Central Pattana joins hands with LINE FRIENDS to create World phenomenon, with total investment of 500 million baht to launch ‘Embracing Happiness 2023’ campaign, connecting happy moments nationwide, spurring Q4 economy and welcoming peak tourist season to highlight Thailand as world’s festival landmark

เกริก บุณยโยธิน 11 October, 2022 at 18.19 pm

– Partnership of two global players, bringing adorable characters to 37 Central shopping center branches nationwide creating a global impact on an area of over 7,000 m2 from 9 Nov 2022 to 6 Jan 2023.

Three strategies: 1) Emotional & Omni-channel Marketing 2) Cross-region Platform to drive ‘Scalable Impact’ and 3) Multi-Brands Partnership, focusing on creating happy moments for customers at every touchpoint.

Highlighting happiness in the O2O format, which includes On-ground experiences with LINE FRIENDS World for the first time at centralwOrld, BROWN House: discover LINE FRIENDS rooms and characters at Central shopping centers nationwide, the first time in Thailand with super cute Cafe minini by LINE FRIENDS and online experience where you can enjoy seamless digital activities such as LINE stickers and wallpaper with free downloads @centrallife from 29 Nov 2022, LINE FRIENDS AR and LINE FRIENDS Happiness Hunting (E-Stamp).

Leading celebration landmark with Christmas tree lighting event, gift festival with a million gift items and an amazing countdown event to highlight Thailand as the ‘Times Square of Asia’.


Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s leading retail-led mixed-use real estate developer and operator of Central shopping centers, residential and office buildings, and hotels nationwide, is joining hands with LINE FRIENDS to create a world sensation to celebrate Central Pattana’s 40th anniversary, investing 500 million baht to launch the ‘Embracing Happiness 2023’ campaign – a major partnership of two global players to connect happy moments for Thai people nationwide, to help spur the economy in Q4, and move forward the tourism ecosystem both domestic and International, welcoming the return of tourists from around the world. The campaign focuses on three strategies to offer a happy experience at 37 Central branches nationwide by bringing widely-loved global characters for a close-up experience in a space to spark creativity and inspiration, with a ‘Scalable Impact’, on a total space of 7,000 m2 – emphasizing Thailand as a global, happy festival landmark.  The ‘Embracing Happiness 2023’ campaign runs from 9 Nov 2022 to 6 Jan 2023 and is expected to generate over 30% additional customer traffic nationwide.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Central Pattana plc, said: “We would like to create a global impact by collaborating with global partner LINE FRIENDS, which is a popular character of people around the world to create happy moments for everyone for our year-end campaign. This makes Central Pattana a truly global destination for happiness during the festival for people to celebrate at Central shopping centers across the country.”


“Customer traffic at our Central shopping centers nationwide has almost returned to 100%  in line with the latest Agoda survey reveals that Bangkok is the world’s most popular tourist destination that people want to visit. Central Pattana is fully equipped to promote and reinforce Thailand as a global landmark, with branches nationwide. Global trends also show that people are now ready to travel again and have started to plan their end-of-year trips, while domestic tourism is likely to increase – with 90% of Thai people planning domestic travel for their holidays and choosing a tourist destination primarily based on convenient We aim to create celebration spaces for the festival of happiness for Thai people nationwide, and throughout Q4 this year, we plan to invest more than 500 million baht in marketing to help drive forward the Thai economy through the ‘Embracing Happiness 2023’ campaign, welcoming Thai and foreign tourists and helping boost the country’s economy. We will continue organizing events to create a ‘tourism ecosystem’ for both domestic and international travel that helps move the economy forward as we are confident that Thai tourism and the Thai retail sector will recover in Q4 and attract 10 million foreign tourists or more according TAT’s goal.”

Dr. Nattakit also highlighted three major strategies to bring happiness to everyone at  37 Central shopping center branches across the country.


