YLP Unveils ‘WINDSHELL naradhiwas’ Thailand’s first ‘Tropical Stacking Home’ Concept Combining Benefits of Home and Condo

เกริก บุณยโยธิน 28 January, 2020 at 14.07 pm

– Innovative green concept 169-meter-28-storey freehold tower comprises 36 oversized duplex homes by YLP

– “Tropical Stacking Home” combines benefits of home with inner city condominium, uses Natural Cross Ventilation, surrounded by trees and green areas, with Chaopraya River and Bangkrachao views

– Structure of shells feature massive unique doors and windows for natural wind flow options, maximizing tropical indoor and outdoor living

– 453 sqm and 562 sqm infinite flexibility ‘shells’, with no columns or pillars and 7-meter floor height for owners to customize interior layout and finishings, with massive balcony for garden or pool

– Design and construction built at the highest quality. Shell unit price starts from 78 million Baht, achieved 40% pre-sales

YLP Co. Ltd., Thailand’s leading high-end property developer, today launches its latest innovative residential project called ‘WINDSHELL naradhiwas’, which introduces Thailand’s first ‘Tropical Stacking Home’ condominium, a new urban concept combining the best of home and condominium living.  Featuring oversized all-duplex units starting from 453 sqm, the development has received a positive reception with approximately 40% sold during presales period.

Chotipol Techakraisri, Managing Director, YLP Co., Ltd. revealed “YLP has been developing high-end projects over the years and we have done in-depth client research to explore previously unseen design concepts and offer something that this group of customers really want. We identified a sizeable group of affluent buyers wanting quality homes for living in the inner city, large enough for an entire family, and customizable to fit their personal tastes and lifestyle,” he explains. “Combined with increased environmental friendliness, ‘WINDSHELL naradhiwas’, is a project not seen before, living with nature in the simplest form with the concept of Tropical Stacking Home, a unique product which not only cater to the demands of this group of customers, but also provide best quality urban living”

Duplex homes come in 2 sizes, 453 sqm. and 562 sqm., only 2 units per floor with a floor-to-floor height of 7 meters. WINDSHELL naradhiwas is designed with “Natural Cross Ventilation” concept which takes advantage of consistent cool breezes year-round, using airflow to minimize air-conditioning.  Each unit features oversized “sunken balconies” which blur the roles of indoor and outdoor living, and the shaded terraces are designed for flexibility to include a garden, trees or even swimming pool.

Innovative includes construction using shear concrete walls, removing interior columns and pillars, enabling owners to enjoy uninterrupted open space in their homes, and shells can be combined horizontally to a maximum of 1,015 sqm.

YLP’s own research identified that no two owners are alike, and lifestyles change over time. By creating a blank canvas with infinite flexibility, each owner can design and modify their home as they wish, creating a truly bespoke home that happens to also enjoy all the view, breeze and privacy benefits of a high-rise condominium with a convenient inner-city location.


Each shell provides a simple, cool, yet well-thought out layout. Featuring private elevator to every home flowing into the open double height 6.7-meter living area, creating a special massive safety windows and doors of 5.5 meters in height, designed to maximize wind flow into the unit as and when needed, also at specific points as required. These glass doors and windows are also offering residents with enormous views of beautiful Bangkok skyline seen from their homes throughout the year. Zones in the shell are allocated for bedrooms, bathrooms, back yard and maid areas, which owners can also customize as they wish.

At both ends of the shell are 2 large outdoor sunken balconies range from 30 – 50 sqm. and 1.15 meters of floor depth for tree planting or built-in private pool. Clients have freedom to create their own spaces by simply following YLP’s design guidelines or using their own designs. The development has a design coordinator to advise on proper space partition and home building as well as to recommend options of leading architects and interior designers.


WINDSHELL naradhiwas provides maximum privacy with 209 (500%) parking spaces, with 3 cars parking allowance for each home, with adjacent convenient storage cabinets as well as supercar parking and plugin hybrid charging station. An additional of more than 100 communal parking spaces are also available for private events, social gatherings, or meetings at home when needed. Recognizing that this is both a home and a condominium, pets are allowed, while the 24-hour security system and 1,000 sqm of facilities on the top floor showcases panoramic views across the city including Chao Phraya River and Bang Krachao at the height over 160 meters. All the inclusive features and facilities make living at WINDSHELL comparable with living at home with inner-city convenience.

WINDSHELL has already sold 40% during the presales period, faster than expected given the large sizes and project details as well as other customizable options to learn. Most buyers have chosen WINDSHELL as their own homes, with several buying and combining units in the event their families become larger.


Recognizing the importance of space and volume, one of YLP’s key customers, Chanintr Group, has invested in 2 units at the development. Chanintr group has commissioned 2 world-class designers; Barbara Barry and Studio Daminato, to shape these units in their own personalities and styles. These 2 furnished shells will showcase Chanintr Group’s design solution and services for its customers in the coming future.

“As prime locations become increasingly rare, WINDSHELL naradhiwas is a bespoke luxury home yet with all the convenience and benefits of a condominium. Many of our buyers compared building a house in the same area with similar facilities – they concluded that 1 rai of land needed in the inner city area would already costs more than 300 million baht, making WINDSHELL naradhiwas the best cost-effective solution with flexibility for the future,” concluded Chotipol.


WINDSHELL naradhiwas has a total project value of 3 billion baht, located on a freehold 2-0-87.4 rai of land on Naradhiwas Rajanagarindara Road near Chan BRT Station. The project is now fully complete with 2 show units, an additional 2 show units by Chanintr Group will be unveiled soon.


WINDSHELL naradhiwas is a freehold development, sold as bareshell units with sizes 453 sq.m. and 562 sq.m. Price starts from 78 million baht. For more information or to book a private appointment at WINDSHELL naradhiwas, please call 092-652-5544 or email info@windshell.com or click www.windshell.com


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เกริก บุณยโยธิน

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