MQDC Launches ‘THE FORESTIAS’, a World-First Integration of Nature and Community, under an ‘Imagine Happiness’ Concept with a Project Value of over THB90bn (USD2.8bn)

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THE FORESTIAS encapsulates MQDC’s DNA – ‘for all well-being’ – enabling sustainable happiness through a world-first fusion of four core elements: Nature, Multi-generations, Community, and Sustainnovation


Conceived under the concept ‘Imagine Happiness’, the project covers 300 rai (119 acres) at Bangna-Trad Road km 7, with a project value of over THB90 billion (USD2.8bn)


THE FORESTIAS is the world’s first mixed-use multi-generational lifestyle project to establish and incorporate a large forest ecosystem


Creating an ideal living environment integrated with a balanced ecosystem, MQDC joined forces with global partners such as Foster + Partners which provided consultancy on the architectural master plan, EEC Engineering Network, which helped research and develop systems in the buildings based on MQDC’s concept of Sustainnovation, Atelier Ten for sustainability systems, ITEC Entertainment for experience and entertainment, Six Senses for hospitality and residential management, and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health for healthy living and well-being


The mixed-use multi-generational lifestyle project encompasses residential housing, retail buildings, office buildings, a health center, an innovation center, a forest pavilion, community space, a learning center, and an extensive natural ecosystem


Set to officially open in 2022

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) unveils its latest business development plan, transforming a piece of land in Bangna into a real estate phenomenon under its Magnolias, the Aspen Tree, and Whizdom brands with collaborations from global partners.


THE FORESTIAS, with a project value of over THB90 billion (USD2.8bn), is the world’s first property development to introduce a living environment integrated into a natural ecosystem to provide sustainable happiness under the concept ‘Imagine Happiness’.


The mixed-use multi-generational lifestyle project spans 300 rai (119 acres), including residential housing and low- and high-rise buildings, retail buildings, office buildings, a health center,  an innovation center, a forest pavilion, community space, a learning center, and Asia’s largest-ever forest ecosystem in a mixed-use lifestyle project.


The project is designed for all multi-generational lifestyles and all families. Construction begins in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2022.


Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of MQDC, a company under DTGO Corporation Limited that develops, invests in, and manages property projects, said, “Today, innovation and technology play a significant role in the economy. They connect living and lifestyle together. Amidst materialistic advancement, the world is challenged in many ways – the natural ecosystem is deteriorating, families are drifting apart creating distance between people, leading to feelings of isolation and depression, and society is aging fast.


“Our company is committed to developing real estate projects to close the gap and bring sustainable happiness with a promise of ‘for all well-being’. We want to offer the best and we do that through ecofriendly design, modern innovation and technology, and enhanced space for all four generations – grandparents, parents, children, and great-grandchildren. The whole community can spend time together and interact, creating a happy society.


THE FORESTIAS was born from the question “What is true happiness in life?” This is not easy to answer because everyone has a different definition of happiness. But one thing is certain: happiness affects our body and mind, the people around us, and the environment. This is the foundation of ‘sustainable happiness’.”

Mr. Kittiphun Ouiyamaphun, Senior Vice President, Project Development, The Forestias, MQDC, said, “This is the first time for a property project to be based on ‘sustainable happiness’. We are working with global partners in designing and creating the project to offer sustainable happiness now and in the future.


“The idea led to the world-first flagship project THE FORESTIAS, which redefines the property industry with a new phenomenon. The THB90 billion [USD2.8bn] project is developed under the concept ‘Imagine Happiness’. There’s something for everyone and every lifestyle at this mixed-use multi-generational lifestyle project, the first of its kind in the world, which includes residential houses and buildings, retail buildings, office buildings, a health center, an innovation center, a forest pavilion, a community space, a learning center, and the largest-ever forest ecosystem in a mixed-use lifestyle project in Asia. Its core elements, or Eternal 4, are 50 Shades of Nature, happiness from living amid nature; Connecting 4 Generations, happiness from being with family members across four generations; Community of Dreams, happiness from space and facilities that allow people to connect and interact with each other; and Sustainnovation for Well-being, technology and innovation that drive sustainability and promote health and well-being. It is the DNA of MQDC to create a new living concept for today and the future.”