– Emotional & Omnichannel Marketing – Central Pattana and its shopping centers, which are in the hearts of consumers nationwide, is joining hands with Global Characters that are loved and known by Millennials and Gen Z to capture the moment of happiness and bring LINE FRIENDS characters to life and create colors. and deliver happiness in every touchpoint of the customer

– On-ground experiences such as LINE FRIENDS World, the space of happiness specially designed for centralwOrld with the vibe of a music party, Snow Globe, a giant Christmas tree and a LINE FRIENDS gift parade, BROWN House – at every Central branch nationwide you will discover LINE FRIENDS members’ rooms. Each branch has their own unique version of LINE FRIENDS rooms. The first synchronized music and lighting show, with spectacular light and sound from LINE FRIENDS on the panOramix screen and a special surprise for all viewers, Café minini – the first time in Thailand at centralwOrld and Central Ladprao, with snacks and beverages from LINE FRIENDS and LINE FRIENDS pop-up stores at five branches: centralwOrld, Central Ladprao, Central Westgate, Central Pinklao and Central Rama

– Online experiences with a special collection of LINE stickers and wallpaper for free download at @centrallife from 27 Nov 2022, LINE FRIENDS AR and LINE FRIENDS Happiness Hunting (LINE E-Stamp) for you to collect and get a chance to win exclusive prizes.

– Cross-region platform to drive scalable impact – Creating a global impact by joining hands with global partner LINE FRIENDS to create happy moments for everyone across the country to be the Big Scale of Happiness, making Central Pattana a truly global destination of happiness. Central Shopping Center is more than a Shopping Center but a Cross-Region Platform that can collaborate with partners in every business, resulting in a national Scalable Impact with 37 branches covering more than 30 provinces across the country.

– Multi-Brands Collaboration – this collaboration has helped inspire and attract leading brands in many categories to co-create LINE FRIENDS special collections from fashion products, snacks and drinks such as Jubilee Diamond, Lee Cooper, Sabina, Black Canyon, Dairy Queen, Guss Damn Good, Häagen-Dazs, KOI Thé, Olino Crepe & Tea, S&P, Toku Dessert, Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt only at Central shopping centers. As a true ‘Place & Experience maker’, Central Pattana serves to help build cooperation between partners and brands.

Dr. Nattakit added: “Our target customers include: 1) Millennials and Gen Z, a group growing daily, and our top spenders ; 2) Wealthy & High Spenders with high purchasing power, who prefer new products and unique experiences and may choose a product online, then visit a physical store to try the item on and purchase it; and 3) Mainstream customers nationwide.

There are special promotions for each target group such as Special 1:  40 TOP SPENDERS (excluding Luxury Fashion and Luxury Watches), get a total of 4,000,000 The1 points and with the highest cumulative spending throughout the campaign (minimum spending of 400,000 baht), get 100,000 The1 points. Special 2:  LUXURY BRAND 30 TOP SPENDERS (Luxury Fashion and Luxury Watches), get a total of 3,600,000 The1 points, the first 30 customers with the highest cumulative spending on participating Luxury Fashion & Watches throughout the campaign (minimum spending of 1,000,000 baht), get a total of 120,000 The1 points and additional privileges from participating credit cards. Special 3: discover a special collection of LINE FRIENDS COLLECTIBLE ITEMS at Central shopping centers when spending 3,500 baht and up on shopping, enjoy a special price of only 390 baht (full price: 1,150 baht) with a chance to win a GWM HAVAL JOLION (ULTRA) car, worth 990,000 baht, two round-trip domestic flight tickets with NOK AIR, prizes worth 19,000 baht each (60 prizes in total), THE 1 BIZ  allows you to collect and instantly redeem The1 points when shopping at participating stores:  every 25 baht spent, get 1 point, redeem 1,000 points for 100 baht discount and in the IT and education category, for every 50 baht spending, get 1 point.


Come and join us to create moments of happiness with the ‘Embracing Happiness 2023’ campaign from 9 Nov 2022 to 6 Jan 2023 at 37 Central shopping centers nationwide.

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