for opportunities to come or help from anyone.

For the first and only time, YourNextU School of Life invites you to decode your success with 5 Life Skills for Success in All Aspects of Life!!  Each skill course for one price at 999 baht only (from the normal price of 3,900 baht).  You can choose either online live classes via Zoom or in-person classes at YourNextU @FYI Center. The offer is valid today until 31 August 2022. For more information visit www.yournextu.com/professional.

Discover new learning experiences and how to build essential life skills for a better life in every aspect with YourNextU School of Life at https://www.yournextu.com/


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เกริก บุณยโยธิน

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