WWD Bloomage Live: Bloomage LIVE Wukesong Lighting Scene Creation – “Nightless City in Western Beijing” Brilliant and Charming Night Colors

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Located in the Wukesong commercial district of Beijing, BloomageLIVE-Wukesong positions itself with vibrancy, live experiences, and engagement, aiming to create a five-hour fashionable lifestyle circle and an urban vitality interactive experience space for young people. Centered around the core values and visual tone of the brand, WWD has upgraded the commercial scene design of BloomageLIVE-Wukesong from the perspectives of scenario experience and atmosphere creation, crafting a fully immersive interactive experience space and a field of happiness and energy.

Utilizing technologies such as interactive lighting and naked-eye 3D screens to enhance the dynamic vitality of the “West Beijing Night City,” brand visual memories are highlighted at key points through wayfinding signage and large installations. These interactive experiences activate emotional touchpoints, increasing the desire to visit and consumer loyalty. This system of super brand symbols establishes differentiated mental positioning among young customers, becoming a strong driving force for the sustainable development of BloomageLIVE-Wukesong.


1. Opening the Kaleidoscope of Life

People from all directions flock to this kaleidoscope of modern urban life. Each entrance design presents a unique brand visual identity. The dual-mode day and night experience outlines the first scenic view of the commercial district.

On the north and south sides, there stand huge leaves, resembling futuristic spacecraft floating in the air, carving an elegant arc across the skyline. Below, pixel screens crafted with exquisite stitching techniques transform into various fashionable and avant-garde themes. Through ingenious arrangement and creative design, they convey the vitality and enthusiasm of the younger generation, like a flowing digital ocean, perfectly blending technology, art, and commerce.

Walking through this subway corridor feels like stepping into a sea of dreamy flowers. The ceiling and walls of the corridor are covered with countless flowers intertwined with dazzling lights, creating an illusion of crossing into a fantastical wonderland. In this corridor that connects reality and fantasy, daily commuting transforms into a spiritual journey.

The large tensile membrane structure at the north entrance is illuminated by colorful lights at night, creating a dreamlike and futuristic visual experience. The striking and cool “BloomageLIVE-Wukesong” brand signage, through light and shadow design and structural layout, complements the on-site atmosphere lighting. Together, they create commercial beauty, further enhancing visitors’ recognition of this trendy commercial brand.

At the south entrance stands a wayfinding tower composed of stacked cubes. The three-dimensional design gives the signage a sculptural beauty. Each side of the tower conveys different information, with bright colors and playful text enhancing the effectiveness and recognizability of the information.

The interactive installation evolved from the “BloomageLIVE” logo further strengthens the brand’s visual identity. Inside the geometric outline is a funhouse mirror, allowing pedestrians to see their distorted reflections as they pass through. Meanwhile, the touch-sensitive lightbox at the base lights up to interact, enhancing the fun of the on-site experience.

East Entrance features four towering advertising columns as its landmark, with vivid advertising images and neon lights creating a strong visual impact, serving as the boundary between the commercial and venue areas. At dusk, the lingering sunlight and neon lights complement each other, making the district the focal point of the city’s nightlife.


2. Unlocking Fantasy Night of Technology

The core of the central square is an open steel structure framework, serving as the main venue for large-scale events and the primary location for the winter fun ice rink. Through illuminated design techniques on the overall contour of the steel structure, it presents a science fiction effect at night. Dynamic water fountain displays in various colors, resembling a feast of water and light. Surrounding shops and stalls resemble scattered islands, creating an open and inclusive commercial atmosphere.

The huge tensile membrane structure looks like a lotus floating in mid-air, rendering the fantasy color of Tiaotiao Street at night.

The immense tensile membrane structure resembles a floating lotus in midair, creating a fantasy color scheme for the night of Tiaotiao Street. The staggered container buildings and stairs at corners add to the landscape at nodes, creating a multi-dimensional, attractive urban space. Cafés, restaurants, and various boutique shops are arranged in an orderly manner, blending retro and modern elements, tradition and innovation coexisting. Immersed in a multisensory urban panorama, every corner is full of delightful discoveries.

As night falls, the bar street welcomes its most splendid moments. The architectural design leans towards retro style, with red lanterns, quaint rooftops, and walls filled with neon signs, exuding a strong nostalgic atmosphere. Clever layouts create pedestrian flows and visual focal points, continuously attracting people with new visual elements, maintaining their interest in exploration.

From traditional Chinese elements to modern artistic expressions, each sign is like an independent artwork. Meticulously crafted patterns and texts not only convey commercial information but also express culture and emotions. Neon lights interweave into a colorful curtain of light, where people wander or sit quietly, enjoying a dual feast of fine food, drinks, and atmospheric scenes.


3. Encounter the Symphony of Heartbeats

Love Square infuses the commercial space with emotion and warmth. The gentle halo of warm light cascades down, enveloping people in a love tunnel woven by light and shadow. Humanized installations create emotional focal points for love and connection, layering and intertwining to form a strong romantic atmosphere.

The adventure park, blending fun and challenges, invites people to experience the dual thrill of speed and excitement. The Light Adventure: Time-Space Slide combines motion with stillness and contrasts colorful lights, creating a place for young people to release energy and challenge themselves. Neon lights outline the smooth curves of the slide’s structure, resembling a time tunnel that leads people into a world full of unknowns and exploration.

From the vibrant themed district to the cool digital interactive experiences, the multidimensional brand visual memories continue to resonate in consumers’ minds. BloomageLIVE-Wukesong shines brightly once again in the western part of Beijing, becoming a gathering place for vibrant fashion and an experiential destination for nightlife.


Project information

Project name: BloomageLIVE-Wukesong

Company name: Beijing Bloomage WanWu Design Co.,Ltd

Design Consultant:  Zhipeng Cui (Chief Engineer of Bloomage International )

Chief Designer:  Juanjuan Liu,  Wei Chen

Design team: Juanjuan Liu,  Wei Chen,  Linjing Zhu,  Wenya Cui

Project Photography: TOPIA Vision

Project area: 70,000 square meters

Project copywriter: Nan Lin

Project planner: Le Brand Strategy Agency

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