Central Pattana, Thailand’s leading real estate developer, launches PHYLL PHUKET, a high-end condominium in the heart of Phuket, with project investment value of 1.5 billion baht.

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– Experience ‘Living Solution’ – a fusion of relaxation and urban living, following the concept of ‘A Beach Life In The City,’ boasting Phuket’s largest common area spanning 2 rai of land.

– Highlighting 3 strengths: 1) Best in Town, with a prime location in the heart of the city, 2) Beyond Quality, with quality, lifestyle and safety beyond expectations, and 3) Strong Synergy in Central Group to ensure a ‘Seamless Journey’ for people in Phuket.

– The average price is 100,000 baht per m2, experiencing continued good feedback, prepare to sell phase 2

Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s no. 1 real estate developer for sustainability, which develops Central shopping centers, residential projects, office buildings and hotels nationwide, expands its portfolio into Phuket’s upscale condominium market due to rising urban demand. ‘Phyll Phuket,’ a high-end condominium project, embodies the ‘A Beach Life in the City’ concept and represents a 1.5 billion baht investment. It offers a ‘Beach City Condo Resort Style ‘ experience, merging relaxation with contemporary living and ‘Smart Living Solutions.’ Phyll Phuket has common areas and parking for more than 270 cars through the ‘Central Pattana Residence’ program. The presales of the project have reached 70% of phase one units already sold, and Ready to open phase 2

Kree Dejchai, President, Residential Business, Central Pattana plc, said: “Central Pattana, a leader in retail-led mixed-use development, emphasizes shopping centers as the core business, seamlessly integrating with residences, offices, and hotels to meet diverse lifestyle needs. Drawing on over a decade of residential market expertise, we confidently enter Phuket’s housing market.

Introducing ‘Phyll Phuket,’ a high-end city-center condominium just 300 meters from Central Phuket. With a 1.5 billion baht investment, it’s Central Pattana’s second ‘Phyll’ project after the successful ‘Phyll Phahol 34.’ This marks our debut in Phuket’s residential market, complementing the Central Phuket shopping center. Our deep market understanding is bolstered by ‘Customer Behavior and Domestic Demand’ data..”

Phuket has the potential for strong growth and to become an attractive global destination in the heart of Phuket, world class seaside tourist destination.

The condominium market in Phuket has opportunities to grow further thanks to the potential of becoming an ‘attractive global destination’. Phuket was recently ranked in the World’s Greatest Places 2023 by Time Magazine and the island is located in the zone included in the government’s tourism development plans, ensuring that Phuket becomes a global seaside tourist city as well as a government Mega Project. Future transportation systems to cover land, water, air and rail to support further urban expansion will be developed. These projects include Phuket Airport Phase 2, the Kathu-Patong Expressway, Mueang Mai-Koh Kaew Highway, and Phuket Light Rail Transit, etc. There are also positive signs in tourism and purchasing power both from domestic and international markets. Domestic: The hotels and tourism industry in Phuket has received strong support from government campaigns and housing market sales have gradually recovered. International: Tourism is recovering as Phuket welcomed 2.3 million foreign tourists visited in the first half of 2023. It is expected that in 2024, the number will increase to 4-5 million people/year. Top tourist arrivals visiting Phuket are from Russia, followed by China. There is also increasing demand among European customers who want to purchase their retirement home, in particular Russian customers.

Highlighting 3 key strengths to become successful project for high-end residential in Phuket

1. Best in Town – prime location in the heart of Phuket city: Phyll Phuket is located in a high potential location at a major intersection that accesses Phuket city and other parts of the island. The project stands close to Central Phuket – only 300 meters away. The strategy focuses on the core business, which is retail: Central Phuket creates an experience of Global Luxury Destination and Central Phuket is Thailand’s only luxury mall that is located in the global tourist city and therefore Phyll Phuket will help to complement the ‘Seamless Journey’ of living and fulfil the needs for all lifestyles of the target group.

2. Beyond Quality – quality, lifestyle and safety beyond expectations: Phyll Phuket’s architectural design provides a common area that is aesthetically-pleasing and functional. The project comprises 3 buildings of 8 floors, with 439 units in total, situated on an area of 6-1-33 rai of land. The design of the project is envisioned under the concept of ‘A Beach Life in the City’, bringing a beachfront atmosphere into the heart of the city, featuring a ‘Beach City Condo Resort Style’ design that combines relaxation with a tropical paradise-themed residence inspired by the natural beauty of the sea at Phuket. With unique ‘Behold Miami Contextual Architecture’, the building design incorporates alternating curves and multiple layers to imitate the formation of islands, with every unit experiencing natural beauty and green space. The building columns cascade, providing inspiration of elements of natural caves to embrace the vibrations of living on a private island. The building is surrounded by a common area that covers a space of over 2 rai of land, making Phyll Phuket, The common area consists of a stunning courtyard garden and large Andaman Sea-inspired oceanic pool – as surrounded by small and large islands. The designers have carefully taken into account the lifestyles of the target group who enjoy their relaxation and have ensured that balcony depth is more than sufficient, combined with expansive rooms with a width of up to seven The interiors are decorated in an Art Deco style, with modern touches in addition to unique lines and vibrant colors of the airy rooms. The project features more than ten facilities such as a swimming pool for all generations, fitness room, steam room, yoga roof deck, as well as beach club party area and co-working space.

We ensure high quality, with 5 Smart Solutions. Phyll Phuket is unique from other low-rise condominiums, with standards and specifications for construction materials and systems comparable to high-rise luxury condos, i.e. adding a sprinkler to the building with an emergency drain system, water pipes connected to the back not connected below which minimizes any long-term physical problems for customers. Phyll Phuket features Smart Solutions that will solve all ‘Living Pain Points’ by utilizing technology to provide residents with greater convenience, which includes: 1) Smart Living for superior living, 2) Smart Design Solutions, with design and innovations to prevent long-term problems, 3)Smart Service technologies designed for convenience at your fingertips such as the CPNR app, Smart Locker, 4) Smart Comfortable security system designed to maintain privacy and secure living and 5) Smart Environment.

3. Strong Synergy – with the strength of our ecosystem from the synergy within Central Group, we offer Residents Privileges exclusively for Central Pattana’s residents and with our ‘Central Pattana Residence’, you can enjoy discounts and superior services that meet all modern lifestyles supporting all lifestyles i.e. reserved parking, providing parking slots in Central shopping centers only for residents, Top up adds value when adding money to the Food Park card, discounts on purchases from leading brands such as Central Department Store, Robinson Department Store, Power Buy, Thai Watsadu, etc., Central Pattana residents can follow updates and get more info and also receive privileges through the ‘Centralpattana Residents’ application.

If you are interested in the project or would like to visit Phyll Phuket, please follow for more details and information at www.residential.centralpattana.co.th

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