Mr. Ouiyamaphun added, “We have global partners who are experts in their fields. Together,  we are creating a living phenomenon in an environment that brings happiness to its residents. This is the first model of its kind in the world. We have worked with Foster + Partners, which provided consultancy on the architectural master plan; EEC Engineering Network, which helped research and develop systems in the buildings based on MQDC’s concept of Sustainnovation, centered on sustainability, social responsibility, and the environment; and Atelier Ten, which has contributed to the research and prevention plan to reduce environmental impact and ensure balance and sustainability through innovations. Atelier Ten is also in charge of monitoring and assessing construction and design to make this project the model for other world-class projects. ITEC Entertainment is in charge of experience and entertainment in the project. To provide a one-of-a-kind experience to residents and visitors, Six Senses has been brought on board for hospitality and residential management services, with a focus on nature, health, and sustainability.”


In addition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health will conduct novel scientific research and data collection related to the impact of the project’s landscape and design features on human health. This new model of urban development that combines healthier buildings with bio-diverse nature, environmental buffers, and infrastructure that promotes physical activity may demonstrably enhance health resilience and greater well-being, both of which are fundamental to happiness.


THE FORESTIAS is on 300 rai (119 acres) at Bangna-Trad Road km 7. Construction begins in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2022.


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The Forestias VDO conceptual –



A flagship project to create a world-first integration of nature and community under an ‘Imagine Happiness’ theme, offering a happy and sustainable lifestyle to everyone.


Location                      Bangna – Trad Road km 7

Project value              over THB90 billion (USD2.8bn)

Meaning of                 THE FORESTIAS

                                        “Forest” refers to “lush greenness in nature”

“Fantasia” refers to “the wonder of endless creativity”


The project’s identity is reflected in the large tree logo in various shades of green with a touch of glitter for a feeling of fantasy that sparks the imagination. Residents can engage in activities that bring them happiness and also derive happiness from nature. The symbols illustrate the project’s character and reflect imagination and happiness through various elements.


Nature” is the main concept of the project, which focuses on living in harmony with nature. The nature in the project promotes coexistence among people, animals, and the forest. The big tree logo contains leaves and animals, referring to an ecosystem that exists in ‘THE FORESTIAS’.

Hand” refers to the relationship among family members who can spend quality time together in nature. It also refers to a good relationship among those in the project, such as neighbors, and an interaction with the outside world as the public can come and enjoy activities in the forest or the retail zones.

Food lid” symbolizes fertility and represents the restaurants within the project, as food is one of the four basic needs.

Cross symbols” refer to health centers, facilities, and services designed for senior residents, so that they can live happily with their family in this project. Should they require medical services, the project provides medical facilities for them in THE FORESTIAS.

Heart” connects every symbol in the logo of THE FORESTIAS and represents the harmony among nature, animals, and families, coexisting happily at THE FORESTIAS.


The project is a mixed-use lifestyle project, the first of its kind in the world, which includes a residential zone, retail space, office space, a health center, an innovation center, a forest pavilion, and a community learning center. It is also the first to construct such a large ecosystem. The core of the project is the Eternal 4:


1. 50 Shades of Nature

Happiness amid a large ecosystem with more than 38 plant species and 123 animal species, providing a balanced and natural space. There are four levels of forest – Deep Forest, Resident Forest, Forest Center, and Forest Pavilion. The forests are one with all the facilities and allow the public to come and get closer to nature inside the project.

2. Connecting 4 Generations

Happiness through a design that caters to four generations in the same space, while still offering privacy. Here, family members can meet and mingle. Grandparents can play with grandchildren and learn new technology, while the new generation can learn about the past from the old generation, bringing a sense of warmth to the family.

3. Community of Dreams

Happiness in a space and facilities where people can interact amid nature and technology. Families and neighbors can create endless lifestyles, forming big and small communities. There are areas for family activities, outdoor activities, relaxation, nature exploration, and camping.

4. Sustainnovation for Well-being

Happiness is offered through sustainable innovations for well-being that redefine lifestyles today and in the future. Nature and technology are blended harmoniously, such as through the use of energy-saving and non-polluting materials, clean energy innovations, and renewable energy.


The project offers sustainable living through nine pillars:

1. Nature & Animals

2. Community & Intergeneration

3. Livable Neighborhood

4. Health, Well-Being & Happiness

5. Innovative Energy System

6. Integrated Water Management

7. Transport & Active Mobility

8. Materials & Resources

9. Education & Discovery

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