AP upholds No. 1 position in high-end townhome market; unveils ‘Terraria’ innovative model for ‘Baan Klang Muang’ in 2 new locations: ‘Sathorn-Suksawat’ and ‘Ladprao-Serithai’

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Features ‘Terraria’ innovative home design of the future where interior space can be customized to change the shape and function   of townhomes in Thailand forever         


Low-rise development plan includes 5 new projects worth Bht 7,700 million to be launched before the end of 2017


Building on the success of its Baan Klang Muang brand,   AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited, the high-end townhome market leader, today announced the launch of Baan Klang Muang in two high-potential locations – Sathorn-Suksawat and Ladprao-Serithai. Pioneering an innovative new design for future townhome living called Terraria to allow space customization that will forever change the shape and function of townhomes in Thailand. The projects, valued at Bht 2,400 million, target a new generation of urban families in the upper middle segment.  The company plans to launch another five low-rise projects worth a total of Bht 7,700 million to close the year 2017 with a bang.

Baan Klang Muang Sathorn-Suksawat and Baan Klang Muang Ladprao-Serithai under the new Terraria model by AP is designed for the future life space of a new generation of urban families in the upper middle segment.  The distinguished design understands and sees how the lifestyle of people will change as regard to 1. Design for Green Living which not only brings trees inside the building, but also pays attention to a design approach from both the interior and exterior, and 2. Design for Flexible Living in accordance with          a variety of needs for space functionality for the walls of the townhomes can be moved or adapted without affecting the structure for future family extension.


Baan Klang Muang Terraria Model comprises three stories, occupying a land area of        18 square wah with a 5-metre frontage and 152 square metres of functional space for 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 parking areas.  Located in high-potential areas in the city centre close to the mass rapid transit systems, along main roads and in close proximity to expressways, Baan Klang Muang Sathorn-Suksawat, valued at Bht 1,000 million, offers 204 units at       a starting price of Bht 4.99 million while Baan Klang Muang Ladprao-Serithai, valued at     Bht 1,400 million, offers 334 units at a starting price of Bht 4.29 million.


Mr. Pamorn Prasertsan, AP (Thailand)’s Chief Business Group – Single Detached Home & Townhome, said, “In the final stretch of 2017, sales for low-rise townhomes in the city-centre with a starting price of Bht 4-9 million, is likely to be brisk, particularly in the middle-to-high-end townhome segment,  The market responds well to townhomes in this segment.  In particular, there is a clear uptrend for a new generation of urban families (aged 35 and younger) who have shown an interest in purchasing a unit for living in.  Judging from the number of Baan Klang Muang’s high-end customers, it is evident that in 2010, 39% of buyers belong to the new generation of urban families, but this almost doubled in the third quarter   of 2017, as they made up over 70% of all customers.  The uptrend in the proportion of the group reflects the behaviour and lifestyle of the new generation of urbanites who trade off living in a condominium for living in a high-end townhome, because the townhome complements their needs for more functional interiors and a city-centre location that saves on commuting time.


Baan Klang Muang by AP leads in the high-end urban townhome market with up to 59% market share valued at around Bht 30,916 million for 3-storey urban townhomes.     To maintain this lead, AP is ready to launch new products and focus on its strength, and be peerless in terms of location, developing innovative housing design and model, as well as conceptualizing on space design to differentiate the way people live. Furthermore, designs with an eye to exterior appearance and interior function would be in keeping with the changing behaviour of today’s urban families. We believe that all these factors will help us   to exceed our sales targets.”


“Realizes that location is among the top priorities in buying residential properties, AP chose to develop the new Baan Klang Muang in high-potential locations. Baan Klang Muang Sathorn-Suksawat is adjacent to Suksawat Road and a short travel distance to the business district of Sathorn via Bhumibol Bridge or the Chalerm Maha Nakhon Expressway, while Baan Klang Muang Ladprao-Serithai is located along a main road with easy access to the new business district linking Ladprao, Ratchada and Rama 9.”


“The Baan Klang Muang high-end townhome brand offers more than 10 models to choose and all have been well accepted.  We take our customers very seriously and we try to learn and listen to their needs.  We conduct field trips and apply our Design Thinking concept in our research and development to ensure our housing products are always of great quality.  We found that what customers like about townhomes is the comfortable quality of life they offer which is comparable to living in a single detached house.  The concept of Innovation for Future Living inspired Baan Klang Muang to develop the new “Terraria Model” with its two outstanding features:

1. Design for Green Living brings greenery inside the home through pocket gardens on the second and third floor, and also applies a comprehensive design approach for both exterior and interior perspectives, and

2. Design for Flexible Living, with Flexible Wall, makes use of special movable interior walls that can be adapted in line with the need for a variety of space usage, and can also be expanded in a variety of forms without affecting the main stricture of the house.


At Baan Klang Muang, the functional perfection offers good value for every square inch of interior space throughout the three stories that provide unlimited connection.  For example, besides a unique exterior architectural design, additional storage areas have been provided, as well as a corner for kitchen management. An added leisure area can be converted as a family recreation space and/or work area.


This revolutionary approach to designing the space of the future breaks away from the traditional definition of townhome. We are confident that Baan Klang Muang in the new Terraria Model will definitely be well accepted by urban families.” Mr. Pamorn said


In 2017, AP is projected to record presales of Bht 13,600 million for low-rise projects.        For the performance of AP from low-rise products (as at 31 October 2017), the company posted over Bht 12,700 million in presales, up 16% on the same period of last year.

A total of 22 low-rise projects worth a total of Bht 24,940 million were launched in 2017, 13 of these were townhome projects worth Bht 12,590 million, and nine were single detached house projects worth Bht 12,350 million.


At present, AP has 64 existing projects in the low-rise segment with a total value of around Bht 31,500 million.  Of the five low-rise projects worth Bht 7,700 million, set to launch yearend, three are single detached house projects worth Bht 5,300 million and two are townhome projects worth Bht 2,400 million.


In leading the kingdom’s living space revolution, AP (Thailand) offers outstanding design with comfortable functional space in excellent locations, taking into account high-quality construction, maintenance and after sales services to ensure customers the fulfilling life they desire.


AP (Thailand) is open for the public to view show models of Baan Klang Muang Sathorn-Suksawat and Baan Klang Muang Ladprao-Serithai today with special privileges worth up to Bht 100,000 on offer.

เกริก บุณยโยธิน

เกริก บุณยโยธิน

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