Being trusted by well-known brands! Central Pattana helps brands grow strongly, shows success throughout the year, reveals top 3 reasons for becoming top-of-mind destination as renowned brands expand in the Thai Market.

เกริก บุณยโยธิน 07 December, 2023 at 15.16 pm


– Attracting Global Brands, Connecting to a Strong Global Ecosystem with Branches Nationwide and Worldwide.

– The one-of-a-kind shopping center that houses 15,000+ retail brands nationwide, with a record-breaking 72 world-renowned brands marking their first presence in Thailand, and 41 flagship stores within the Central Department Store.

– ‘Imagining Success Together’ with a comprehensive 360-degree End-to-End Solution Strategy from the Partner Champion team with In-depth understanding of the Thai market nationwide.

– ‘The most robust CRM Program’: Utilizing the1’s big data with the largest membership base in the country, up to 20 million people. Empowering businesses with quick wins to capture customers’ hearts and seamlessly integrate partners into The1’s loyalty system.

– Develop the country, ‘create scalable impact,’, supporting growth and expansion with 39 Shopping Centers in strategic locations nationwide.

Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s number one real estate developer for sustainability under the vision of ‘Imagining Better Futures for All’ and operator of Central shopping centers, community malls, residential projects and office buildings nationwide, announces its success as Thailand’s ‘Top of Mind’, the one and only where world-renowned brands set their flag and open their first flagship store in Thailand. Central Pattana aims to create ‘Tenant-Centric Business Partnerships’ to move towards success together, with complete marketing solutions in addition to the development of CRM tools that help strengthen partners and customers (B2B2C) and build on ‘The Ecosystem for All’, where all parties achieve strong and sustainable growth together. This reflects the dedication to providing full-cycle support for partners with a 360-degree End-to-End Solution, connecting to a robust Global Ecosystem through branches nationwide and worldwide, enhancing CRM tools to strengthen B2B2C solutions, advancing ‘The Ecosystem for All’ that aims to foster sustainable growth for everyone.

Mr. Isareit Chirathivat, Head of Fashion and Luxury Partner Management for Central Pattana plc, said: “Central Pattana is the exclusive choice for world-renowned brands looking to expand their businesses in Thailand. We extend our reach beyond Bangkok, covering the entire country, and connect to the global stage through our robust Global Ecosystem and collaboration with Central Group, all while providing unwavering support to partners within the ecosystem, enabling them to achieve sustainable growth together. At present, we have over 15,000+ retail brands nationwide. Furthermore, we have continuously been a global destination, earning the trust of world-renowned brands to set their first stores in Thailand, with more than 72 brands, and 41 flagship stores,”

“Particularly in the year 2023, We have welcomed world-renowned brands to open their first stores in Thailand. Examples are such as Casetify by PP Group: the leading importer of luxury fashion and lifestyle products, the most popular brand in Thailand, Lululemon: Premium sportswear from Canada, ON Running official store: the number 1 running shoes from Switzerland, by Mentagram, Pop Mart: The hottest art toy brand and leading pop culture store from China,  in a joint venture by Pop Mart and Minor Lifestyle, which has recently opened their first flagship store in Thailand at centralwOrld, Nitori: top furniture and home decoration brand from Japan, Yakiniku Like Flagship Store, Shake Shack, and most recently, The Cheesecake Factory: the No.1 cheesecake restaurant in America, is set to open at CentralWorld in the first-ever full-operation restaurant format in Thailand and Southeast Asia, by Maxim’s Group, a major food and bakery business group from Hong Kong, Riverside Grilled Fish: a renowned restaurant brand from China, by Minor Food, a leading food and fast-food service business and one of the largest in the Asia-Pacific,  Mak’s Noodle: one of the finest legendary noodle shops in Hong Kong, open for over 100 years established for more than a century, Canton Paradise: authentic Hong Kong-style Chinese cuisine. In addition, there are partners who will open their first branches in Thailand at Central Westville such as SkyRise Adventures, the largest ropes course in Thailand, with its challenging activities on the rope, and Kiztopia, the latest and largest educational and entertainment playground from Singapore,” said Mr. Isareit

Highlighting the ‘Partner Champions’ strategy, with three strong points to win the hearts of Thai consumers as follows:  

1. Providing 360° support with end-to-end solutions: Working together in a ‘Tenant Centric’ format to offer 360° marketing solutions to partners, which includes organizing campaigns to help drive sales, and increasing competitiveness as we are committed to creating sustainable growth for our partners’ businesses. We help facilitate the growth and expansion of our partners’ new branches under co-investment, funding and franchises in addition to supporting their business operations as well as the integration of local identities for brand operations, for example, Kam’s Roast at Central East Ville with a new pet-friendly concept, Shake Shack’s special menu, available only in Thailand is Pandan Sticky Rice Shake Milk, a pandan-flavor sticky rice jelly milkshake inspired by Thailand’s popular mango and sticky rice, The continuous collaboration between Casetify and various Thai artists in creating exclusive product collections. This allows our business partners, local entrepreneurs and communities to be included in Central Pattana’s sustainable ecosystem.

2. The most robust CRM program: Using The 1 BIZ and digital tools as resources to reach more than 20 million members of The1 and fulfilling their spending needs to match their lifestyles. Our tools allow partners to understand customer insights and perform better targeted marketing based on the large database of Central Group’s businesses in major and provincial markets nationwide. These tools help to better drive sales, drive traffic and drive shopper engagement for our partner stores and allows each brand to create CRM that is more relevant to their target groups.

3. Develop the country, ‘create scalable impact,’ being Center of the City/Center of Life: Our shopping centers are landmarks of every location; centralwOrld is the ‘City of Center – City of Thailand’ located in a strategic location in the heart of Bangkok, with more than 600,000 people passing through the area on average each day. centralwOrld is a business center and a destination for people from around the world and is comparable to well-known and popular areas such as Times Square in New York, Oxford Street, and the Ginza in Japan. Central shopping centers nationwide are a Center of Life, meeting the needs of customers of every lifestyle as they serve as a destination for all: Family/Food/Fashion/Lifestyle/Tourists. We are also an ‘Experience Curator’ that carefully selects and holds over 1,000 events per year and since we have many shopping centers across the country, this creates scalable impact at the national level.

Being trusted by well-known brands from around the world to open their first branches or Flagship Stores in Thailand reinforces Central Pattana’s status as the number one shopping center developer in Thailand – ‘Top of Mind’ and as the ‘first-ever’ experience for consumers. Various popular brands from around the world have chosen Central’s shopping centers as the destination for their first branches in Thailand and continue to expand with us throughout the country, such as Uniqlo, Haidilao, Yakiniku Like Flagship Store, Shake Shack, Tsuta, Saemauel Sikdang, Sushiro, Kam’s Roast, Mak’s noodle, Canton Paradise, Riverside Grilled Fish, Onkijung, TAI ER, The Cheesecake Factory, Nitori, Lululemon,  On Running , HOKA, Marimekko, Kate Spade New York,  Marc Jacobs, MLB, Pandora, H&M Home, AAPE, Casetify, Pop Mart, Skyrise Adventures, Kiztopia etc.

เกริก บุณยโยธิน

เกริก บุณยโยธิน

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